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The Process Of Buying And Selling Real Estate In Maine Explained. The Local Community Simple Maine Way Of Life Showcased. Learn More About Maine, The Real Estate Listings, Financing, Legal Red Flags To Recognize And More. Andrew Mooers Is A 40+ Year Veteran Maine Real Estate Broker In Houlton ME In Aroostook County.

District, Superior Court In Houlton Maine

You are traveling, need to find your way to one of the two court houses in Houlton Maine.clockhoultonmaine

Maine District Court at 26 School Street Houlton Maine is open from 8 to 4 pm.

Here are traveling directions to help make sure you get to scheduled court appearance on time.

Driving Directions to Maine District Court - Houlton

From the South: On Interstate 95 take the exit 305 for Houlton Maine. Turn right onto the North Road (US Rt 1). Go through 3 sets of lights, then proceed to a stop sign. Turn left on to Military Street and you will come to another set of lights.

As you are sitting at the trafic lights on your left you will see the courthouse (you will notice the burgundy with hidden blue sky, stars, moon clock dome at the top of the courthouse) The Clerk's office is located on the second floor of the Houlton Maine court house.

Parking: Parking on side of School Street, Broadway Street, or dooryard of courthouse in the unmarked spaces. Behind the Pioneer Times newspaper building and around Market Square is another option for parking.

Rarely is the Houlton Post Office parking lot full or used to it's maximum capacity so consider that as one more easy walk to court if you in Houlton Maine in need of a place to put your vehicle.

Here is the history of the Aroostook County Court in Houlton Maine. Houlton Maine is like sixteen other towns, the county seat of it's county, Aroostook's Shiretown. District and Superior Court in Houlton Maine. 

Aroostook County was formed in 1859 from parts of Washington and Penobscot Counties. Aroostook County is the largest in land mass east of the Rockies and is Maine's largest, nicknamed the crown of Maine. Or dubbed Aroostook, The Garden of Maine.

In the early years of Houlton Maine, for ten years after the formation of Aroostook county, court sessions took place at one of the oldest buildings still standing in Houlton Maine.

In the Black Hawk Tavern, erected in 1813 by builder Samuel Wormwood for pioneer settler Aaron Putnam.houltonmainesnow3

The Blackhawk was a place to stay, eat, wash down the dust of a long trail journey, even serving as a jail that was in the cellar.

Court sessions held in the tall, three story structure overlooking the Meduxnekeag River in Houlton Maine. The transportation hub of Aroostook County.

Made of native wood cut and sawed on site, history tells the Blackhawkt was walled up with brick on the outside in an attempt to make it bulletproof. To protect the scales held high to meter out what's fair, to determine what measure of right or wrong for the time should be applied.

The court room sessions held in a room of the second floor of the Blackhawk tavern.

The corner that is now shared with the Sherwin Williams paint store, had a judge’s bench, marked by four-foot tall wainscotting on the walls of the room where justice was served out as needed.

The first county jail for Aroostook County was a dungeon in the basement, where rings in the walls were used to chain prisoners in their cells. There was no provision for ventilation for the prisoners in the basement. blackhawktavernphoto

No HBO or yard for excercise or visits from Johnny Cash to complain about the yellow water either.

Those too poor to pay their fines, to do restitution were summoned to the farm to grow food to pay their own way.

Make work projects were available long before the depression's application of measures to get the country back on its feet and working.

Samuel Gooch became the first counselor at law at Houlton. He became a prominent figure early in the town’s history. Other early attorneys in town included Henry C. Field who began practicing in the Court of Common Pleas in 1832. In 1834 he was joined by Isaac W. Tabor.

Being the county seat, Aroostook County had many hotels to offer those using the court system, others tied in to the lumbering, manufacturing, the agricultural endeavors.

Aroostook County Courts and the Maine Supreme Judicial Court sessions relocated from the Black Hawk Tavern when Trustees of the proposed Houlton Academy planned a school building which would have space for sessions of the courts.

As the need for space grew, better use of it were implemented in the court house building designs.

In 1848, the Maine Legislature authorized conveyance of one-half of Township 14 Range 3 (now Woodland) to the Academy Trustees, if they would agree to construct “a good and convenient academical building” and begin holding school sessions “before the final Monday in October 1849.”

The Trustees purchased a centrally-located lot of four acres in Houlton, facing the Military Road.

The lot, located between Garrison Hill and the Creek on Military Street, was elevated land cleared of timber by Edmund Cone in 1818.

The land was purchased from Collins Whitaker “for a fraction of its value.” On this site, the Trustees built a two-story frame building with schoolrooms on the lower floor. blackhawkhoultonmainephoto

On the second floor a courtroom was built to be used for the sessions of the Supreme Judicial Court and county Courts of Common Pleas and General Sessions of the Peace.

This room was occupied by the courts for eleven years, until a separate courthouse was built.

This from the archives of the history of Houlton Maine.

Also in the court house in Houlton Maine, you fill the registry of probate.

And the registry of deeds is up the front steps, under the court house clock and straight across the hall to access legal descriptions, recorded subdivisions, plat maps and other historical artifacts. Maine the state is full of local folklore, tales, fascinating historical events.

Houlton Maine is a border town with Canada and a rich history as the great north woods was slowly cleared to farming endeavors.

Visit Houlton Maine. What to do for fun, activities in Houlton Maine. Here's a list of lawyers, legal offices in Houlton Maine. Rich heritage, substantial period construction of housing stock, commercial buildings too remain in Houlton Maine.

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