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The Process Of Buying And Selling Real Estate In Maine Explained. The Local Community Simple Maine Way Of Life Showcased. Learn More About Maine, The Real Estate Listings, Financing, Legal Red Flags To Recognize And More. Andrew Mooers Is A 40+ Year Veteran Maine Real Estate Broker In Houlton ME In Aroostook County.

Empty Homes In Maine, Or Barely Lived In.

No one home in Maine, it happens.

Vacant Maine houses are easy to show but with videos, all the details, the exposure is round the clock easy. Not just to local Maine real estate buyers either.

But sometimes as an agent, broker, the property listing owner is a model one. You don't have to make any suggestions. They are already doing it right to help a property sale quickly.blaine maine home photo

Neat, clean, and not home much happens in Maine real estate property sales.

Running the roads with kids in sporting or musical activities.

Or the owners both work a lot, only sleep at the Maine home.

Don't put many miles on the property. And maybe because of a second home on a Maine lake. Maybe a Florida winter home because the sellers are gypsies, snow birds.

These kind of property owners in Maine real estate sales are great neighbors.

No one home. Low mileage property for wear and tear. Easy to show because hardly used. No one to bother when an actual walk through needs to happen. No delay means quicker Maine real estate closing too.

When a home in Maine for sale is real estate odor free or the smells are pleasant ones, that helps the marketing tremendously.

Real estate listing, selling is emotional, and involves all the senses the buyer brings to the property walk through. Like most things in life, it is tons of little stuff that adds up to the thumbs up or down.

busy bee in maine photo

The property listing seller has some work to do.

Making sure the stage is set for a pleasant experience during the walk through.

Inside, outside, up and down the entire property listing from all angles.

As a real estate broker in Maine, a big part of the job is to make sure the property sale goes smoothly.

Setting expectations, creating the educational atmosphere so no one is confused or left in the dark. The buyer, seller, real estate professional are all partners in the listing sale. Or better be.

Before bringing in the Maine bank underwriting processors, the property appraiser, even the insurance agent. Who all have their own special list of concern standards to meet.

Sign off as happy to cause the clear to close property closing memo to make the rounds.baxter park in maine moose photo

Lots of layers of players all funnel back to the property listing itself.

Which the property listing in Maine seller is on the hook.

To make sure the sticks and bricks are up to snuff. All the time.

Some property owners tighten up their day to day when the real estate sign shows up, gets planted in the front lawn.

Others already run a tight ship. Some it would not make a difference, listed or not. The people are nice, considerate but slack in the way they live.

When the entire family eats anywhere in the house and the rugs prove it with a mine field of stains.

And the garage is not used for cars, trucks. But stuff.The backyard, easy maine land photowhere you mow (CLUNK. lawn mower dies).

Sorry about that.

Should have warned you earlier than there is a variety of stuff hidden by the knee high grass.

Often not so sweet smelling garbage or broken items that need to find their way to a dumpster crowd the garage. Make any images hurt the real estate sale. But more important leisure activities take over the time needing to be spent on a total clean out.

Or sometimes pride of ownership in a Maine home is just not showing up to create the "A game". To woo and win over lots of buyers who can see themselves living in the property listing for sale.

From the Maine home curb appeal and room by room on the walk through of the property. Every time they revisit to experience the listing again.

And clutter is one thing but dirty is a whole horse of a different color that tarnishes the property sale process.

Effects the price and as the listing lingers, loiters on the real estate market, the selling price is impacted. Shelf life is a problem with anything for sale. The new to the market listing loses it's luster. The honeymoon period is short lived.

If Maine real estate agents, brokers thought of listings like produce, fruit, vegetables that spoil.

Go bad. Four feet in the air rigid. The clicking clock and making sure the property listings for sale in Maine are market ready. All the time means trust has to happen. Between the real estate seller, the professional handling the sale. So the property owner does not get upset when areas that need addressing are pointed out.

The Maine real estate agent or broker is not trying to make life hard for the seller. Just knows it is a competitive real estate market, other listings out there that look better will hurt the seller's chance of a quick, profitable sale.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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