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The Process Of Buying And Selling Real Estate In Maine Explained. The Local Community Simple Maine Way Of Life Showcased. Learn More About Maine, The Real Estate Listings, Financing, Legal Red Flags To Recognize And More. Andrew Mooers Is A 40+ Year Veteran Maine Real Estate Broker In Houlton ME In Aroostook County.

Houlton Maine Area Schools

Schools in Maine, a state with vast space, more wildlife than people.

The wide open expanses make holding down expenses for providing a quality education a challenge in all parts of rural, lightly populated Maine. southside school houlton maine photo

And when a family is raised, educated in one of our many small Maine rural towns, the schooling is not just the buzz out in the halls, on the sporting field. Or up on the musical or theatre stage, in the arena or played out until the buzzer sounds in the gym.

The educational stream is not just received sitting, absorbing at the classroom desks of higher learning for Maine school students either.

The Maine village helps raise the kids. Every person in the population can help shape the student of tomorrow. The support comes from out in the community, from the parents partnering at home. Mentors are your relatives, your parent's classmate, neighbors, town leaders, little league coach, Sunday school teacher. Small towns are filled with folks who work together, build the community as a group of volunteers.

Setting examples out in the local communities to guide and shape the young minds. To teach work ethic, postive attitudes, to create a skill set and build fierce pride in where they come from in Maine.

That is so important to a student's self esteem.

To learn gratitude, to volunteer and consider we have to work together to achieve amazing results.View thelocal Houlton area school options.

Getting an education, preparing the students with skills needed to survive, prosper and the encouragement to give back to the community where they live, work and play is what Maine healthy living is all about.

Schooling is pretty important, ever changing and being reinvented to make sure students can fuction highly outside the educational bubble.

For students attending Houlton Maine area schools, where they get that education is outlined in this facility link. rotary school student recognition photo

What about the other area educational options around this Aroostook County "Shiretown"?

Houlton Maine, the county seat for this Northern border town with Canada is part of the RSU 29 school educational system.

There was a time when Fair, Bowdoin, Longfellow, Pleasant Street schools in Houlton Maine combined with Central and the Houlton High schools to round out the education venues in the Shiretown.

Smaller local neighborhood stoves with multi stories were slowly replaced with one floor, sprawling larger beehives of education!

The state department of education folks and local property tax payers encourage consolidation, centralization of services.

In schools and other services provided in smaller Maine towns that have to be frugal and creative with their resources.

And to hold down the cost of education, Northern Maine school systems continue to explore ways to be more efficient. Regional school units or RSU's are one way to consolidate.

RSU 29 serves Houlton, Hammond, Littleton and Monticello school students. The Wellington School in Monticello was closed, the students bused in to the the Houlton Elementary and Southside Schools to the three "R"'s.

In July of 2011 Southern Aroostook CSD 9 and Katahdin SAD 25 formed RSU 50. Katahdin Elementary School (PK-6), Katahdin Middle/ High School (7-12), and Southern Aroostook Community Schools (PK-12).

The district lies in Northern Penobscot and Southern Aroostook Counties and is B-I-G! Roughly 460 square miles, gives it the title of one of the largest geographic school regions in Maine.

Southern Aroostook School is located on US Rt 2 in Dyer Brook, with a view of the Oakfield foot hills. Katahdin School is located on Rt 11 south of Patten surrounded by trees, more sheltered from the winds. southern aroostook school photo

RSU 50 serves the twelve communities of Crystal, Dyer Brook, Hersey, Island Falls, Merrill, Moro Plantation, Mt. Chase, Oakfield, Patten, Sherman, Smyrna, and Stacyville.

To the south of Houlton Maine, in the Danforth area, school students attend SAD 14.

East Grand School serves northern Washington County, Maine, near the Aroostook County border. Students reside in several local towns including Danforth, Weston, Bancroft, Wytopitlock, Brockton, and Reed Plantation. Study the map for northern Maine school options.

Hodgdon Schools, SAD 70 serves the towns of Hodgdon, Haynesville, Ludlow, Cary, Amity. Orient Maine can tuition to SAD 14 or SAD 70. Hodgdon Maine elementary students attend Mill Pond School. The 7-12 classes attend Hodgdon High School.

Houlton and Hodgdon have a common school ice hockey team called the Blackhawks. More collaboration needs to happen to squeeze the most out of the school administration budgets from all area schools. Shared resources help the tax payer, assist economic growth opportunities that need lower property tax burden on its citizens.

There are home schoolers in Maine, about 5000 of them. The child may get an education at home but can be very involved in local fine arts, in sports for the Southern Aroostook County. There is a wide support group for parents who are involved in home schooling. One more local home schooling link. The Greater Houlton Christian School is another education option for area students in Northern Maine / Southern Aroostook County.

Local Northern Maine farmers hire students to earn their spending money, to help out with household expenses too.rotary student recognition photo

Picking potatoes, working on harvesters never hurt kids!

To learn the value of a dollar and how to make wise spending decision with impulse control.

Having the Houlton University College in our area helps round out the education options too.

High schoolers get a few college credit course under their belts, out of the way for their major saves money and time. Challenges the young mind to keep it occupied and never time for boredom.

For Bridgewater Maine, north to Mars Hill, MSAD #42 is served by the Central Aroostook School.

SAD 1 serves the Presque Isle Area. Caribou Maine schools are administered by RSU 39.

Fresh air, Maine teachers that don't just show up for the pay check but that were born to instruct.

We are lucky in the Greater Houlton Maine area to have lots of education options and talented instructors blended with the support from home of parents, extended family.

Northern Maine is a great spot to learn about life, to enjoy it raising families.

Spending more time out of doors, all four seasons. Questions about schools, local education? Had four kids educated in our local Houlton Maine schools. Educational options in Northern Maine, this blog post hits a few for Southern Aroostook County.

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