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The Process Of Buying And Selling Real Estate In Maine Explained. The Local Community Simple Maine Way Of Life Showcased. Learn More About Maine, The Real Estate Listings, Financing, Legal Red Flags To Recognize And More. Andrew Mooers Is A 40+ Year Veteran Maine Real Estate Broker In Houlton ME In Aroostook County.

It's Not That Maine Real Estate Buyers Are Anti-Social.

houltonmaineshiretownNo no, not because Maine real estate buyers are anything but friendly... it's just space.

The need to not be in anyone else's. And the same courtesy extended in reverse.

And there is none of that waste of time crap about keeping up with the Jone's in Maine. No one is out to impress, make you envious or jealous.

One of the biggest motivators to move, for a relocation, retirement, or to raise a family, investment in Northern Maine property listings is often sheer lack of too many people. As the one key element front and foremost.

Had one fellow recently put it very bluntly. He ask me if I knew where "Hell" was. I told him I hope I don't find out, that I was working hard to avoid the place later on.

The man, a Maine real estate buyer smiled. He said "I'll tell you where Hell is. It's other people. Right here on Earth." I think in defense of lots of great people that are around us that it was purely a density issue. Too many people in a small confine translates in to same experience with hemmed in laboratory mice, rats. Maine real estate buyers want space, need it desperately because there is often none where they hang their hat, make a living, chase the dollar.

Lose your place for long periods of time and be pushed, showed and hollered at to get out of the way andmainelakedrewssunrise tension builds. Unhappiness blooms. And often the person feeling the four walls squeezing in wonders what is wrong, why the anxious feeling?

It is not healthy. It takes it toll.

And as you try retail therapy, over eating, mood elevators and other artificial coping methods that don't work, are not natural, you go bankrupt emotionally, mentally, spiritually.


Get to Maine quick as you can. You are probably way way over due right? Feeling apathetic, helpless, bored, numb... or all the above?

That's where Maine comes in big time, to the rescue.

Maine, always your best care scenario. Less people, friendlier folks that are scattered around with just the right concentration here. Generously, liberally spaced out. Plenty of elbow room. And willing to help you, always friendly and waving. Smiling. Try finding that day in and out in a big city, highly populated and pretty darn expensive urban area. Eight out of then people live in the city. Don't want to but figure that is where the work is to live the high life.

Visit cities, vacation there but avoid them on a daily basis. Small Maine rural property listings are so low cost that you don't need a cinder block around your neck suffocating mortgage to wrestle with, worry about. Own what is around  you.

And because we live in Vacationland, one week a year is not what we have to settle with to tide us over until mooerslogosignaturethe next trip. Everyday we get to tap in to the goodness, the open natural spaces, places in four season Maine. Is something missing in your life?

Start following our blogs posts like this one and Me In Maine and start to see there is a difference. Better way to live, work, play. It's a five letter word. Maine. Get here quick as you can! Like to hear from you. Call, email, text, drop in when you can sneak away. When you have the time and can throw us a line. That's why we are here. At your service. And a personal fan of Maine, the way life should be.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North St, Houlton ME 04730

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