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Places To Rent | Houlton Maine Apartments, Houses, Camp Rentals

Places To Rent! Houlton Maine Apartment Houses, Need A Rent?

Places to rent in Houlton Maine.

This blog post all about apartments, houses, camp rentals in Southern Aroostook, Northern Washington and Penobscot Counties. Finding a rent is not always the easiest in a small rural Houlton Maine real estate size market.

A good, affordable, available rent in Houlton Maine just when you need it most.

It's better than finding a four leaf clover for a lucky day ahead. Because now you have a roof over your head for shelter to get in out of the weather.apartment house rental

"Got any places to rent in the Houlton Maine area?"

Our Maine real estate office gets lots of those calls and emails, even texts asking that simple five word combination.

Got any place to rent in Houlton Maine?

The days of just opening up a local Maine newspaper to find a long printed list of fresh new rentals has changed. And are we talking just a small efficiency apartment or looking for an entire house? And for how long? Just a short weekend stint in the Houlton Maine area or staying way longer, like talking years and years?

A dozen kids are probably not going to fit comfortable in a one or two bedroom apartment.

And the larger the rental unit need, the what's available thins out fast. Some renters need first floor please, no stairs in my daily diet of exercise. Dogs, cats? How many? I have had many Houlton Maine landlords says they prefer animals to unruly kids with anger issues and who like to punch holes in the sheetrock walls.

Folks with horses ask is there a barn with stables and some pasture land available? Having a garage unit or heat included is popular too. Something short term for a week or two in the summer parked on a Maine lake. Those rental requests come in fast and furious as a Maine summer approaches.

This blog post narrows it down to concentrate on mostly apartment rental units in the Houlton Maine area.

Places to rent, what's available for Houlton Maine apartments is pretty darn important information. To provide you the reader with a master landlord list of property owners. Local property owners who lease out living space of all apartment rental sizes.

apartment rental unit photo

This is a list of Houlton Maine rental property landlords.

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Low Ball Offers Made On Maine Real Estate Listings

mt-katahdin-me Low Ball Offers On Maine Real Estate! They Happen All The Time.

Low ball offers made on the Maine real estate listings.

 How to handle them best because they are out there. Low ball offers happen and are not a fluke. And letting property sellers know to expect and how to deal with them is best early on in the real estate discussion.

A little wisdom and education shared up front helps reduce the negative reaction when the low ball offers are made works best. Offers of any size need to be relayed from buyer to seller for their take good or bad by a Maine real estate agent or broker.


 This real estate blog post on low ball offers made on property in Maine.

 How low will the seller go? What's the bottom line for the property owner today? Has the seller had any offers and how much, what was their reaction? Sizing up the seller is like a buyer is going into battle to buy low, then maybe sell high.

Making an offer on a property listing. The buyer and seller of any real estate deal have to agree on all the presented offer terms.

Sometimes the low ball offer is made because the buyer can only afford so much.

Like blowing into the cupped hands, rolling the dice and thinking "come on snake eyes" gambling. Hoping for a big property price reduction to bring the real estate more in reach for the buyer's consideration to purchase it.

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Questions Home Buyers Ask Real Estate Agents And Brokers

real-estate-closing Maine home buying, getting to the real estate closing takes lots of answers to many questions.

The Questions Home Buyers Ask Real Estate Agents And Brokers.


Questions on the property listing, what can you tell me about the home for sale makes for a long list of answers.

Gather round. What would interest one person might not another real estate buyer. But condition, the shape of the Maine home for sale is important to everyone. To please a Maine bank financing the mortgage loan on it. And for the buyer who thinks about the size of the job jar, many questions try to establish how many, how costly those items are. What's ahead after the house sale for the home buyer to tackle? How many homes have filled to the brim issues to address? What is the real estate buyer signing on for to tackle if this is the home he buys (Gulp).


How real estate property listings improve a home buyer’s life depends on a number of factors.

Everyone of us has hot spots of what he wants, can not accept in homes, partners, any provision of goods, services or life experience. What enthuses one in life bores the heck out of someone else. Variety is the spice of life, and Maine real estate property searches too reflect this versatility in listing needs. As they gather round the real estate agent or broker and start firing the questions from all directions.

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Grocery Stores, Places To Shop For Food In Houlton ME

local farm grown grocery food Farm Food Grown In Local Fields Part Of The Grocery Item Selection In Houlton Maine.

Grocery stores, places to shop for food in Houlton ME.

Because you gotta eat. You need to shop for grocery supplies continuously unless you are totally farm to table and pretty much living self sufficient. But for many of us, before you know it, time to refuel three times a day. The stomach is grumbling right on time when the dinner bell rings.


Where do we go? Houlton Maine is at the transportation cross road hub of all the major highways. Let’s go shopping for what we need and have run out off today. Do you plan your meals for the weekend ahead to grocery shop for everything you need? During the coronavirus pandemic, more than ever it makes business and health sense to make a grocery item list. Get in, get out, stay away for a week or more if you can grocery shop wisely. 

So back to the topic of the blog post, where to do you shop for grocery store food in Houlton ME?

When it's time to go on the hunt to look for some food items to prepare a good home cooked meal. To enjoy it up to woods hunting camp in front of the pot belly wood heater stove. Grillin’ and chillin’ out on the open deck at the summer lakeshore cottage. Or to stock the pantry shelves for dining for the week ahead in our family Houlton ME home.

No matter if you are passing through Southern Aroostook County on vacation or when you live full here full time as a native, you need to restock your kitchen shelves with grocery items.

What do you have for grocery stores, places to shop for food in Houlton Maine?

Fresh Produce, Baked Breads, Sweets. The Local Amish Farmers Supply The Open Air Farmers Market In Market Square, Houlton Maine.


"Welcome To Houlton Maine. Lots To Offer In Small Town Proud Grocery Stores And Local Farm Producers Helping To Feed The Local Communities. The Owner Is In The Store."

Where do you go for local grub? In the Houlton Maine area for  grocery store shopping in this border town?

Finding your way around Houlton ME. Here some helpful advice. You are in luck. There are lots of grocery stores  and supply options for restocking your food pantry.

This blog post outlines the many places to shop, grocery store food sources in Houlton Maine.

When a small convenience store with this and that in and out items just won’t cut it. When you are on the hunt for a full blown grocery store, With the bulging shelves and end caps, coolers, freezers all filled to the brim with a variety of food supply items. Lots of smaller grocery stores in Houlton Maine were the norm rather than three or four primary vendors for household food shopping items. No ordering out of state grocery items for delivery truck drop offs from the Internet. Heck, back in the day, the milk man brought your local dairy products and eggs to your door.

houlton me early years 1

Come and get it. Grab a grocery shopping cart. Put it back for another one if it has a bad wheel and saddle up.

Taking off on a grub run up and down the store aisles in search of grocery items. Listening to the store music as you fill ‘er up to the brim. In alphabetical order, Andy’s IGA tops the grocery store list. Andy Marino’s grocery store in the Houlton Shopping Plaza on North Street is one option. The address is 132 North ST Houlton ME to program into the GPS.

When you grab the wire cart to troll for food for the prepared meals ahead on the weekly grocery list, it may be a stop at Andy's IGA at the Houlton Shopping Plaza.

At one time there were two Andy’s IGA stores…. one the old C & G Foodliner located at the beginning of North Street (US RT 1) almost on the shores of the Meduxnekeag River. The other grocery store outlet located but now expanded in the shopping center spot near Machias Savings Bank, Label Shopper, Mardens. The same shopping center where you headed when you used to be able to have it your way at Burger King except not today (the flame broiler currently turned off, BK closed).


The Andy’s IGA now takes care of customers at the shopping center.

Weekly specials, great selection of produce, meats, beer and wine. Get your smokes, lottery tickets, ice, charcoal, can goods, dairy case and freezer items with ease. You’ll be checking off all the grocery store items on the shopping list without any hassle at Andy’s IGA on North Street in Houlton ME. You can shop online and have the grocery items delivered right to your doorstep too. Rosie, a grocery store app for curbside food item pick up is offered for your shopping convenience at Andy's IGA. And for touchless coronavirus safe grocery shopping peace of mind.

Next up heading higher in the alphabet is County Yankee Grocer.

The original County Yankee Houlton store was where Don Brewer’s grocery was for years. What we sold that then became Mr Chip’s Superette. Lack of parking plagued the original County Yankee. So owner Dave Cunya drew up the blue prints. Started eying where to move as the business patrons following his success grew.

county yankee groceries

To serve you better, the expansion caused the grocery store relocation from the corner of Spring and Military Streets. To just a little ways up the road a piece.

Now located on a different corner on higher ground, next door to the Houlton police and fire departments, the County Yankee borders Hillview and Military Streets. A larger, brighter square footage to peddle groceries from, the County Yankee is the newest food store in Houlton ME. Now it’s located at 101 Military Street Houlton ME.

Where else to shop for groceries in Houton ME could you go in Southern Aroostook?

Hannaford Houlton ME Grocery Store at 33 Ludlow Road Houlton Maine! Shop N Save to many, heck some still call it Sampson's.  If you have lived in Houlton ME for a few years, you might remember the Shop & Save on Military and Bangor Street triangle location. Now the University College in Houlton, that smaller square footage grocery store was one busy beehive for food shopping.

Kinda of a corner grocery only bigger. Servicing the west end of town. It was one busy location with Plaza Pharmacy next door for convenience. That Shop N Save started out where Sampson’s Supermarket opened up in 1964. Sampson's Supermarket was the place to shop for groceries back in time.

Before that, Houlton ME grocery stores were plentiful and located all over Houlton Maine, Aroostook County's oldest town.

The A & P on Kendall Street and Market Square was a busy place for all the food staples. Places like Wilson’s Market on South Street was where my Mom liked to shop back in the 1960’s. Wilson's Market on the corner of South and Coumbia Street lacked the crowds, you could get in and out easily and the neighborhood grocery was family owned.

You could wheel around with the wire cart quickly to fill 'er up and bag it, tag it, high tail it for your Houlton home stopping to shop at Wilson's Market. 

In and out one stop convenience item shopping. Same kinda of shopping experience with Fred Berube at High Street Market up on Franklin Avenue and High Street's busy corner. Anderson's Market just down from it on High Street a tad. Or Dow's Market further up on the corner of Commonweatlh and Franklin Avenue in Houlton Maine. Here's a photo of the new Shop N Save Hannaford Store In Houlton Maine just off Interstate 95 and US RT 1.

shopnsave hannaford

There were lots of small groceries like John Dickinson's next to where the Salvation Army is today (now an open parking lot).

Up in Paddy Hollow on Military Street you stopped to shop for groceries at Daigle's Market. Just before the foot of Drake's Hill. Friendly, personable, handy and a low key place to grocery shop in Houlton Maine. Anderson’s, Dow’s, Fred Berube, Johhny Dickinson and many other small mom and pop groceries thrived years ago. Long before the larger franchise grocery shopping store outlets came into the picture.

 Last up for grocery stores in Houlton ME at the tail end of the A through Z is Walmart

walmart houlton me store

The large national retailer promotes free grocery pick up on their Walmart website.  

Store number 1974, Walmart like Hannaford’s next door has a pharmacy under the same big box roof at 17 Ludlow Road Houlton Maine. Unlike a super Walmart, the Houlton store has held back on grocery items. There is selection, but not as complete or expansive as the other grocery stores you can shop in Houlton ME. That could all change if the store floor plan was super sized into larger outlet for grocery items. 

Shop til you drop or just for a few grocery items, where to do it in Houlton ME?

It is not just the ease of getting in and out or the lowest price or best selection for grocery items. Some people even cross the New Brunswick border into Canada to shop for grocery items. To get store items not found on the local shelves on this side of the boundary line.

Lots of grocery store outlets around Woodstock New Brunswick Canada that some Houlton Maine shopper frequent.

To get items not available on this side of the border. For example, bread and butter mustard pickles for the bake bean Saturday night supper. Pastry that is light and flaky was another popular item to get in Woodstock New Brunswick shopping jaunts across the border.

My Dad’s mom was 100% Canadian so shopping, being “over home” was never strange or difficult.

Lots of the folks you meet on either side of the border are your cousins, somehow related. Schwann’s brings grocery items to your door on weekly visits. They have a grocery store on wheels parked out front your home weekly if you want. Kind of partial to the deep dish pizzas. Very handy when the two boys were playing hockey and regular meal time planning was a little messed up. Before COVID19 restricted border crossing, back and forth shopping from both sides for grocery items was common. Canadian grocery shoppers especially loading up on Houlton Farms Dairy milk products and fueling up with gas for their cars too.

border crossing to grocery shop in canada

The local Amish communities in Smyrna and East Hodgdon also grow a lot of produce, baked items made too.

Visit them in the open air Market Square on Saturday mornings to stock on on home made items you can not purchase in any grocery chain store. Watch a couple farmer's market in downtown Houlton Maine videos.

The Houlton County Co Op and Farm Store is another option for shopping for healthy grocery food.

Get bulk grains, local organic farm food. Have a lunch and meet some neat people over coffee. More places to shop for what you need to get you by for another week of grocery staples in Houlton Maine?

houlton me main st

Watch a  video from the County Co Op Farm Store to check out the venue just beyond Market Square.

You can get great prices, lots of organic food items, extensive list of sprices and order off their complete shopping list if a Co Op Farm Store volunteer member.

Learn more about the Shiretown of Maine's largest and most northern County. More on Aroostook County's oldest town, Houlton Maine's unique flavor.

Outside of the town limit's of Houlton Maine, you could hit a lot of in season farm stands. My parents had one on the family farm a little over a mile out on the County now Smyrna Road. I picked lots of produce, especially strawberries and farm fresh ears of corn sold in a baker's dozen. Nature's Circle leases the ground, grows organic food on my family farm about a mile and a half out on US RT 2 in Houlton Maine pictured below.

farms in maine 2

Charlie Smith's Black Bear vegetable stand was popular for years too.

Local potato farmers helped supply dry beans, potatoes, local veggies like corn and squash for some extra cash. The kind that came in handy in the dead of summer when all your money is planted in the farm ground waiting for a profitable harvest. You hoped. 

For local Houlton Maine grocery items on your weekly list of what you were out of and needed to restock.

You could stop and shop at places like the IGA that Kermit Estey's ran up in Monticello.Or by stopping in for a can of corn, green beans, loaf of bread, gallon of milk, whatever at Hatfield's Market in New Limerick. The latter now Cameron's market near the LP mill in New Limerick on the corner of US RT 2 or County and Station Roads. Owned before that by Tyler Perry, Charlie Marshall, Ronnie and Nancy Henderson.

Ken's Store another hot spot for convenience items, to fill up with gas and get the grocery store essentials.

Smaller outlet grocery stores, places to shop for food in outer Houlton Maine. Good place for the social shoot the breeze aspect too livingone of the small Northern Maine towns. You could fill up on grocery store items at slightly higher but very convenience location food prices. While at the same time learning what's new going on around you in the community.

Local haunts to shop for local news and add your own what you know about the topic makes small Maine towns tightly connected.

Out on the Bangor Road, the Country Store on US RT 2A managed by the Kirk's family did a whale of a business. Lake steaks especially were sliced and diced by old man Kirk who used to be the meat man wearing a white butcher's apron at a bigger grocery food chain. Before carving out his own successful business operation with his wife Ruth peddling grocery food items.

Crossing the Maine Canadian border into New Brunswick to shop for groceries in Woodstock.

That happened too and back and forth folks from both sides of the International Boundary line would go to grocery shop. Often because you could get a special kind of bread and butter pickle or pastry item or type of macaroni from brand name suppliers not available on the other side of the US Canadian border. The coronavirus has put a kink in the back and force grocery shopping for both Americans and Canadians crossing the border to by goods on each side. 

us border monuments 1

Back in the early days when more was local and not as much happened outside a small Maine town when shopping, it was social. One family member stayed out in the vehicle with the window rolled down and chewing the fat, shooting the breeze with others around Market Square. Friday or Saturday night grocery shopping doubled as a chance to come to town and catch up on the local gossip and local community news.

Stay tuned for more local information on Houlton, Northern Maine, Southern Aroostook County.

Thank you for sticking around until the end of this latest post. Hope this getting around the area blog post on where to shop for groceries in Houlton ME list of food stores is helpful.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  | 

MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA

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Getting Away From People | Maine Space, Low Cost Real Estate

maine-lighthouse-spark-plug Vacationland Lighthouse, More Space, Lower Cost Real Estate In Maine.

Getting away from people, Maine space, low cost real estate are one neat combination.

Maine is pure and natural socially distant spread out for folks who live or vacation here. Long before COVID hit and the push back memo to keep your distance for health reasons. Maine was already well known for it's spread out nicely, plenty of elbow room.

Generously spaced and not crowded. That's one way to describe the state of Maine.

That approach to living is practiced in any backyard garden planting right? Easy does it, keep your spacing healthy enough so everything grows and gets more than it's share of water, sunlight exposure, weeding and feeding attention.

Eight out of ten people live where the spacing is not so healthy though and very much unlike Maine. In places with bright lights, big city settings where there is not plenty of leg room. Not so comfortable for all the other body parts spacious.

Getting away from people. Maine has space, low cost real estate.

The physical and mental space, coupled with a lower cost of living and more hands on DIY self sufficient resourcefulness. Those healthy ingredients have always been one of Maine's top attractions. Especially to those starved for more room around them. Where they see nature not high rises or anything man made. And the sounds are birds singing, the shoreline water lapping, the wind rustling the tree leaves. Check out the Maine fall leave migration video. Changing colors and witness leaves, lots of them at a time heading to the ground with this Maine video.

Everyone wants more room to add to their comfort level and simpler living and spending less money to achieve it is a common sense approach to life.

To keep folks from invading their personal space. To take a break from having to defend an opinion based on real life experiences. Who enjoys being told you are wrong for how you feel and have strong convictions about anyway? But tolerance for someone else not feeling quite the exact same as you is respect too. To each their own. It's just the need to justify why you believe the way you do on anything can get old. That's why space is a refuge, it is sought after big time and where Maine has unending supplies of that peace and quiet. 

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Maine State REALTOR Conventions | 2020 Means Virtual, Cyber Gathering, Stay Where You Are

realtors Maine REALTORS State Conventions, Learning Together. This Year Online, Remotely And All Virtual.

The Maine State REALTOR conventions, each year this time of fall it's time to saddle up and head out down Interstate 95.

I live in Northern Maine and the rotation of state REALTOR conventions in this vast but sparsely populated state means travel. 2020 means virtual, cyber gathering, stay where you are around Maine. Remote online learning is nothing new thanks to the kick in the seat of the pants COVID19 provided all real estate professionals.

realtor 12

More often than not, the state of Maine REALTOR's convention is at the Samoset in Rockport.

Centrally located, big enough to house, feed and educate the 500 or so of the over 5000 attendees that make the annual trek. Two out of three Maine state REALTOR conventions are at this midcoast location on the ocean waterfront.

Last year the Maine REALTOR state convention was at Sunday River in Newry Maine.

That's out west and up in the mountains where the resort gets the most use when a blanket of white covers the ground. REALTORS used the ski trail chair lift to leaf peek to take in the dazzling fall colors courtesy of Jack Frost. Some years the REALTOR convention for the state of Maine is in Bar Harbor, on the coast like Rockport. Other round ups of REALTORS happen in Bangor or Portland.


For a state Maine Association Of REALTORS annual meeting, you need the large enough layout to herd and handle crowds.

You want a facility big enough to accommodate this bunch of mover and shaking Maine REALTORS. This year not crowded around the meeting room long tables or round dining ones either. Instead, huddled at home in Maine where we live, work, play. Maybe spread around a long conference table at a small town real estate agency in Maine. Or sitting at your desk where you zoom meeting already thanks to COVID19.

All hands squeaky clean, face masks ready, booties too and a clear bottle of sanitizer tucked away if anyone has to duck out.

All that happening with a practiced routine perfected since last March delivered the new protocols. This year's convention we warm our hands in the chilly fall crisp air of Maine in front of glowing computer desk and lap top computer screens. Together, alone, online. That's this year's Maine state REALTOR convention approach to learning more to do our real estate jobs better.

realtor 15

The networking with other real estate professionals in many Maine markets is the real value.

The continuing education classes help you improve your practice and stay sharp and in tune. In Maine, at least 24 real estate continuing credits are needed to renew your license to list, twist and sell properties of all types and prices. The meals are superb like the table talk around them. Because brand new agents chime in and participate in the real estate discussions. Older, veteran real estate brokers and agency owners share the history and help the perspective of the Maine REALTOR group.

The hospitality suites with tasty snacks and cold beverages offer a chance for more real estate discussions in closer, nosier confines than the quiet, open large classroom meeting locations.

Being cooped up in real estate continuing education meetings all day at a Maine REALTOR convention can make those end of the day social gatherings special. Cage animals like to be set free and real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS are used to being on the move, multitasking many items on the to do list. The one created late at night and added to early in the morning. Too much coffee and rushing to get there on time. To park on a chair inside the room before the big double doors shut tight and the meeting session begins again.

Making sure to fill out the REALTOR convention course review form and rating the session and earning your 2, 3 or no credits but learning something new just the same.

All part of the tools the Maine REALTOR uses to do what they do better, smarter, more helpfully for buyers, sellers in their small local communities around the state.

realtor 35

This year the Maine State REALTOR Convention is held remotely wherever you are in Vacationland.

Due to COVID19 restrictions, gathering in one large knot where everyone wears the blue and gold "R" lapel pin is not physically going to take place. Instead, virtual meetings online and working remotely to connect with other Maine REALTORS is the plan for the next few days. Come as you are, stay where you are. Local real estate office distractions in the background as phones ring, emails pile up and buyers, sellers want what they need ASAP. It will be interesting to attend the Maine REALTOR state convention meeting and trade show from home, not the down country venue location.

realtor 42

No travel or getting up very early to head out from Aroostook County Maine for me today.

Have another coffee, hammer out the hunt and peck fodder for another real estate blog. And easy one because no hotel to book, nothing to pack, no miles to rack up on the Jeep up and down the pike. I miss those old friends who practice in the different Maine real estate trenches.Seeing each Maine county REALTOR board pick their cream of the crop, best of the bunch nominations. For Maine REALTOR of the year. As the entire room stands, recognizes their passion and enthusiasm. The annual meeting schedule for the 2020 Maine State REALTORS convention.

The stories, the technology, the trade show where someone tells you what you need to stay competitive in the real estate industry.

The last day breakfast where prizes are drawn and the loot from 50-50 tickets for numerous good causes from RPAC to local legislative initiative. The Maine real estate state convention for another year winds down. But not before one last session for three credits good toward renewal of your Maine real estate license are gleaned. One more session to hunker down, learn a lot, say good bye on the run. To grab your suitcase to head back to the real estate beehive. Renewed, refreshed, re-energized.


I'll let you know how this year's cyber, virtual Maine state REALTOR convention goes.

Not quite the same but better than nothing. And it's up to us to make it something worthwhile and memorable. This year the Maine REALTOR convention is coming to every town and the handful of cities in Vacationland. There is no excuse for missing out and not attending when everyone connects online for back and forth education.

maine realtor convention

Comparing notes, sharing experiences, getting up to date on the state of affairs in the Maine real estate industry.

That's the meat and potatoes of what REALTORS do best in this large, spread out New England Yankee colony. Just this year, no door prizes, dancing, hospitality suites to unwind after a long day of real estate education. Miss getting across the state of Maine heading to and from the past MAR State REALTOR Association annual meetings.You learn about the other REALTOR's famlies, their office practices, and meet new agents, say good bye to old friends that drop away from the flock wearing the "R", the hardest working letter in the entire alphabet.

Sampling the fall foliage in Maine is one of the perks heading to past state REALTOR association meetings.


The story telling about Maine real estate market experiences and work arounds during the coronavirus and brisk listing sales won't be quite the same from this distance away from the group.

But all signed up and hot to trot and learn from the online free of cost Maine state REALTOR convention. This year's Maine Association Of REALTORS convention is beamed into our home base real estate offices. All the education flowing through the fibre and some thin air wireless for the virtuall ZOOM meeting online remote meet up for the next few days!

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA

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Working Online Jobs Remotely From Home In Maine.

maine-lake-morning Working Online Jobs Remotely From Home In Maine.

 Working online jobs remotely from home in Maine.

 Before the COVID19, half the population was doing some remote job telecommuting online. Technology allows working online jobs remotely and having robust Internet broadband connections is the key to the quality of telecommuting. Rural Maine is one attractive location when folks in population centers beging their search for somewhere less crowded.

Rural Maine real estate property listings are much cheaper and come with more land.

Less people means reduced traffic, crime, pollution.The level of permits, restrictions, delays getting things done is lower in small town Maine simple living.
coronovirus traveling maine

Small rural Maine communities are friendlier, more trusting and you feel like you make a difference volunteering.

Raising families or retiring in small town Maine is more attractive when the your friends and family all pitch in to make where you live the best place it can possibly be. No crime, little traffic, lower cost of living make small town living in Maine pretty attractive these days of the Coronavirus. 

So working online jobs remotely from home in Maine is a popular search.

The key is the small town Internet broadband connectivity. The Internet speed if slow at a property for sale means working online jobs remotely from home in Maine at this real estate listing may not be possible.

Slow or no Internet rules out many property listings where working online jobs remotely from home in Maine can not happen. No one wants to see a ZOOM meeting crap out and freeze. It does not look professional. You miss much of what is happening at a ZOOM online meeting or any other cyber gathering if the Internet connection is poor or not dependable.

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Land Listings In Maine | Maine Land For Sale

lighthousemaine Maine Land, Lots Of It For Sale In Vacationland.

Land listings in Maine, Maine land for sale.

The real estate buyer searching the listing inventory for Maine land is motivated on several fronts. Space, lots of acreage for sheer protection from others invading it. The desire for growing food, raising what you eat. The goal of having yearly firewood and selling the surplus managing the timber resource. Development to create smaller sub lots out of a larger Maine acreage. Maine land to invest in and preserve to pass on to your children. 

It usually starts out with low cost Maine recreational land.

Then as the vacation exposure whenever the land owner can sneak up to Maine becomes desire for more. Starter land listings and moving on to larger acreages in Maine happens,. Here's an example, watch the video of a large Maine land listing representing a lot of acreage for a small price.


Now with the COVID19 outbreak changing the day to day around the World, the search for Maine land has intensified.

The buyers of land in Maine are a little edgy, more driven. Maine real estate listing inventory is down and the increased demand swell of buyers seeking some makes for fast paced days. If any land listings in Maine are wired for solid Internet broadband connectivity, so much the better. To help the Maine land buyer decide which one to select from the property listing inventory of what is available.

Living on a Maine lake is a dream of many land buyers.

Strong Internet connections make working remotely to telecommute to your online job possible. Work online combined with a waterfront setting is a perfect blend to combat the cabin fever of COVID19 life adjustment. Learn about a new, neat Maine waterfront listing on Conroy Lake with video.

The farming life or country living approach to agriculture in Maine makes rural homes with land popular.

Watch video of 1472 Oxbow Road Oxbow Maine classic home, barn, out buildings for sale. 

Land listings in Maine, we have lots to pick from for low real estate prices.

Maine has more second homes than any other state for a reason. The Maine land is plentiful and cheaply priced. The cost of construction labor to create your vacation 2nd home in Maine is not sky high expensive. Local log home cabin makers are here in Maine where the state is 91% wooded. Imported lumber from Canada with the no duty discounted loonie dollar helps the pocketbook too. 

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Home Buying In Maine | 10 Tips Buying A House

real-estate-videos-1 Buying A Home In Maine Tips

Home buying in Maine | 10 tips buying a house to save you time and money.

This real estate blog post walks you through the correct steps to have a smoother Maine home buying process. What you can do to save time, money and avoid extra frustration. To avoid losing out buying your home sweet home in Maine.

The state of Maine is large, sparsely populated and offers lots of affordable housing for home buyers.

The dream to wake up in your own home is a popular one. Owning a house not renting one is the goal. How to avoid hassle, save time, money, frustration making the investment to buy a home needs a plan.

homes for sale houlton

For starters, first and foremost buying a home in Maine get pre approved, prequalified.

Link up with an experienced bank mortgage "loan arranger" wearing a different kind of mask.

Wash your hands, roll up your sleeves and gather up your pay stubs, last year's IRS tax filing paperwork.

Make a list of what you owe on your car, student college loans, divorce child support, credit card debt amounts, etc.

The number one tip for home buying in Maine is pre approval, prequalify to know before you start the hunt for a house.

More on the difference between pre approved or prequalified to buy a home in Maine. That pre approvsal or prequalified home buying letter gets the house buying surprises out of the way first.

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Buying A Home In Maine | Prequalified Or Pre Approval Letter?

buying-a-home-in-maine Thinking About Buying A Home In Maine ?

Buying a home in Maine, are you prequalified or have a pre approval letter to show you can get a house loan?

What is the difference between prequalified or pre approval for a Maine home loan? Like many real estate terms, there is confusion out in the home buying audience. Buying a home is not something most of us do on a regular basis.

buying home in maine

This blog post tackles the topic of a prequalified or pre approval letter from a bank making the potential loan on a Maine home.

As the buyer, you don't want surprises. As the real estate professional or home seller, you need to know this buyer is legit. Especially during the COVID19 pandemic, making sure a buyer that needs bank financing is good to go is vital. It saves everyone time and assures a happy ending to home buying story.

Buyers, sellers, renters and real estate agents are all extra cautious due to the COVID19 pandemic home showings.

Where to start as the first time buyer. Or someone who had owned a Maine home but it's been a while. Unless we are talking a cash sale for a Maine home, financing needs to be nailed down. Sooner rather than later. Before the wheels turn and lots of folks get involved in the home buying situation. Is the home buyer in Maine all checked out to purchase before they enter any homes physically or virtually. 

It is fun to browse and see what's for sale on the current Maine home real estate market. 

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Maine Real Estate Market Report | COVID19 Shaking Things

real-estate-market-me-repor Maine Real Estate Market Report |The COVID19 Effect

Maine real estate market report, how's COVID19 shaking things up?

In lots of ways. Big time adjustments happening in the Maine real estate circles I roam wearing a mask, gloves, booties. All of our personal lives in Maine aren't quite the same because of the coronavirus.

This blog post will cover the current Maine real estate market report numbers today.

We look under the lifted hood at Maine Listings to see how the property list and sale is going. But remember, "how's the real estate market in Maine" question response depends. Do you want the entire state as a whole averaged together or are you asking for a county, just a local community print out of how the chips fell for a Maine real estate market report?

real estate market report 1

This blog post will also go deeper to expose what real estate professionals are seeing beyond the market numbers dealing with anxious pandemic buyers and sellers.

First the numbers, Maine real estate market report statistics gleaned and here's what shakes down. The year to date from last May 2019 to May 2020 shows listings were hovering around 10,000 and now the supply closer to 6,000 units.

Maine real estate listing inventory of what's for sale for Maine real estate is way down.

COVID19 making some property owners to think twice about selling and they are pulling listings. Or simply not listing at all. The absorption rate is off over 21 percent year to date from study of the real estate market numbers for Maine. In real estate, the absorption rate is calculated by taking the number of homes sold in a period of time and dividing that into the number of available homes.

real estate market report l

From May 2019 to May 2020, the absorption rate in the Maine real estate market was off 26.71%.

The May 2020 absorption rate according to Maine Listings data was 3.54%. Sold listings for this period were off 6.3 percent. Pending listing volume is down 8.percent and active listings are off 19 percent. New listing volume is off the mark over 20 percent from May 2019 to same month in 2020 side to side comparison. 

The average list price for homes in Maine is up 8.7 percent for the same month of May, our latest figures that always run a couple months behind before everything is tabulated.

The days on market 79 down from 85 a year ago in May 2019. The market is fast, the supply of listings is down, prices for Maine real estate properties are up. Also, the average sale price is off  a little under 1 percent. That's the long and short of it. 

In Maine, here's the graph that shows the curve of activity for May 2020 real estate market activity results.

real estate market report m

I know, I know, sometimes when I hear a lot of numbers or see too many pie or linear charts or bar graphs coming at me, my eyes gloss over. The ears start to take in same old statistical sound. Hard to understand like Charlie Brown's teacher and her Blob Blob muted trombone or French horn monitone voice. 

Maine is a big state.

You don't sum up the Maine real estate market report in a few numbers or a couple sentences. The real estate market for Maine can seem skewed when you try to size it up whole.

Like ordering a steak and the waitress wheels in the whole cow.

A handful of cities and what happens for prices and the listing / sale real estate volume in those does not match up with small Maine town locations. The prices swing wildly up or down depending where on the Maine map you zero in on for real estate sale information. They all behave so differently. 

real estate report me forec

Real estate is specific to an area and there are different types of property listings. 

Prices spike up and down depending on local supply and demand, other economic factors.

Like Maine weather forecasts, one size does not fit the entire state and each region changes quickly. The information today can be all wrong tomorrow and give the wrong impression on very important market real estate market report news used to buy and sell.

Agents, brokers, REALTORS don't just list and sell Maine land acreage and empty buildings.

People are connected to the real estate listings in Maine. Folks very much alive and verbal with high emotions, low feelings, big fears, high hopes and dreams. All attached to buying and selling that calls for lots of empathy and understanding. Markets change in real estate depends  on events in those communities, county, state, the nation. 

Everyone is testing positive for showing signs of fatigue.

real estate take out advice

Major events effect the routine you already had established and didn't  have to think about daily. COVID19 is one of those big uncertainty game changers to life as we knew it. The buyers and sellers we deal with during the COVID19 pandemic have more on their minds.

Not sleeping so soundly. They may not have the virus but stress builds as you try to protect the spread or getting it yourself. When your pocket book is effected too that riles up a person too. If freedom of movement is restricted, cut off from loved ones, not able to shake hands or give or receive a hug.

The future is not clear as a bell simple. COVID19 stays front and center in our daily life decisions and all you hear about in the news. Real estate is effected and no exception as the market results show the virus effect ripple.

No matter what happens in your life, somehow real estate is involved.

Underneath all is the land. Shelter, whether a mortgaged home or rented apartment space, the roof over your head is pretty dang important. Right up there with air, water, food, love, safety.

Maine has the highest percentage of second homes in all fifty states.

Those vacation spots around Maine are now being re-purposed for more than a long weekend or seven day vacation. In groves, the owners are flocking to Maine to leave the city settings.The big bonus is if Internet connectivity is loud and long strong so telecommuting to the remote online job continues uninterrupted.

Have a little red log lake camp totally overhauled with gusto. To create the nest for a new grandson and his parents who can continue life for a spell in Maine. Far away from a restricted, crowded city location they are in now.

We stock the real estate for sale shelves like a big box store open day and night serving up the big buffet all you can eat. 

real estate website screens

Small Maine towns rally together, in the beginning making sure everyone had basics like toilet paper.

When schools closed, buses without kids were loaded up for home lunch deliveries that still continues. We worked on the areas most important to make sure basic needs were met for all the local population. Then lots of creative work arounds to protect the population from COVID19 all shared on local social media channels. 

Living in Maine, we all have real life training for surprises and set backs.

We know this is not a practice drill. The weather is always unpredictable so we prepare for the worst, hoping for the best. We deal with it, not whine about it. Everyone is more connected in small Maine towns.

There is less feeling sorry for yourself because you are well aware some have it much tougher. Those are the ones we rally around to help. Being supportive of others takes away the time to worry about yourself. Together everyone's needs are met and every resident is front line and needed when your population numbers are low. 

It helps if you have parents that have told you stories about rationing during World War II, that remember big events that shaped their lives. The Cuban missile crisis, JFK's assassination, the Vietnam event, Sputnik being released to orbit the Earth.

Most remember 911 not so long ago and what that load felt like to deal with daily. On top of whatever else a person was struggling with at the time. COVID19 is something extra that you think about and no one has all the answers. It teaches patience, it shows who in the country cares about others or more about just themselves.

But look at the anger just over the topic of wearing a face mask or not. Mask it or casket. Wear the mask, wash your hands, limit your trips to public places.


COVID19 shows how do you deal with boredom, solitude, impatience and financial uncertainty.

If anger increases, what's the source? Wished you had relocated, moved to Maine early? Are you worried about burning through hard earned savings or resentful of those getting a check for free while you work like a dog?


Lots being examined in the soul searching and serious consideration of just what is most important in your life during coronavirus event.


Our job as a Maine real estate broker is more than just list and selling properties. More personal attention and snappier buyers, testier sellers with the pressure of COVID19 adjustment to the new way of life. The stress cracks on everyone are showing. Lashing out and being angry when the situation is nothing you can snap your fingers to change. It means patience, empathy, work on solutions not attacking or blaming people works best. 

Priorities, where you want to live now that COVID19 is with us for a long spell.

Short or long term goals when no one has all the answers yet. Those tests are the real lessons in life and some are dealing with the struggle better that others. One thing is for certain. Attitude is everything. Caring for your local community and family first leaves little time to lament about personal needs only. 

What I hear and see living as a local in a small Maine town is gratitude.

As locals reconsider what life is like in a city, how much harder and more expensive it is. Maine looks pretty darn good. In Maine we don't have gangs, drive by shootings, highly charged crowd unrest. Traffic is nil, crime is the 4th lowest of all the states in the USA. Real estate is lower priced and there is plenty of affordable housing. You don't have to make a ton of money to live very well in Maine. 

Look around, the state of Maine is drop dead gorgeous.

Needs no make up or cosmetic surgery. Pure, natural, wholesome and unspoiled. Fresh air, clean water, lots of wildlife, less people. The need for layers of players and restrictive regulation goes away when the population is lower and the money to fund everything is removed. More than ever, COVID19 just proves the point. Maine, the simple way life should be. 

When you see how Mainers help each other, when we already live socially distant. andyderbykids

If you consider our fun is outdoors year round and without lots of people and costing nothing but a few gallons of gas, a home made picnic lunch. We have it made. Heating with wood, heading up to camp for some recreation or relaxation. We already live like we have more than enough of what we really need. We do. 

How else is COVID19 affecting real estate in Maine?

The local banks for mortgage lending are always the best option because Maine like the rest of the nation has a shortage of real estate appraisers. Local banks are slammed making lots of PPP loans. The low priced properties and tiny interest rates are very attractive to those moving here used to very high property tags. Banks are beyond busy.

Bankers, local attorneys and their staffs, insurance agents, handymen and trades people when repairs are needed.

Everyone involved in the real estate transaction from the agent, buyer, seller on down hold up differently. COVID19 affects everyone many ways. If you lost a family member or they are where you can not visit them. Like across the closed border with Canada or just too far to get to with restricted travel out of state. Or if highly protective because you are in the high risk category or someone you love is. Then all those factors churn and burn inside a person who feels helpless.

The need but lack of a quick fix to COVID19 shows you are human.

That we need each other more than ever and shows clearly just who the helpers, leaders are to get through to the other side. But changed, new and improved if you live in Maine. That's our attitude, how we make it work and not just survive coronovirus but like every other hardship that comes at you, come out the other side somehow better for it.

Making something good requires hope, faith, dogged determination to not let anything get the best of you.

Small town Mainers know everyone has a role. Even if it is hold your tongue, be positive and don't tear down a person, attack instead the problems. Be a resource, pitch in and help and offer solutions rather than criticism. At times like these, fighting, self centered toxic people only add to the problems. They rob the passion needed to seek the best quality of lif possible no matter what is happening.

That's you Maine real estate market report and how COVID19 is shaking things up in Vacationland.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 

MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA

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COVID19 Coronavirus Real Estate Rules For Showing Properties In Maine

covid19-real-estate-showing COVID19 Coronovirus Maine Home Showing Rules

COVID19 coronavirus real estate rules for showing properties in Maine?

What's involved these days for folks wanting to see a Maine home for sale? Depends on the day what the best answer is for that question is because everything is influx. Like most areas of life in Maine, COVID19 caused new real estate mandates for home showings. As a World and nation, the state of Maine government has done its best to set up the ground rules for real estate agents and brokers.

The Maine Association of REALTORS too has followed suit and issued its own best practices for COVID19 house showings to keep it's five thousand plus membership safe.

The adjustment and work arounds for safety sake is an on going process without a script and is evolving. Yes, MOOERS REALTY is still showing houses but a lot different and with safeguards for everyone in place. Two week quarantine sheltering in place, 72 hour COVID19 negative test results part of the getting inside to sneak a peak up close and personal.

covid 19 house showing rule

But Andy, today, what are the COVID19 coronavirus rules for showing properties to home buyers?

If agents, brokers, Maine REALTORS are scrambling to keep pace with the tightening and relaxing regulations, just think of the out of state real estate home buyers. Who get a different spin from every state they are considering investing in a piece of property.

The home buyer knows the real estate rules in his or her state if they seriously keep up with the issued daily directives. But every state has a different plan for shutting down and reopening. Lots of push forward, pulling back and the media report quickly gets outdated for real estate house showing protocol.

COVID19 coronavirus real estate rules for showing properties in Maine.

No matter what the day, if you are thinking of traveling up into Maine to see a real estate listings, hold it. Whoa. Check the Maine.gov website for the latest COVID19 rules. When motels, campgrounds, cabins, inns or other lodging was not open, it was drive a lot and look a little and leave the state the same day. Not everyone has two weeks to hunker down and stay below radar when they arrive which is required unless you have a 72 hour negative test result for the COVID19 coronovirus.

Have you seen a map of Maine lately?

Nothing has changed in her size. Big, beautiful and a lot of her to love. She is one large honking state. And not everyone can afford or is searching in just the Southern Maine real estate market only. 

Here are the COVID19 coronarovirus guidelines MOOERS REALTY follows for in-person, on-site real estate property listing showings. 

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Properties For Sale In Maine | Maine Real Estate Listings

properties-for-sale-maine-3 Properties For Sale In Maine | Maine Real Estate Listings

Properties for sale in Maine.

Maine real estate listings come in all sizes, prices, a slew of locations. Because the state of Maine is so vast, where to look for properties for sale is a big part of the listing search process. Travel time is very important whether you visit for vacations or live here full time in Maine.

properties for sale maine

There are no bad communities or sketchy neighborhoods to avoid in a small rural state like Maine. Instead geographical distances are usually the first consideration. It helps to whip out the magic marker and create the big circle around the area of Maine where your interest is. Also, because the real estate properties for sale in that area of Maine match the thickness of your wallet.

More affordable properties, lower priced Maine real estate listings are found the further up into the interior you go.

Veering away from the higher priced coastal regions will help stretch your dollar. Any true Mainer always hunts down the best bang for the buck in their property purchase or anything they set out to buy. Besides the price point on the Maine real estate listings and getting more for less, a property buyer has to consider what do I like to do for fun? At whatever stage of their life, what fits my real estate listing needs best is just as important as what all the current listings cost.

Your quality of life lives and dies by what happens around the properties for sale in Maine.

If you love horses, being in a community set up to meet the needs of your passion is key. Good vets, feed stores, others that like to horse around too would help you pick where to look for properties for sale in Maine. Your property address of your new home makes so much difference to what happens in the future in your life.

If your search for Maine real estate centers around some waterfront property, the where to look comes back to how much is budgeted for this type of listing. Not every property borders the waterfront. The supply falls short of keeping up with demand for waterfront properties and can force you to go deeper up into Maine to find some you can afford.

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Lakefront Properties In Maine For Sale

deering-lake-maine Lakefront Properties In Maine For Sale

Lakefront properties in Maine for sale.

Are you after real estate in the Maine waterfront category? This blog post introduces you to four fabulous lakefront properties in Maine for sale. Video is the best way to do perform the show and tell task. Especially due to the current COVID19 pandemic that has the planet on a leash. Sheltering in place, working remotely from your 2nd vacation lake home in Maine makes #alonetogether not so hard to take. Video is now, instant, quick and effective. Saves you time, gas, delay and running the roads, paying the rolls. Lodging is a little harder to maneuver in Maine thanks to the spike headed virus cell dubbed Coronovirus or COVID19. Mainers are resourceful in the work arounds and MOOERS REALTY was already fully lock and loaded with the videos for real estate, for local community information.

Rural real estate agents and brokers in Maine stock the shelves with all types of property listings.

But none are as precious as waterfront real estate listings. Not every property for sale in Maine is parked on a lake. The size of the lake, what swim in it for fish, what recreational trails surround the lakefront property listing and distance from home, the price. All those very important factors influence which lakefront properties in Maine get scooped up and enjoy.

So on with the show. I grew up on a Maine farm and taught never to waste daylight. But our real estate video channel shows that night time visits to the collection of Maine waterfront property listings is where the analytic spike goes highest. Close to bedtime is how many end their day before reaching over to turn off the bed stand lamp. Looking for lakefront properties in Maine buyers decide to toggle the video links. Click, watch, listen, take the video tour. New listings on the waterfront especially are the most popular. Without a doubt easily studied hardest and considered by those thirsty for the fun type of Maine H20 real estate listings.

First up, a lakefront property in Maine for sale on Brackett Lake. Click the image below to take the open house virtual video tour.

Watch the 76 Lakeside Drive Brackett Lake Weston Maine real estate listing video.

76 lakeside drive weston 10

The new Maine lakefront property listing on Brackett Lake is a Katahdin cedar log home, topped with metal like the shed.

Over 206' of Maine waterfrontage for sale if you are looking for a neat lake property listing. More creature comforts like 1.5 baths, laundry, pantry closet, cathedral ceiling, screened in front porch, drilled well, fulll modern septic system. Ideal set up if you are in the real estate market and fishing for something from the lakefront properties in Maine category. The price $124,900. Let me know any questions you have about this property in Aroostook County Maine. More on the town of Weston where the lakefront property is parked by the water.

Next up, another from the newly listed lakefront property in Maine for sale section of our big box real estate department store. What can MOOERS REALTY tell you about this waterfront vacation place on Lower Hot Brook Lake in Danforth Maine? In a nut shell, you get a brand new ranch tyle vacation place with private water well and septic system. Metal roof and sided storage shed, the lakefront property in Washington County offers a 12' x 12' open deck out front.

The Maine waterfront lake lot is level and you don't have to be a mountain goat or a spring chicken to access it all.

To sample the shore and get back safely from the waterfront. Not every property listings on the lakefront in Maine is a casual easy stroll on an established path to and from the waterfront. But this lay of the land lake terrain is. Looking at the Maine lake is not half as fun as being out on it fishing, water skiing, swimming to cool off like Flipper. You want to be able to have the entire family to have easy access to whatever lakefront properties in Maine for sale are up for consideration on any given day.

Learn more about this lakefront property in Maine for sale just listed last week in time for summer fun.

Watch the video for 19 Woodland Ridge RD, Lower Hot Brook Lake in Danforth Maine.

set lot9 hot brook lake

Things a little fuzzy, new to these parts of Vacationland?

Been to Maine but not nearly covered all of it? Especially a little further inland and northerly where the best real estate is low priced, hanging closer to the ground to buy. Get more for less is how it works in rural Maine. Need a little extra local community information first to get up to speed? More on the town of Danforth near Downeast Maine. This is another fine real estate selection from the lakefront properties shelves. But llike clothes, the fit is different for everyone. What works best for you at this stage of your life is personal. If you can share the scribbled list you made for "gotta have" and "don't want" items.

MOOERS REALTY is ready and waiting to match make get you linked up with the right lakefront property in Maine for sale. If you provide your contact information, the run down of what you are looking for today, I will pour over the current listing inventory of Maine waterfront properties.

But before signing off this Maine real estate blog post for lakefront for what's for sale, just two more waterfront property listings to examine.

How about a lot, land on the lakefront in Maine? Maybe you don't want a structure and plan to build something slowly. Or that travel trailer, motor home just sinking into the ground behind your garage from lack of use. Wouldn't it make sense to get it to Maine, park it on the lakefront? I hear it a lot. The Maine real estate buyer about ten years away from retirement and wanting to buy the lakefront property now for the vacations. Until time to pack it up, sell off what you don't really need to lighten the load. To heave ho, here you go with the move to Maine for good.

So here you go, below find a double decker. Two stack of a pair of lake lot videos for waterfront real estate in Maine.

Watch video for Brackett Lake waterfront lot real estate.

lakefront properties maine

And one more to round it all out before signing off to move on to other Maine real estate chore list duties today. Real estate on a Maine lake, any watefront. Nothing compares to the enjoyment you and loved ones will have on the waterfront investment. Ready to go with driveway in, corners surveyed pinned. Not far from Houlton Maine where you get all the services, all the products you need to pick up during your vacation stay in the Pine Tree state. You get access to the Million Dollar View, the East Grand chain of lake waterways. This lakefront property for sale in Maine all surveyed, large sized and with easy access.

Watch video for Deering Lake waterfront property listing.

deering lake set lot 5

All types of real estate for sale in every price range, location, property type and not just lakefront properties.

That's what we do, why we are on Planet Earth. Here to help if you are in the market to buy, sell, trade. But new listings on the waterfront being worked on round the clock. Nothing gets so much use and the best results with the COVID19 pandemic virus adjustment than virtual videos. So please like our MOOERS REALTY video channel. Cool off, dream about being on the waterfront in Maine. Subscribe and be the first to know every time something newly listed from the lakefront properties in Maine for sale video category gets uploaded.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA

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First Time Home Buyer, House Hunting In Maine?


What it's like sliding into the shoes of a first time home buyer house hunting in Maine?

If you already bought and sold a few homes, you forget the full extent of your first time buying a house experience. But anyone in the real estate blog post audience renting and wanting to start owning knows first hand exactly what it's like.

First time home buyers want joy, feel pain.

They worry, wonder, get excited and dream but have some torture. Fear of "am I ever going to be a home owner or doomed to rent for life" is a prison sentence.

Often like most worries and anxiety, there can be a well thought out work around to stop renting. That's where I can help with 41 years of real estate experience assisting buyers and sellers in the Maine market.

first time home buyer 3

Being a first time home buyer on the hunt for a house.

You need to make a move, want a place to live to start putting down roots. What's it really like as a first time home buyer? Finding yourself homeless, or at least not able to call your home your own but living in someone else's place?

It's no fun. Not good business either. Like cars, starter homes are the beginning. But sometimes what you can afford is not quite up to snuff enough to satisfy property requirement standards of the first time home loan program you qualify for today. 

Buying a home in Maine is a big deal.

A milestone in life, that's what home ownership is. A huge financial undertaking and responsibility. One heck of a hedge against inflation and a wise investment buying not leasing your "shelter".

Families need a home to grow up in and surrounded by a neighborhood to make lots of memories. A backyard for sleep overs, used to practice pitching with a tree or two to climb. To build a club house and a spot for a garden and to park the swing set.

Month to month renting is one thing for the short term but someone else's, not your own gets old pretty fast.

barn maine river photo

Signing up and taking on a thirty year mortgage loan commitment on your own home in Maine is a whole other matter.

This blog post is about the first time home buyer house hunting experience.

To help those lacing up the running shoes ready to get in the game to become a home owner. The post to also remind those that may have forgotten what it was like and to add a twist. To educate and share what it is like today to be a first time home buyer. 

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Real Estate Market Report For Maine | Is COVID19 Impacting Listing Sales


Real estate market report for Maine, how COVID19 is impacting listing sales.

Blogging real estate market reports these days, the COVID19 effect on property listing and sales in Maine is what inquiring minds want to know. Like most events in a local real estate market, the factors helping or hurting don't always impact to the same degree.

Maine is one big state with over 400 small towns, plantations, a handful of cities.

Stay at home mandates, the CDC quarantine restrictions in Maine make how you use your home these days very different. Home offices set up in the corners for Zoom meetings. The blackboard rolled in and table set up for home schooling. Working from home all change the use of the house in Maine.

If you were a house owner used to running the roads and never home.

Well, COVID19 reversed that habit. Shopping for two weeks at a time and not daily running in for a handful of items means park it at home more than anywhere else. Life as you knew if before COVID19 started knocking at the front door. boat coastal harbor views

The real estate market in Maine is lots of smaller ones from around the sixteen counties.

Summing up what the real estate market is like for the state as a whole is always dangerous.

Because what a reader, listener, viewer of the media report takes away from any report is this latest spotlight information applies to every area of the Maine real estate market.

Lewiston or E Plantation, Vanceboro and Ogunquit or Portland and Caribou's markets could not be more different for what goes on in the listing, selling real estate World.

danforth me home

Coronovirus and real estate market report for Maine, the last post on the topic compared year to date statistics.

But like any plant closing, health  issue, heck even the weather or growing season, the effects on the Maine real estate market take time.

The event hits or misses like an approaching asteroid. Or to see the results and to be able to pin point what caused the chart graph squiggles up high, down low or flat in between. It varies greatly because Maine has urban and very rural markets. 

Often the coronovirus could be blamed for a decline in a certain real estate market.

When if you historically look at this time of year, with or without COVID19 in the real estate market background, the market is off for listing production or property sales. The numbers don't like and you can not just trust your gut as a real estate broker or agent that is supposed to top of the market pulse.

Winter was slower to let up and go away. Who's in the Blaine House in Augusta can impact the real estate market statistics too.

Housing sales, if the buyer of a home is using a bank mortgage lending program to get the keys to a new place, that process can eat up six to eight weeks.

You have to factor that in to the process as you eyeball the numbers that don't lie in the real estate market report.

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Coronovirus, Real Estate Market, Maine Rebound Looking Ahead

community-band-maine Cheaper Living In Small Rural Maine

Coronovirus, the real estate market rebound, looking ahead down the road.

There is lots of buzz around that topic in circles I swim in. The local real estate market place and coronovirus. What's to come in our marketplace? Like many topics picked up by the mainstream media and wearing highly trending hash tags on social media channels, large real estate markets get the press. This blog post focuses on the coronovirus and the small Maine real estate market from a local broker's perspective. It really helps if whoever is relaying the what's it like for any small Maine topic to poll people who live there for the up close and personal.

Much like politics, the round the clock newscast heaviest focus covers New York City, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles or you spin the wheel to pick the large population pocket target.


The hot spots for the coronovirus are real estate markets where lots of people get squeezed and jammed in very tight quarters. Where there is little space to be had. Those same large real estate market areas are where land is long gone or comes at a very high price.

So we're getting there, to the how is the local real estate market now that coronovirus is picking up speed as we shelter in place to flatten the curve.

Need just a little more background to set the stage to how this blog post thread unfolds. Because every real estate market is so different. When you hear someone expounding on the real estate market, always always ask for which area. Misinformation happens because the tendency to talk for the entire country is applied. There could be nothing so different as the real estate market in one location compared to another one. The effect of the coronovirus on the real estate market is also very dependent on which area you are talking about right now. In rural Maine, real estate brokers and agents do not have nearly the hardship as ones practicing in large urban population centers.

When I visited Santa Monica California years ago, the real estate broker our family stayed with proved the point on how my market and his operated so not the same.

He flat out reported there were no empty house lots to buy and build a home. It's worse than musical chairs. At lease in that game, there is one empty seat to be had. The small rural Maine real estate market has all kinds of lots to build on now or in the future. My California real estate market counter part and wife had recently done what had to happen if you wanted to build new. People purchase existing homes and tear them down. What they construct costing large piles of money is on a teenie weenie dinky lot. Everyone fences off the little postage stamp of what they have to promote and preserve privacy. The lot sizes in Maine are measured in acres. The big city house lots are marketed in square footage amounts to sound big and exciting with lots of numbers.

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Marketing Real Estate During Coronovirus | Lucky To Be A Small Rural Maine Broker


Marketing real estate during Coronovirus, lucky to be a small rural Maine broker.

In my area, everything is cheaper. The cost of living is lower to in Aroostook County. The locals don't hire everything done and no one lives high on the hog with cash to burn thinking. We don't need a lot to be happy and content. The small tightly connected populaton is very grateful for what we do have. Very aware and know it is more than many for which we are humbly thankful. We have all we need for quality of life taking the precautions needed to avoid catching or spreading the coronovirus COVID 19 infection.

Real estate property listings in Northern Maine are low cost.

Not some of them, all of them. With coronovirus pandemic, how has that changed anything in the way things roll? Well as for the effect on the Maine real estate market. Too early to know because the numbers are still being made. When tough times arrive, we do everything we can to help others struggling. We all know our roles and work together to get things done in small Maine towns. Maine is mostly small rural communities, has only a handful of cities. More land and wildlife than people.

coronavirus maine

Appraisals on properties for a mortgage are based on the market that was, real property sales in Maine.

The decline, rise or more of the same is what happens with Maine property sales. All that gets reflected in each and every Maine real estate market report. Stay tuned as we get deeper into the COVID19 effects of the real estate market stats for Maine. We hammer out regular market reports on the speed, the health of how the properties are moving along. And what all that means sliced, diced, spit out.

Tailor made to reflect Maine, not the nation as a whole.

All the while pointing out it makes a big difference WHERE in Vacationland you are curious about today. Buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, bankers, appraisers, the entire local population should be concerned about and looking for current real estate market nitty gritty details.

You and I read and hear the same reports on China, Italy, how things are developing around the coronovirus pandemic.

But blog post is here in Maine. How are we living with coronovirus in rural Maine? I think much easier than most places where the population is big, slow moving and crowded too tightly together. It is a lot like David and Goliath in how efficient and creatively the day to day gets down in small town rural Maine.

In the span of just twenty days, the Texas or wherever it comes from crude oil tea dropped 54 cents a gallon where I live in Maine. The heating oil delivery just made to my in town home was $1.54 per gallon. My son, daughter in law and first grandchild live just a mile and a half way relying on strictly wood at the farm. There the year's fire wood for next heating season is in place. As much of the food we do eat is produced locally. Potatoes, squash, cabbage are farm to table.

Canning and preserving happens in small rural areas. Home made bread, muffins, cookies and cakes always rolled out of the kitchen. People have chickens for eggs and meat. There is beef in the freezer, it's what's for dinner. Crock pots with veggies, a variety of approaches to keep it new and interested has always been served up to put on the family table. It was not caused because of COVID19 developments. We survive differently and simply living makes a game out of the way we roll. We enjoy year round what most only tap into once a year or less often in Vacationland. This is like a natural Disney Land without the people, without the lines at Space Mountain. Maine outdoors to camp, to fish, hunt is open year round and it is accessible by the common man without even opening the wallet or purse.

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Maine Real Estate Market Report | Too Early For Coronavirus Listing Sale Statistics Effect


Local Maine real estate market report, what the property listings and sales numbers show for a trend.

This blog post is about the current Maine housing market. New listings, sold data, how long a typical house sale is taking in Maine today. How individual areas of Maine's real estate market are percolating and why they are behaving that way. Too early yet, it remains to be seen what the Coronavirus COVID-19 will do to the next Maine real estate market report.

The average list price for Maine real estate residential listings is year to date up 7.32%. The supply of inventory was 4.8 months worth on the statewide MLS conveyor belt a year ago. Today that cookie jar is down to 3.71 months of real estate residential listings. The sales price for Maine houses is up 3.82% for single family residences. But stay tuned for how the Coronavirus and counter measures impact those numbers we report on in the next blog post installment.

Today looking back over our shoulder the last twelve months, statewide residential housing listing numbers show the DOM (days on market) is down 17.35%. The home listings are taking less time to slide over from the pick me please, I'm available into the SOLD column.market reports real estate

Maine has lots of affordable housing inventory but local jobs for people to make the payments is always part of the two step dance music that is happy, sad or "meh" in between.

Employment opportunities, the local pay scale and hourly wage play a huge part in keepinng the lid on the single family housing market. How things shake, rattle and roll in just the residential category of Maine real estate listing sales today is what you will get in this market report blog post. That kind of news is very important to home buyers, house sellers, investors, bank appraisers, government officials, the agents and brokers working hard day and night down in the trenches.

The strength or weakness of the local Maine real estate market affects a person's life and financial health.

Serious stuff. It is not like just small talk banter to fill time about the weather in conversations either. How long is it taking to sell a house in Maine? What are Maine homes selling for today? Everywhere the real estate professional goes in their travels, the same important question gets asked over and over. How's the Maine real estate market today? People want to know. The local media tries to give it attention but a clever sound bite, a less than 30 second synopsis does not do it justice.

The real estate market report is pertinent to where you live and the same forecast in the greater Portland metro does not play out so well in St Agatha or Vanceboro or Greenville Maine housing market.

Active, under contract, an increase or decrease in supply of real estate housing listings is used like a doctor or nurse monitors a patient. Your real estate home listing lives and breathes in a unique set of market conditions wherever it is in Maine and this market report information is vital.

To know when you the seller should make a price reduction to help the process and not wait for one brave soul to make an offer to get you to consider taking less to get to a real estate closing for a sale. The real estate market absorption rate, when there is a healthy six month supply of inventory you look at pricing one way. When the absorption rate shows a shortage or glut of listings. That important statistic signals what to expect ahead and dictates what needs to be done with the property pricing to cause it to sell when others do not.

Real estate market report statisitics always fill columns county by county in Maine with the actual sold price compared to the listing figure.

The one tacked on to the home in the beginning of the process and that proactive sellers and agents / broker hopefully adjust a tad along the way. That ratio number also is all important to know what the current Maine real estate market is looking like and what your buyer or seller should know to make moves in it. When home listings are flying off the shelf, when multiple offer situations and bidding wars occur, that behavior says something about the current housing market in Maine.

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Big Pieces Of Maine Land Are Great But A Little Can Be A Lot


Big pieces of Maine land, the thought of owning hundreds of acres is a delicious dream to many.

But a little less Maine land can be a lot, more than enough to provide over the top enjoyment of the property investment. This blog post quickly looks at when just a little Maine land works just fine. When all you need is a spot, to get your foot in the door so to speak with Maine land ownership and enjoyment.maineland1For starters, money is always an object or limiting factor buying Maine land.

There is an old Maine expression about farmers being "land poor". Like in the game of Monopoly, buying everything you land on takes it toll and you end up having to mortgage something to stay in the game. You ever coined the phrase about "Maine land, they are not making anymore of it" is so right. When you do the math calculations of the price per acre and see the giant land acreages in rural Maine that are listed for sale, excitement grows. The out of state Maine land buyer thinks he or she is stealing the property because where they live large acreages don't exist. And what is available for land listings for sale is two, three and more times higher priced. 

So back to the premise buying Maine land that a a big piece is wonderful but a small lot or plot can do the trick just as well.

The blog post title on Maine land above considers what drives the need for the acreage, why the buyer is searching online for this type of listing. Land just land in Maine buyers more often than not just want a cheap vacation property for the four season recreation options all around it.

The Maine land is used as a base to explore and discover the four season natural beauty of unspoiled Maine.

Camping and tenting and sleeping under the stars starting out after the real estate closing. Maybe pulling up the travel trailer just sinking in their too small back yard where they live the urban city setting. The one surrounded by fencing like a fort to protect the family members inside from outside hassles.

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