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Kids Are King, Maine Real Estate Listings Are Cheaply Priced Too.

The reasons to move, relocate to Maine.

The small town living values, pitch in and get involved makes the Maine connection strong. Kids are king and family is everything. You know safety is a given too in the 4th lowest crime state that Maine is. derby-1 race photo

Just finished up working the Maine State Soap Box Derby Race for year 2015.

The new crop of drivers makes the event new and different. Kids have an energy. The fun and grins, laughter is contagious.

You can be a kid with the lower to the ground younger ones, little people.

Some adults forget what fun is and can become sticks in the mud. Too serious and uptight because they don't remember.

Or maybe adults are just too busy to make time for the many children oriented youth events in small Maine towns.

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Properties For Sale In Maine | Setting Realistic Expectations

The request for properties in Maine, we field lots of those.

Never boring and always something new to match make. To come up with the list of gotta have, don't want maine fall colors photoin the real estate listings.

And to size up the abilities of the property buyer.

And if a bank loan is involved, what the mortgage underwriter must see done for the clear to close. 

Expectations of the Maine real estate listing buyer.

Those in the audience might think real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS try to make properties into something beyond what they are. Thinking sales, arm twisting to convince to buy is the name of the game.

Today it is all about exposure, marketing honestly and fully to save time.

To paint the picture. Video especially show and tells best. The Maine real estate for sale in the listing inventory. In broadcasting the local area community flavor best too. Nothing shows the spark of the local Maine small town way of life like video.

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Before You Buy, Sell Maine Real Estate.

A few questions need to be asked before listing, selling a property in Maine.

Prior to starting the production of real estate marketing, the purchase, some time to reflect has to happen. Are you ready? Timing, timing, timing is the new mantra of real estate professionals.flickrtemplate for mooers realty photos

Replacing the all important three "L" mentality of location trumps everything in real estate property sales.

Sure a great location is key.

But not if the timing to buy it, sell it is way off.

Or even possible.

How much is owed on the property and all the improvements added up is not the way to arrive at the stick price of a property.

The desire to get out of the rent rut and buy does not mean now is the time either. Getting pre-approved for a bank loan on real estate has to happen first and foremost.

Because getting excited browsing for a place, a property to call your own is one thing. Being able to get front row seats to a real estate closing is another thing. To actual buy what you are touring and considering should be figured out going in.

Not stalled and the towel thrown in when the real estate professional players involved to make it happen shake their heads side to side.

The smile on the lips is pointed down, the wrong way. Because not in a position to buy today is learned too late. After everyone else involved in a real estate property sale gets pulled into the suction. That ends up like a story with an unhappy ending that no one likes.

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Maine Farms | Busy Places With Spring Land Prep, Field Planting.

The sunshine overhead a Maine field means activity on the farm land.

Busy, early days and spring planting ending well into the darkness on a farm in Maine. The expression making hay while the sunshines is appropiate. natures circle maine farms photo

To match the activity of Maine farms this time of year.

On the harvest end of things too.

Had the chance to climb into the cab of something green when raised running Maine farm tractors of the red color.

The John Deere 4055 with four wheel drive, air conditioning, surround sound and GPS made the farming process different. Then climbing up into the seat with no tinted glass command center to run the farm tractor operations.

To do the same farming preparation in slightly less high tech ways.

On an open seat IH 806, a Super M, etc with slightly less wide equipment and horsepower pulling it. Not so many expensive farm implements in tow behind the bigger and better tools for food production.

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Real Estate Broker In Maine Hears Common Themes.

Answering the phone or responding to emails sent to a Maine real estate office, common themes emerge.

Pretty quickly in the conversation they surface loud and clear. And most fall under the same category with one major heading. The one generating responses to the question "is there something missing in your life?" jeep way fun maine photo

Lack of space outside Maine is part of it.

Think about it.

If you lack space, are crowded shoulder to shoulder like sardines packed tightly.

It causes boatloads of problems in human interaction.

Too much traffic, high cost of living, no one making eye contact or displaying common manners and respect. The knot around the jugular tightens.

Everything can go to heck in a hand basket quickly when space is not at a premium.

That's not enjoyable, lacks peace and quiet, is not simple living in Maine.

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The Second, Third And More Maine Real Estate Broker...(Deep Breath)

The call for a listing of Maine real estate property comes in.

Anxious seller wants to know if you can be there in ten minutes. List the place right now. Major hurry, short and curt, and here we go. You the real estate professional come into the picture number two, three or more in line as the listing agent or broker. maine gazebo photo

The REALTOR tapped to drive the dog and pony.

To get the property listed, the marketing machine cranked up and humming nicely.

To produce prospects to lead to showings that have to happen before a closing can happen.

During the listing, a run down of how no good, worth nothing the last agent or several listing brokers were on the property.

The venom making the property owner feel better and blaming the guy or gal with the color scheme on the front lawn last for the delayed real estate sale.

Sometimes the property owners asks questions about what do you think about brand X and meaning here is your chance to reach down. Cast a few stones into the fray.

Nope. I love what I do and put the energies into positive directions. To work hard to get the job done and a SOLD sign parked out front that leads to other listings, sales because results happen.

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Things Sellers Do That Lose Real Estate Sales.

You are the owner of a property, the thought of selling the real estate is on your mind.

A few things that sellers do to hurt not help the chances of a successful real estate sale. It all starts with the motivation, are you really sure you want to or not as the property owner letting go?balloon high real estate price photo

Not sure, but anxious for the let's stick a real estate sign in the lawn and give it a whirl just the same.

Oh oh.

Start shelling out the advertising dollars to crank up the exposure, increase the reach for prospects as the real estate agent, broker, REALTOR.

But when a buyer ready, willing and able is located by the real estate professional, will you follow through with the sale? If not so sure, slow down. Let's talk. Think this one over.

In your heart of hearts, as the owner of the property listing being marketed, are you up for the trip to long conference room table or not?

For the paperwork signing to transfer the title to the property. And to move along with your life to the next real estate adventure.

If there is doubt, don't list. You are not ready and instead of hoping you get used to the idea of allowing a real estate sale to happen, wait. For everyone's benefit.

No waste of time, money, emotion until you are sure in your heart and head that let's get this place sold.

Second, if you the property owner are not ready to sell for a realistic value, but would for a price in excess of the real today appraisal. Wait. Don't do it. Or better yet as the real estate agent or broker, don't take the listing.

Because the real estate professional is suppose to know. Sets the expectations, helps in the navigating from listing to property closing. Deals whole heartedly with the kinks and knots along the way.

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As The Real Estate Seasons Turn, Spring In Maine.

In spring in Maine, a young real estate broker's attention, focus turns to exterior picture taking.

Shooting video loops of what is going on around the outside of the property listing taken when snow drifts were forming on the front and side, rear lawns.

Spring is never a wake up one day and winter is gone.

The transition into mud season while the frost disappears and oozes up from the surface of the ground can be a two week or longer affair. nest maine bird home photo

This spring in Maine we had a lot of winter snow unlike Colorado that feeds California with their water supply.

No drought in Maine this spring or any of them for high water for the Maine canoe and kayak races now underway for paddlers chasing the circuit.

So back to the thoughts, whims of the Maine real estate broker. I showed three properties yesterday that were new listings. Was able to snap lots of images of the exteriors around some Maine homes.

That are better than the snow ones look from a few months back. But still not quite the right timing for rich green grass. For developed buds, leaves on the tree.

And yard work in Maine door yards this spring is like an air raid siren is sounding.

Everyone that did not snow blow, has grooves, rolled back turf in piles that in places still have ice, snow mixed under them. The dark covering of sod shields and slows the return to spring programing around Maine properties. As winter hangs on but has long lost the battle as spring marches in.

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Handicap Friendly Maine Homes For Sale | Not All Are Ranch Houses.

Handicap friendly Maine homes for sale, those are always in demand.

Because the owner is not so wild about scaling stairs. Physically challenged happens slowly. maine horses group photo

Or the Maine home owner has a loved one that might want to live under the same roof line.

Maybe that visits a lot to say howdy.

And easy to get around, handicap friendly Maine homes for sale. Are one attractive property listing type because of the folks that spend time there.

So the more the merrier can happen inside the four walls of the Maine home.

With the older housing stock in Maine, larger square footages happen a lot. We recycle the homes. Not build them hundreds at a time to resell. Cookie cutter homes in Maine are not the norm like lots of other areas in the country.

Big Maine homes, big families to work the farms, the small businesses.

Because lots of kids was the norm. Not the 1.6 average family size today.

So when you have a Maine house for sale with a dozen rooms, you can bet a first first bedroom is going to be in the mix for property listing features.

So is the option to use a portion of the living space for a home business. Especially handy if you are bring your out of state job to Maine. To telecommute to Maine for work.

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Suggestions For What Maine Real Estate Listing To Buy?

The properties for sale in Maine, which listing works best to sort through, pick out of the current real estate inventory?

It depends on you. Your specific property listing needs, the budget limits  to work with for a mortgage and price range. Usually sheer timing has a hand in the real estate in Maine purchase. maine sunshine woods photo

Everything will sooner or later eventually line up though.

For what is the absolute best for you at the time, the reasons for buying a particular piece of Maine real estate.

The season you are in doing it having some of the say too on which one is "it" or "the one".

We try to make our Maine real estate websites full of information.

Easy to access and loaded with images, videos, aerial and plat maps. Highly detailed on the property in Maine for sale. But despite taking very good notes, having open ears to actively listen, the request comes in.

"What would you suggest is good for me, that I should buy?"

It happens at restaurants, on vacations when new to an area in Maine. And trusting the server, or the guy or gal giving directions on "what you would do if you were me in this situation?"

For the largest investment most ever make, it could sound strange to ask for real estate buying input when the stakes are much bigger than a just "steak" selection.

So instead of help yourself, the website is hot and ready to slice and dice. The search, browse, filtering process may all be set up for nothing. With a particular buyer who wants to talk one by one about the property listings for sale. To a real live person and not lost in automation. Raced through the pick a property, select an area before that.

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Videos For Real Estate Listings | Sellers, Properties Deserve Them!

Over 73% of property home owners say they’re more likely to list with a REALTOR creating a video for them, but only 4% of agents do and upload their real estate videos to YouTube.

NAR, the National Association Of REALTORS does lots of studies. To see the habits of the real estate buyers, sellers and to share with the us out in the field. loons in maine on lake photo

These real estate surveys, studies find 90% of home buyers use the Internet to hunt down, learn about property listings one by one.

And 85% of real estate buyers find the images useful.

But that video rockets by just photo displays and skimpy property information copy details.

Trying to turn the images into a video is a cheap imitation and recycle the same old stills that wastes time. A trick of the same images zooming in and out. Causing the buyer to grab, hold on to something steady.

Of images the Maine home real estate buyer has already seen.

Real video is full motion, the sound adding 40% of the online experience. Using the eyes and ears to showcase the property listings and help the other end of the marketing signal distinguish the differences of each offering.

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The Wrong Home Updates, Don't Do This In Maine.

Maine is a rural state, less people, so fewer homes.

And when it is time to sell a house in Maine, the topic of what should be done, what to avoid is discuss.

baxter park in maine moose photoAround the kitchen table of the property listing in Maine for sale, the talk centers on basics. 

Luxuries that might work if you were in Hollywood to boost the curb appeal, jack up the excitement with home buyers.

All that razzle dazzle are way way different than Maine. Where everything is kept meat and potato simple here in the Pine Tree State. Where money saving updates win the day hands down.

So if you are in a small rural Maine real estate market, the home for sale starts out clean. Free of debris. All the major house systems working properly and the price tag hanging off the home for sale is realistic. Has to be or real estate shelf life happens.

Whispers start about there must be something wrong with the place we can not see... PSssssst.

Hear that going around the grapevine, into the ears of patrons at barber shops, lady hair twisters. To weigh in on the new Maine home for sale.

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Multi Class Houlton Maine High School Reunion.

The class to have a school wide reunion in Houlton Maine.

The Houlton Maine High School Reunion 2015 is July 4th through the 11th in the Shiretown of Aroostook County. Since September work has been going on to add events to the multi class celebration of Houlton High houlton maine courthouse photoSchool.

There will be a float entry in the local 4th of July parade.

The downtown, Market Square business windows will have displays welcoming alumni back to their home town in Southern Aroostook.

To relive educational adventures, the black and white true school colors of Houlton High School. You will be missed if you can not attend!

The Houlton Agricultural Fair running from July 2nd and 5th at Community Park are looking forward to alums too. Both far away and locals to take part in the multi class reunion celebration at Houlton Maine high school.

An alumni soccer game for Wednesday evening July 8th is in the works.

Reach out to the coach coordinator, Todd Willard, class of 1985 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

To give him a heads up you are getting in shape, training. To let him know you want to be out of that field. On the bench to catch your breath. Part of the soccer event and to learn more where to sign up.

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Tell Me About Maine, Hold The Real Estate Listings Please.

Maine, the mystery of anything fuzzy and unknown tackled.

The state of Maine portal, an award winning portal loaded with helpful information. But sometimes unless you are searching for history and the little known facts, just images of Maine is a good place to start. state house augusta maine photo

To scroll, flip through to tell the tale of Maine.

One at a time studied.

Shot, uploaded and posted.

For all to see what the area, all the hoopla is about when the word "Maine" enters a conversation. Comes up when talking about places you would like to go and explore. Discover Maine. More useful Maine  links too.

Sometimes a visit is hard because the distance is great. And you are very busy where you hang your hat, lay your head down at night where you are. But long to be somewhere else. Maybe Maine.

We are here for the A-Z on questions. The FAQ of Maine. Pretty pumped up, excited about this upper right hand corner of the country called Maine. But it is a big state.

There are lots of places in it to roam, maybe settle down. Or to invest in a vacation, part time residence.

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Starting A Micro Farm In Maine, How Much Land Needed?

Starting A Micro Farm In Maine, How Much Land Needed?

You are concerned about what you eat, where the food came from, how it was grown so Maine farms.

You want one. But not flush with cash. There is a little back to the land in all of us. And the feeling, hunger for it increases as the space to do it evaporates in larger urban settings.farmer market in maine photo

So reason folks buy Maine land to farm, for all the other benefits.

And how you are going to juggle the responsibilities of kids, creating an income trail until the agricultural operation becomes one that is sustainable?

It takes home work on the Maine farm dream that you want to make a reality. And to stay on what you build from the Good Earth.

I grew up on an Aroostook County potato and grain farm.

And the Caribou loam soil that was rich, surrounding the home where I was raised could produce yields of 32,000 pounds of potatoes.

In just that 208' x 208' dimension that is the size of an acre of Maine land. Just across the border in Atlantic Canada the unit for farming is metric, hectares.

Market for the farm food in Maine you grow beyond just your own family table is part of the equation. Micro farming assumes operating lean and mean. Making frugal living a survival game challenge.

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Local Maine Libraries | Often The First Place Out Of State Buyers Start.

The question in our Maine real estate dog and pony comes up a lot when folks are moving, relocating.

The one about libraries in your Maine home town, wherever the property listing in Maine is located. That query and tell me you have a Walmart. cary library houlton maine photo

Or what about a hospital or vet for Rover, Spot or Fluff?

Maybe chit chat drifts in other directions.

Discussion drifts to tell me all about Maine weather that often tops, is high on the list. 

Then digressing from the climate to what about your quality of education, the options for higher learning.

But libraries, the fact a small Maine town has one and if well used, much is deduced from this information.

Leaving money to the local Maine library when someone dies, to be remembered. Because the books bought with the donation show what the person was all about. What he or she had for interests, passions.

It is so important to invest in the local Maine library.

And to get the small new readers into the joy of opening up a book. And never putting them down through out their life. To visit often and contribute to, volunteer at the local Maine library is the healthy habit.

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Aroostook County Properties For Sale, Learn More About The Listing Area.

Aroostook County, Maine's largest of the sixteen is known for low cost property listings.

Much more too that comes with unspoiled natural surroundings in this big, not so well publicized area of Maine. That is a row back from the hoopla of sea coasts, lighthouses, salt air and tasty fish. maine lake sunset photo

Pass the Maine potatoes please.

All four seasons, outdoor recreation shines brightly without the traffic, commercialism or crime in Aroostook County.

Less people, a little ways off the beaten path.

Loaded up with a large supply of affordable real estate.

It all agrees with folks investing in Aroostook County properties.

That always comes with a healthy, extra helping or two of land acreage for good measure. To provide plenty of elbow room to enjoy the space best.

Bordered on the east, north, west by Canada, Northern Maine / Aroostook County is in its own world. Houlton Maine is the County Seat or Shiretown.

And along with surrounding towns all make the Crown of Maine shine brightly. Trails to explore by foot, on skis, snow sled or ATV make Northern Maine accessible but pathways preserved, protected. Sit down, relax, look around. You are lucky to be in Aroostook County Maine!

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Maine, You Can Stop Smiling Now.

Be prepared to be seduced, Maine is like that.

Without flash, spin, arm twisting, she is drop dead gorgeous. She tugs at your heart strings. One by one grabbing a handful with a playful way of gaining your undivided attention. And you don't mind in the least.farm barn geese ducks photo

The space of Maine and being sparsely populated is part of it.

So is the attitude of be a good steward. Don't mess up the surroundings that you pass on to the next generation of loved ones.

And keep it simple, make it about Maine family, community rings loud and clear too.

The eye candy of Maine... the small towns and back woods, waterfront and friendly people. Their animals, community events covered in a one frame at a time capture. Those images of Maine speak volumes and say it all.

You come to Maine for all she is that excites and the long list of what she does not have.

Traffic, crime, noise and pollution are not the calling cards that attract anyone to Maine. Those and more elements of urban areas are why folks plan and scheme to get here as often as they can.

For vacations first, then the actual full or part time move, relocation to Maine. To settle down, relax and catch their breath. Then pitch in and become a part of the social fabric. To contribute and gain the rich satisfactoin of being part of Maine local community events.

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Revisiting Real Estate Listings In Maine, Once And Done Not The Way.

When we list a Maine real estate listing, the property is treated VIP going in.

Not thrown together missing vital information, all the details a busy real estate buyer needs and deserves. Wasting people's time is not the secret to more listings, more property sales. kitchen set of property for sale photo

So besides lots of images, better ones.

The real estate video for the show and tell, the copy information better be full, complete and all there.

So one by one the real estate buyer out in the wild blue yonder that tapes into the wireless, copper or glass fiber strand for property listing information gets fed completely.

Every single time they have a few precious moments to spare and it means what's for sale for real estate is the drop everything exercise.

No matter what time of day or night it is where the real estate agent, broker hangs his or her hat. You have to be ready.

We add different images taken from better perspectives or time of day to weave into the message. Or scan and post a survey not known about but uncovered along the way.

Like a stew where new ingredients get stirred in as they become available, we keep improving the real estate marketing presentation to make it better for the other end of the signal.

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Real Estate Encroachments, Now What Do We Do?

Real estate encroachments in property sales, what does that term mean?

When everything is going smoothly on the way to a real estate closing and then uh oh. The news there is a big, bad encroachment, something weston maine lake view photointerfering with the enjoyment of the land.

Affecting the value or full use of the property somehow.

What is an encroachment?

Put simply. the most common kind in real estate involves a building, a structure of some type built over the boundary line.

Or hanging over it so that on the ground level there may, not appear to be crowding or overlapping.

An encroachment interferes with the full enjoyment, value and use of a property.

So look up, see that big old rickety maple shade tree with sprawling limbs hanging over your utility power line? Ready, waiting, itching to come down in a strong Northeaster wind gust. When you will be saying "there goes the corner of the back porch I used to enjoy so much."

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