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Financing Your Maine Home, Lots Of Bank Mortgage Options.

We don't just list and sell Maine homes, but when folks think about an agent, a real estate broker, thoughts of just peddling houses come to mind.

With Maine land, owner financing or cash seems to happen more because banks are not so cranked to make dirt loans. 

They can not sell those mortgages. Package them for maine home photoinvestors on the secondary market. For folks to buy into a piece of the paper on the Maine home mortgage loan.

But homes loans in Maine, financing a house, lots of flavors to consider.

The VA, Maine State Housing First Time Home Loan Programs are all worth scoping out.

To see how well they fit your income level, financial situation.

Making sure the Maine home and house loan are a match.

Can work together. Fit the home in Maine you plan to buy.

Because the pickier the bank lending program for a Maine home loan, the harsher the eagle eye scrutiny of the sticks and bricks, regulations, underwriting that needs a mortgage clear to close approval report card grade.

Lots of layers of thick paperwork documentation associated with getting the lowest Maine bank home loan interest rates.

Your hand will be tired from application scribbling and formal signing at the Maine real estate home mortgage closing. But it is all worth it to stop renting, start owning what's over your head, surrounding you for four walls.

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You Travel To Maine To Look At Real Estate.

Traveling to Maine to look at real estate property listings.

You do as much online as possible and have studied blogs, videos, websites. But unless buying Maine real estate sight unseen in person, the trip north comes into play.

Calculating the driving mileage distance to Maine property listings. Because there is something about standing foot inside the Maine home. Walking the lot or acreage surrounding it. maine kids splashing photo

And right along with the drive time to view the property for real even though videos are the next best thing, what about Maine weather?

Mixing in a little pleasure for a Maine family vacation.

So getting up to speed on current events, what's happening depending on the season.

Or for that matter, tell me all about the Maine climate while we are at it. Because tramping in the wrong weather could mean a day or two the other way than planned might be more productive. More enjoyable to cover more ground.

And once we come this far to get to Maine, it is not a day trip. Where do we stay, get a motel room, etc for the couple days we spend looking at listings? Spill the beans, give me the options to figure out where me, the rest of the family sleeps when someone yells lights out. Until another day touring properties on the market, for sale in Maine.

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Listen In, Eavesdrop On Maine Real Estate Broker Conversations?

What the grapevine says about Mooers Realty, a Maine real estate broker.

We make it pretty plain up front we don't like blowing our own horn . Prefer to let others do that talking.

But as much we like to just work hard providing the best level of Maine real estate service possible, part of the marketing of your brand involves Maine real estate office testimonials.

Recent comments grading our Maine real estate performance.maine lighthouse nubble photo

"Andy Mooers is an excellent Maine REALTOR.

He knows his stuff when it comes to Maine real estate and Aroostook County."

"Andy went well above and beyond to help us get into our dream Houlton Maine home.

I highly recommend Andy as he and his secretary Robin go the extra mile to make sure you are a satisfied real estate client." - Amy Hayes Carmichael

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High Property Taxes, Too Much Regulation Makes Buyers Pick Vacationland.

Daily the emails, phone calls and office visits to our Maine real estate agency have revolving common themes.

The out of state property buyer had had it up to here, there over a couple issues. Too high property taxes and feeling down country they are out of control. No ceiling or end in sight. brochure-ad mooers photo

And two, right along with those increasing taxes on their properties layers and layers of regulations.

 Permits for this, that and much you can not do with your highly taxed out of state real estate.

Code enforcement officials all over the place where they want to leave.

Selling their home and looking for a new one in Maine. Whether existing or building from scratch.

 And a third pleasant surprise happens on the spending side of their decision making to list there, buy a property listing in Maine.

 Car insurance in the 4th lowest crime area, where Northern Maine is half that pretty amazing statistic is often two third's less here.

Why? Less people, fewer accidents, easier times on the roadways in Maine that are in great shape. Any time of season.

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Whats Hot, Trends In Northern Maine Real Estate Buying.

What the Northern Maine real estate buyer asks for, scribbles on their must have, don't want list for properties.

 Making a living as a luxury broker in Northern Maine would mean the Maytag repair man experience. You don't have the jet set for buyers of properties in Aroostook County. Or northern Washington, Penobscot or Piscataquis Counties either. 

The property features that get asked for, move listings in maine lake log home photoNorthern Maine revolve around lots of land.

The more the better. Bigger lots, acreages or hectares.

Fields, woods, waterfront with major views.

Maine log camps, homes in cedar and pine next to the waterfront.

Native woodwork interiors. Are tied to privacy, peace and quiet. Ease of care, low maintenance. Offering plenty of good opportunities for four season outdoor recreation no matter where you are in Maine, a rural state.

Right from your door step. Whether waxing for the correct temperature, strapping on winter cross country skis slide, glide.

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Picture You, By A Maine Lake, On Waterfront Property.

Who in the audience would want to be parked by a Maine lake, owning and enjoying waterfront property?

Some folks have to settle for just a week's yearly vacation with a rented beach. Launching kayaks, the kids, cousins out front of the Maine lake cottage. Or maybe riverfront, pond or oceanfront property listing. maine lake dusk photo

Making a circle of chairs for the nightly fires.

With family, friends and neighborhood waterfront camp, cottage or home owners who stop by.

Someday owning your own Maine waterfront property, a real estate listing to pass on to the next generation.

To continue the traditions of being on the water in Maine. Listening to Maine lake loons at night to put your to sleep.

And the rain pitter patter on the roof. That held off until a picture perfect day with the sunset for dessert played out. It was time for shut eye. Cause you are all played out in a good way.

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Red Flags, Danger Signs In Maine Real Estate Deals.

The situations that come up in a Maine real estate deal that are visible red flags, danger signs, cause thin cracking ice sounds.

It is more than just the property listing all by its lonesome that can cause purchase and sale agreements to blow apart. To never get to the long closing table surrounded by all those chairs. Where instructions to sign here, here and here are given. Until your arm, hand hurts from all the paperwork and the real estate closing is finally over. The transfer of property is complete, put on record at the local registry of deeds for all the World to see. lake ice hammock photo

Real estate buying, selling is an emotional experience.

The buyer and seller's lifes are involved in the decision making, the outcome.

The sale of the property has an impact on the other issues in their life.

So as the monkey in the middle, the Dr Phil to keep emotions calm, to guide and navigate, set expectations, our job is to sometimes referee.

To put on the black and white zebra stripes. Blow the whistle. Keep it civil. Run the clock, record the fouls.

To keep it clean, professional. The game advancing. On track to the final buzzer.

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Five Reasons Why People Buy Maine Land.

The motivation to buy Maine land, boils down to five reasons buyers do it from the property pools of real estate purchasers.

Listings on Maine land, acreages are attractive in rural areas to folks living in too tight quarters. It is the way it has always been in the sprawling city. Easy houlton farms dairy bar phototo assume it is like this everywhere else across the nation.

In urban places where elbow room if there is any available, land comes with a very high price tag.

Gonna cost you. in short supply. Pretty rare and totally unlike the wide open aspect of an underpopulated state like Maine.

So the need for space, to breath and not be on top of other people, in their face and vice versa is one big motivation to buy Maine land.

As much as the budget will handle buying land in Maine.

The second reason for buying Maine land is the low price.

You always get third, fourth helpings, generous sized portions of Maine property. The listings are attractively priced.

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Before Signing On The Dotted Real Estate Line....

The buyer of a property listing, some Maine real estate is often some kind of excited, anxious to get into their own place.

Can you blame them after being parked in the rent rut too long? Throwing all that cash in the trash. With nothing to soap box derby racer photoshow for it but the rent receipts on the Maine home or apartment.

That is never going to be theirs to call home sweet home to raise a family in and live for the mortgage burning party. Because it is someone else's dream. Leased, rented, not owned.

So when the Maine property buyer believes it is time to step out and buy, is it?

The focus on the real estate closing in Maine and getting a set of keys to the place often blinds, washes out the rest of the steps to get to that long table surrounded by all the cushy, leather back chairs.

The Maine home buyer can often forget the other steps along the way to roll into the closing, get to the finish line. The necessary procedure to get ready to buy a Maine home that has to happen in ABC steps. With careful guidance and a set of expectations of what is coming up and why education.

Because instead of find a home in Maine and then waltz into a bank, it is more and more the other way around.

The approach to buying a Maine home is finding a program, a loan product that fits your needs. To get the all important bank financing approval first. For that house paperwork needing all the blank application spaces filled out with the dotted "I"'s and crossed "T's".


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Getting A Maine Home Loan, Help!

Getting a Maine home bank loan, it can all seem like Greek to you.

If you only deal with all those buzz words, banking terms and mortgage program conditions once or twice in your lifetime. VA and Maine State housing home loans are two sweet mortgage vehicles to get you the property financing you need. A lot of armed forces ATV Maine Trail Arrow Photofolks seem in the dark about VA bank home loans. The veteran who served and meets the test for a home buyer seems lost and the pair of eyes gloss over on which direction to take. To get on the right path to buy a home in Maine.

And it is fun to show how to use a just gathering dust, often forgotten  VA eligibility certificate. For a straight VA loan blended with the MSHA first time home buyer's program. To end up with sweeter, lower cost home loan monthly payment, closing cost result for the veteran. 

To get you off the going nowhere fast, rid of all those painful splinters from sitting too long on renting fence.

Where we all know in Maine owning vs renting just makes sense with the low cost property listings available around Vacationland. If you have the credit score, not crazy high debt ratios from over spending. Or baggage wreckage strewn  around your financial past history behind you.

Banks in Maine, anywhere want, need to make loans. And to create loyalty, have all the products to get you into their lobby for all your lifetime financing needs. Not just to make one Maine home loans but to cover all the bases for one stop shopping when you need moneyof any type. It is a partnership. The bank has requirements to underwrite the loan, set up the installments. For your own good, not just to protect the Maine bank's assets. Tried and tested rules, requirements, ratios, based on hard and fast history, practices of what works or does not from experience in banking circles.

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Small Maine Cabins, Homes On Big Pieces Of Land, Yeah, That's It.

Small Maine cabins on lots of land, pieces of property with some size.

Something hefty and big big land acreage wise. So no one can get too close and mess up the privacy. Is that what you are looking for in your real estate search in Maine?

You are not alone, hear that an order placed a lot for serving up from the property kitchen. It is a common request for the  property combination plate. To fillmaine welcome sign photo the need for lots of space to branch out, stretch and relax outside on the land. But don't need much for a shack, shelter, small Maine home inside the boundaries of the land.

To come home, be snug as a bug in the rug.

Sometimes the Maine real estate buyer has had the big rambling multi story home out of state.

Heated it, maintained it, glad to be free of insuring and paying for the huge house.

Lower taxes, less of the structure suits them just fine at this season of their life. And the emphasis is the Maine land. Get me something with neighbors. And don't super size the camp, cabin, home.

Maybe power, juice delivered to your door is not so important and even not wanted. Living off grid is not primitive, backward or reverting to the stone age.

Life can be more rewarding, less distracting getting away from everything needing to be plugged in, charged up.

Heating, cooking with wood from your own Maine land. Growing food from your own efforts, digging in the dirt.

Raising what you eat and knowing where it came from is a rich, warm, healthy feeling. Way of life experience of simple living. When you use the simple Maine camp, cottage like structure as the all you need home base to do it.

A small Maine home, how little is too tiny though?

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Antique Maine Homes With Land

 Antique Maine homes with land, do you have any?

Yes we do if that is the property listing you are searching for, have in your heart to secure. What is it about older homes, with yesteryear charm? Often the lifestyle the Maine real estate buyer is after matches the older home, not a shoe box ranch with 5-3-1 room count.

The older Maine homes were castles, monsters.antique maine home photo

Served a long of purposes, all lovingly built, crafted into their design. If in town, lots of space for entertaining. 3rd floors wide open and for dancing. Formal parlors, dining rooms, extra areas for company.

You ate at home, did not go out every Friday and Saturday night. Everyone took turns opening up their Maine homes to others.

You did not run the roads. Or your job was working on the farm. And a collection of buildings came along in the set that went with the antique Maine home with land.

Because to put that land to work, you needed a place for the equipment to manage it. The planters, cultivators and hoes, harvesters, parts, supplies, storage areas all extras.

Way back the place for the tack, harnesses, linaments for the horse pair that worked the field land. The spot to keep the grain for Bessie the milk cow, a chicken house for those cock a doodle doos, hen egg layers.

The antique homes in Maine had sleeping porches for hot summer nights. To get through the heat that Mainer's don't need or do well in when the red in the thermometer climbs too high. And when everyone heads to the Maine lake after chores for relief. To take a dip. Watch another one of a kind sunset.

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How Big A Lot To Build In Maine, Minimum Site Size?

How big a lot of land to build in Maine does a fella need?

Because you are cautious, gun shy and conditioned to lots of layers of out of state regulations. Do this, don't do this, this and oh yeah that too. Plus this long as your arm list. Restrictions, home owner's association rules, local, county, state zoning ordinances to comply with and to avoid breaking the law. Being served with a cease and desist order from a deputy sheriff, state trooper or baxterr miane moose photogoverment official.

No one likes poison pens letters threatening that we're making you the defendant on a court docket. Taking legal action if you don't respond to this notice within ten days.

Daily penalties for the growing fines of being outside the letter of the law stings, smarts too. Maine is a lot simpler than out of state beaucracy that chokes, suffocates and slows everything to a snail's pace. Not so worrisome.

It's all important to protect the Maine environment, be a good steward of the land and water, wildlife.

But often when we explain the process in this small Maine town of under 200, the buyer of the land is suprised. It almost seems sloppy compared to all the hoops, jumps they have to make requiring a loss of an arm or a leg to obtain. Or both to get a building permit.

So how big a lot of land in Maine to build on?

Like most things in life, it is not an easy one word answer. And why it depends revolves around where is the lot you want to build on in Maine? The bigger population the town, or if one of the handful of cities we have in Maine,  the more rules above and beyond the state's shopping list happens. Tougher standard when you are in the 250' foot shoreland zoning around a Maine waterbody too.

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How Small A Maine Home Works For You?

Depending on the life stage you are in, how small a Maine home that works best for you varies.

 While storks are flying over and adding to your collection of kids, more bedroom count gains appeal. When a mother in law needs livingmainelake living photo space of her own for independence. But still be within earshot for assistance. That expandable walk out, daylight Maine home cellar is a suddenly a hotly sought after house feature.

But when empty nest happens, the home in Maine that used to meet the living demand needs of the folks inside suddenly changes.

More time for outdoor where your real living room is kicks in. And downsizing to something more sensible on the maintenance segment of the wallet expenditures needs to happen. To reallocate the funds from the castle sale to other hobbies. Like a boat, plane, antique car, travel.

Especially with fixed, limited retirement income to see you out in comfort but efficiency in the roof overhead of your Maine home. 

So how small, low a square footage of a Maine home could work with you?

Knowing the space inside the house is not so key when you plan to spend most of  your time outside of the sticks and bricks.

Often the once enjoyed plenty of floors, high room and bathroom count, etc buffet of living space cues itself. When there was a price of time and money to maintain it. But the ROI is no longer worth it. That takes the edge off the appetite to contiue wearing that size of housing. Because it starts to steal, nibble away, put a kink in other areas of your precious life, resources. Like seasons, people's needs for Maine housing, homes does too.

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Maine Homes With Land For Sale

Maine homes with land for sale.

maineblackbearThat is one popular listing type that we get asked for and yes. Real estate agents, brokers do take requests. All the time. One reason the extra land, acreage is important to so many buyers? They they have lived most of their life out of state from Maine without it.

And you know what happens to laboratory rats when they have lots of food, all the other needs except space.

Bad things. People are the same way. Take away their personal space or invade it and watch out. Things go down hill fast.

Crazy things from road rage to protection orders and everything inbetween happens.

Or worse and why urban areas have high crime. Too many people. Which explains traffic, all that wasted time being killed. Life is short.

Small town living in Maine is not like in the city like that. It's why Vacationland is the 46th lowest state for crime. No gangs, no drive by shootings, no neighborhoods to avoid at night.

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The Maine Land Buyer From Hamburg Germany, Not Local.

The Maine real estate property buyer was looking for land in the USA.

And when you are located across the big pond, and puddle jumping is not always easy to schedule in for the lift off, tramping, landing back at home, roll in the video projector with sound. Video for real estate show and tell. Not just for properties but for the area first, the FAQ Maine questions we field about the communities that come up jeepwayfunmainedaily in emails, phone calls, office visits.

The land in Merrill Maine sold, closed today to a buyer from Hamburg, Germany.

I have never met the buyer in person but feel like I know him well.

He has never ridden shotgun in the black jeep touring the Maine countryside. Getting out to stamp, tramp, tour property acreages.

He has not set foot yet on the Maine land he has already seen, now owns. Dreams about using in the next life stage.

Getting here. Making time for whatever plans he has behind his eyes, between his ears. Is carrying around inside but now he has the Maine land. A destination to reach someday.

Skype, emails, texts, and phone calls fill in the murky, unknown in the Maine real estate hide and seek with buyers not so nearby, close.

From Germany he watched, listened to the videos about the area first. We talked back and forth. Zeroed in on the property listing in Maine he wanted after that first are FAQ video session went well, was done. Found the one he wanted to own, rewound it a few times to make sure he had seen the street scene. The quality of the woods imaged, video looped. To hear and gawked at the water frontage of Hastings Stream that borders this surveyed Aroostook County Maine land. Then heading to the check out. Reaching for his wallet along the way to wire closing funds.

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The Maine Land Buyer From The Florida Keys.

The buyer for a recreational Maine land, cabin property listing is from Marathon, the Florida keys.

snowsledmainephotoHis phone call just now this Saturday morning reminding me he had 76 degrees and sunshine.

While it's sunny and getting ready to walk five acres with a measuring wheel with a seller who is carving off the Maine home, outbuildings and just this much of the farm property acreage.

It is hovering as I hunt and peck electrons right around 38 degrees.

No black flies today as Thanksgiving week approaches.

Have my snow skis ready for downhill fun.  New Maine snow sled registration in hand.

This buyer for Maine land, hunting and sporting camp property is clear as a bell.

Crystal on what he is after, wanting. Why the call was made. He spells it out with a list of "here is what I am looking for" bullet points. I have $20,000 cash to buy as much land as off the beaten path as possible. Dead end road, a dirt lane is fine. I can live without power he says and round up a generator to fit that need. I want to be in a great hunting area. I need wooded sections to create enough fire wood to heat the camp or cabin."

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Maine Blog | Sometimes The Bare Essentials Are More Than Enough.

It is easy to get caught up in the marketing whirlwind that surrounds us.

horsesmainegroupBombards us from all directions. Heck that behind the curtain online follows us. Based on what we search, browse has us pretty well pegged.

Secretly records our preferences, shopping key strokes. Some argue that the search robots study our spending habits,  preferences so accurately they know us better than you and I do ourselves.

But that's why Maine was made.

Having the latest and greatest, newest and flashiest model this or that is not key. Dressing to impress, what you drive to cause envy is not the way the day to day rolls best.

No no, because there is a price for keeping up with the Jones.

And you lose who you could be if you just kept your eyes on your own paper. To create your own list of what is most important in life. And when you put on those blinders, stop watching what Madison Avenue ad men and women pitch their hardest, you start really living. The way you know is healthiest for you.

It's like a musician that stops using auto tune.

Not going to just do covers of other people's music anymore. And starts to create new, unique, different for quality of their life. Healthy mentally, financially, spiritually and physicaly what you can do day to day to live life to the fullest. Your life, full of what you enjoy, find personally rewarding. No matter rich season in Maine you are currently enjoying.

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The Conversation With The Maine Real Estate Buyer.

The office phone or cell rings and the Maine real estate buyer provides the top ten list of what he or she wants.

houltonmainewintersnow1Their dream for a relocation, retirement, or just some recreational real estate in Maine property investment.

In the course of the conversation, the emails fired back and forth before an actual office visit happens with the out of town, not in Maine or the USA real estate buyer, common themes emerge.

The high crime, traffic, insincerity, expensive living in other outside areas make Maine pretty darn attractive.

Our listings in Maine cost less. You can find yourself on a Maine farm, a lake and that might not be possible where properties are just too high priced.

It makes me appreciate living in Maine more. Because it is not this four season beautiful everywhere else. Not everyone is surrounded by such friendly neighbors, famly and friends.

Small town Maine living is special. Less people, more wildlife, less regulations, more freedom to live your life without interference.

Sometimes when the buyer from New Jersey is going on and on venting, ranting about the traffic, how much time and money is wasted in trying to improve the quality of life, I say whoa. The conversation can get bogged down.

The unhappy living there outside Maine buyer wants to ramble about what is wrong with their location. That used to be great when they purchased property, a home years ago. But nine times out of ten, the ills that ruined it is population caused. Just too many people. No longer a neat, picturesque, quaint small town. Ran out of space, which jacked the price of everything with any sky high. That made having some of your own pretty precious and few. Hard to obtain without a major wallet, large purse.A snarky blue blood last name.


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The Process Of Finding, Trying On A New Maine Home, House.

A buyer that needs a new Maine home, house for sale is a special situation to tackle, help.

maine little league players photoFor over 33 years I have been lucky enough to be involved in over a thousand Maine real estate transactions. The list and sell has never lost its appeal.

Because the first time buyer of a Maine home is excited, nervous, scared and anxious all roll up together. Real estate buying or selling is emotional.

Involves a major change in a person's life. A transition happens. Some fun, enjoyable, others not so much because an estate needs to be settle, or a divorce, lay off happened forcing the sale.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is an honor, a priviledge to list, market, sell and help buyers and sellers of Maine home property listings.

And we don't just peddle home, house properties in Maine. So with land, waterfront, farm properties and mom and pop small business listings, it is never a dull moment. Never gets stale or boring.

The way we market properties has changed dramatically over the last three plus decades. The market is no longer local and the outside, far away buyer needs local information first. Before they rip cord, jump out of the plane searching for a new area to call home. Before shifting focus to the actual property listings in Maine that could work just fine. That match their long unique shopping list. The wallet they sit on, the purse they carry.

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