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How Small A Maine Home Works For You?

Depending on the life stage you are in, how small a Maine home that works best for you varies.

 While storks are flying over and adding to your collection of kids, more bedroom count gains appeal. When a mother in law needs livingmainelake living photo space of her own for independence. But still be within earshot for assistance. That expandable walk out, daylight Maine home cellar is a suddenly a hotly sought after house feature.

But when empty nest happens, the home in Maine that used to meet the living demand needs of the folks inside suddenly changes.

More time for outdoor where your real living room is kicks in. And downsizing to something more sensible on the maintenance segment of the wallet expenditures needs to happen. To reallocate the funds from the castle sale to other hobbies. Like a boat, plane, antique car, travel.

Especially with fixed, limited retirement income to see you out in comfort but efficiency in the roof overhead of your Maine home. 

So how small, low a square footage of a Maine home could work with you?

Knowing the space inside the house is not so key when you plan to spend most of  your time outside of the sticks and bricks.

Often the once enjoyed plenty of floors, high room and bathroom count, etc buffet of living space cues itself. When there was a price of time and money to maintain it. But the ROI is no longer worth it. That takes the edge off the appetite to contiue wearing that size of housing. Because it starts to steal, nibble away, put a kink in other areas of your precious life, resources. Like seasons, people's needs for Maine housing, homes does too.

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Maine Homes With Land For Sale

Maine homes with land for sale.

maineblackbearThat is one popular listing type that we get asked for and yes. Real estate agents, brokers do take requests. All the time. One reason the extra land, acreage is important to so many buyers? They they have lived most of their life out of state from Maine without it.

And you know what happens to laboratory rats when they have lots of food, all the other needs except space.

Bad things. People are the same way. Take away their personal space or invade it and watch out. Things go down hill fast.

Crazy things from road rage to protection orders and everything inbetween happens.

Or worse and why urban areas have high crime. Too many people. Which explains traffic, all that wasted time being killed. Life is short.

Small town living in Maine is not like in the city like that. It's why Vacationland is the 46th lowest state for crime. No gangs, no drive by shootings, no neighborhoods to avoid at night.

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The Maine Land Buyer From Hamburg Germany, Not Local.

The Maine real estate property buyer was looking for land in the USA.

And when you are located across the big pond, and puddle jumping is not always easy to schedule in for the lift off, tramping, landing back at home, roll in the video projector with sound. Video for real estate show and tell. Not just for properties but for the area first, the FAQ Maine questions we field about the communities that come up jeepwayfunmainedaily in emails, phone calls, office visits.

The land in Merrill Maine sold, closed today to a buyer from Hamburg, Germany.

I have never met the buyer in person but feel like I know him well.

He has never ridden shotgun in the black jeep touring the Maine countryside. Getting out to stamp, tramp, tour property acreages.

He has not set foot yet on the Maine land he has already seen, now owns. Dreams about using in the next life stage.

Getting here. Making time for whatever plans he has behind his eyes, between his ears. Is carrying around inside but now he has the Maine land. A destination to reach someday.

Skype, emails, texts, and phone calls fill in the murky, unknown in the Maine real estate hide and seek with buyers not so nearby, close.

From Germany he watched, listened to the videos about the area first. We talked back and forth. Zeroed in on the property listing in Maine he wanted after that first are FAQ video session went well, was done. Found the one he wanted to own, rewound it a few times to make sure he had seen the street scene. The quality of the woods imaged, video looped. To hear and gawked at the water frontage of Hastings Stream that borders this surveyed Aroostook County Maine land. Then heading to the check out. Reaching for his wallet along the way to wire closing funds.

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The Maine Land Buyer From The Florida Keys.

The buyer for a recreational Maine land, cabin property listing is from Marathon, the Florida keys.

snowsledmainephotoHis phone call just now this Saturday morning reminding me he had 76 degrees and sunshine.

While it's sunny and getting ready to walk five acres with a measuring wheel with a seller who is carving off the Maine home, outbuildings and just this much of the farm property acreage.

It is hovering as I hunt and peck electrons right around 38 degrees.

No black flies today as Thanksgiving week approaches.

Have my snow skis ready for downhill fun.  New Maine snow sled registration in hand.

This buyer for Maine land, hunting and sporting camp property is clear as a bell.

Crystal on what he is after, wanting. Why the call was made. He spells it out with a list of "here is what I am looking for" bullet points. I have $20,000 cash to buy as much land as off the beaten path as possible. Dead end road, a dirt lane is fine. I can live without power he says and round up a generator to fit that need. I want to be in a great hunting area. I need wooded sections to create enough fire wood to heat the camp or cabin."

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Maine Blog | Sometimes The Bare Essentials Are More Than Enough.

It is easy to get caught up in the marketing whirlwind that surrounds us.

horsesmainegroupBombards us from all directions. Heck that behind the curtain online follows us. Based on what we search, browse has us pretty well pegged.

Secretly records our preferences, shopping key strokes. Some argue that the search robots study our spending habits,  preferences so accurately they know us better than you and I do ourselves.

But that's why Maine was made.

Having the latest and greatest, newest and flashiest model this or that is not key. Dressing to impress, what you drive to cause envy is not the way the day to day rolls best.

No no, because there is a price for keeping up with the Jones.

And you lose who you could be if you just kept your eyes on your own paper. To create your own list of what is most important in life. And when you put on those blinders, stop watching what Madison Avenue ad men and women pitch their hardest, you start really living. The way you know is healthiest for you.

It's like a musician that stops using auto tune.

Not going to just do covers of other people's music anymore. And starts to create new, unique, different for quality of their life. Healthy mentally, financially, spiritually and physicaly what you can do day to day to live life to the fullest. Your life, full of what you enjoy, find personally rewarding. No matter rich season in Maine you are currently enjoying.

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The Conversation With The Maine Real Estate Buyer.

The office phone or cell rings and the Maine real estate buyer provides the top ten list of what he or she wants.

houltonmainewintersnow1Their dream for a relocation, retirement, or just some recreational real estate in Maine property investment.

In the course of the conversation, the emails fired back and forth before an actual office visit happens with the out of town, not in Maine or the USA real estate buyer, common themes emerge.

The high crime, traffic, insincerity, expensive living in other outside areas make Maine pretty darn attractive.

Our listings in Maine cost less. You can find yourself on a Maine farm, a lake and that might not be possible where properties are just too high priced.

It makes me appreciate living in Maine more. Because it is not this four season beautiful everywhere else. Not everyone is surrounded by such friendly neighbors, famly and friends.

Small town Maine living is special. Less people, more wildlife, less regulations, more freedom to live your life without interference.

Sometimes when the buyer from New Jersey is going on and on venting, ranting about the traffic, how much time and money is wasted in trying to improve the quality of life, I say whoa. The conversation can get bogged down.

The unhappy living there outside Maine buyer wants to ramble about what is wrong with their location. That used to be great when they purchased property, a home years ago. But nine times out of ten, the ills that ruined it is population caused. Just too many people. No longer a neat, picturesque, quaint small town. Ran out of space, which jacked the price of everything with any sky high. That made having some of your own pretty precious and few. Hard to obtain without a major wallet, large purse.A snarky blue blood last name.


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The Process Of Finding, Trying On A New Maine Home, House.

A buyer that needs a new Maine home, house for sale is a special situation to tackle, help.

maine little league players photoFor over 33 years I have been lucky enough to be involved in over a thousand Maine real estate transactions. The list and sell has never lost its appeal.

Because the first time buyer of a Maine home is excited, nervous, scared and anxious all roll up together. Real estate buying or selling is emotional.

Involves a major change in a person's life. A transition happens. Some fun, enjoyable, others not so much because an estate needs to be settle, or a divorce, lay off happened forcing the sale.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is an honor, a priviledge to list, market, sell and help buyers and sellers of Maine home property listings.

And we don't just peddle home, house properties in Maine. So with land, waterfront, farm properties and mom and pop small business listings, it is never a dull moment. Never gets stale or boring.

The way we market properties has changed dramatically over the last three plus decades. The market is no longer local and the outside, far away buyer needs local information first. Before they rip cord, jump out of the plane searching for a new area to call home. Before shifting focus to the actual property listings in Maine that could work just fine. That match their long unique shopping list. The wallet they sit on, the purse they carry.

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Maine Land, The Need For Different Property Acreage Sizes.

Land in Maine, there is a strong desire of many to own some property, acreage.

maine moose photo at baxterBecause space has been the burning desire through out history. Many wars were fought over real estate. Who owned the land being suddenly challenged.

Conveniently moving the boundaries to suit the more aggressive, bolder of the bordering countries happened a lot. Changing the line in the sand between the "this is my land, this is your land" defining.

Not enough space for the masses continues to be a problem when eight out of ten people live in a city, urban area.

Not all in the city because they want to, but because the bulk of the jobs, employment are in population clusters around the country or world. Telecommuting to a Maine small town has helped solve the what can I do for work, for a job in Vacationland mystery. Bring the old job with you but get to enjoy more space, lower cost Maine land as one big perk, bonus, cherry on top.

So land in Maine. What are the types of buyers for property with some acrerage do we deal with daily? Many who want "meat on the bones". To get as big a chunk of Maine land as possible. Quantity almost more important than quality for many land buyers in Maine. Because of the lack of elbow room where they live now.

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What About Houlton Maine Neighborhoods, The Good, Bad, The Ugly.

What About Houlton Maine Neighborhoods, The Good, Bad, The Ugly.

The phone call or email from time to time poses the same Houlton Maine neighborhood question, are there any towns, areas to avoid buying real estate in?

amishbighorsesOften the question is caused because where the out of state or country real estate buyer hails from, there are a slew of neighborhoods to avoid like the plague.

Gangs, heavy duty crime, blighted properties for neighbors. And they have experienced often what are called "transitional areas".

Where no real flavor of good residential taste is left in the mouth after a real estate tour.

Because it is a hodge podge of house here, business there or just too many rentals. People coming and going. No single family houses or pride of ownership happening in these regions.

So the inquiry about where to avoid, where to pin the tail on the property location donkey pick for a property purchase make me smile. We don't have bad areas, dangerous neighborhoods. There are no Maine towns to avoid that are bad to the bone, evil, twisted or spooky scary.

In the 4th lowest crime state, in Aroostook County where the statistic is half that again, the concern of neighborhood safety shifts.

From instead of worry about picking a Houlton Maine home in an area where the location is dangerous, where crime happens...to a shift to how far do you want to drive to work, the hospital, schools, recreational pursuits? The location is more about your time and gas. Not red lining in laundry marker on a map an area, community or neighborhood considered a pirate place. A "skull and cross bones" dangerous neighborhoods. Full of red flags and mine fields to run away from, to avoid using the brakes when passing through. With the advice to just roll through that next stop sign before someone jumps your car. Wants to hitch a ride, with very bad intentions.

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Title Problems, In Maine Real Estate Property Listing Sales.

The two words no Maine real estate agent, broker wants to hear uttered from a lawyers lips, "title problems".

Title To The Property In Maine, Land Is Junk?But that pair of words can just mean garden variety issues. Not always major flaws on the title to the Maine real estate property listing. Does not mean automatically the Maine land title is junk, worthless, unfixable.

Those serious issues that rack up lots of billable hours.The trotting up and down courthouse steps to clear the title flaw. To remove the tail burdocks. To meet with a judge to straighten out land title issues. Round up heirs, work through wrinkles on the lines with neighborhoodd feuds raging fully. Hopefully.

Often what happened was a property tax lien was placed on record at the local registry of deeds in the county where the property is located.

For lack of tax payment during a lean year. And those back taxes were brought back up to speed, made current the following year. But no one went back into the registry of deeds to record a tax lien release from the muncipality that put the hex on the title. Had placed the lien after eighteen months of being behind on the tax bill for the property.

So the tax lien removal process is the easiest of title problems unless three years has gone by and the town has taken the real estate back. Acquired it for back taxes that were not paid on time and kept current. But there are other title issues that creep up in the sale of a property listing in Maine.

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Getting Your Maine Home Ready To Sell.

Getting Your Maine Home Ready To Sell.

Like preparing for a school room test, getting your Maine home ready to sell means roll up the sleeves.

dogsorryTraining for the big transition. Because living in a home day to day and getting pretty comfortable is not the way to ease into selling a house in Maine. It's highly competitive.

Effort, running a tighter ship with no slack, for the best first impression is a big part of the ten hut. Attention to details.

All the little things that add up, make a big difference. That shout out "pick my Maine house for sale over others" competing for the same buyers for homes in the area.


So the list of what to do in your Maine home sale.

Number one price the Maine home, real estate realistically. Then move on to the actual house itself before marketing kicks in. Often property owners are told to heave ho all the knick knacks. To remove all the personal images on the wall. To pretty much make the Maine home the four walls in and out depersonalized.

Without clutter, anything that makes the walk through difficult or distracting. I agree with the three couches in the small living room situation making it feel smaller, more crowded then it really is. And let's escort two of them to the storage shed.

Or the lake camp, to your kid's apartments or Catholic Charities, Goodwill, Sally's (The Salvation Army Thrift Store).


But the painting done of Mount Katahdin, Maine moose photo. the lake sunset, what the heck. Leave it hanging on the wall so the place has some personality. Make sure the interior is clean as a whistle with extra effort to remove any smells that would make a buyer tense up. Cause a face wearing the frown. Brownie's baking, now that smell is fine and dandy. Would I like one? Yes please. (Munch munch) Thank you.

So besides declutter, spiffy clean inside and out the Maine home, garage and storage sheds. Landscaping for curb appeal goes a long ways. No grass growing in the paved driveway cracks. Would you get excited buying a home with overgrown shrubs, untrimmed grass around the trees and broken kid's toys scattered all over the property yard? Exactly. Me neither. Think buyer, tighten up on the patrol. Looking for slack in the household, around the property you listed for sale. Need to sell and replace with another four walls, a roof somewhere else. To hang your hat, call home.

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Commercial Property In Houlton Maine, Buy A Job.

Sometimes the move to Maine means need a job, not going to retire in the relocation so have any commercial property listings question gets asked.

Meet The People Of Northern MaineOther times it's bring the job you had out of state to Maine. Your employer does not want to lose a well trained worked. And high speed Internet, a fax machine and phone connection means do what you do out of state in in the office of the Maine home you buy in the move to Vacationland.

If you are looking for a commercial, Maine business property, lots of options exisit in all price ranges, types.

A new endeavor you always wanted to try.

Or right along the lines of what you are doing now, or have somewhere back in your life for making a living. Developing the skills and mastering the learning curve.

More and more folks are wanting small Maine town values, a simpler family oriented lifestyle to do more than work, chase the dollar.

To live, experience and explore life options to enrich their days here on Earth. And your customers online if you bring your job with you, have no idea you have moved to a new Maine small town location. Unless you tell them. Spill the beans. But your kids will love the crime free small town atmosphere. That is night and day different. So unlike the urban, impersonal concrete jungle you left in the rear view mirror high tailing it out of the city surroundings.

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The Sale Happens Long Before The Real Estate Closing Takes Place.

A real estate closing in Maine, getting to one is an experience.

 Maine, Less People, Natural And Unfiltered.Because it involves people, their lives, the ups, downs, twists and turns. And every Maine real estate sale is different, unique, special.

And for me it is not just a job of taking images, shooting video, writing copy and arm wrestling with bank appraisers, the back and forth with attorneys.

It is sitting at the kitchen table of a Maine home for sale where the owners are sad to sell the place they grew up in.

But all the kids live far away and Mom and Dad are both gone now. No reason to hang on to the place. Working through the what do we do to get the place ready to sell process.

Setting up the expectations and helping arrive at realistic pricing from comparing this home in Maine to others that have sold like it.

To also consider how many pretty much like it homes are in property selling line waiting to for a clear to close. For a day and time for the Maine real estate closing sit down paperwork shuffle.

Sometimes there are squabbling siblings with the Maine house sale.

A few don't think the place should be sold but often are not contributing to the expenses to keep taxes and property insurance current. The maintenance items like mowing lawns, doing repairs are not their responsibility.

So the other family members paying the way out of their own pocket because the estate has little if any money start to get a little  huffy. Up in arms. And figure what are we waiting for, let's sell and have closure. Put it to rest. Sometimes it is grief from other family members and not accepting Gram and Gramp are gone which means each of the famly members left are getting a year older. Heading to the same ending eventually.

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How Maine Real Estate Sellers Help The Property Sale Process.

When you select, settle in on the Maine real estate agent, broker, REALTOR that fits the task at hand comfortably, a partnership is born, cemented.

Clean Maine Homes, Properly Priced Sell Quicker. Expectations laid out by the Maine real estate professional who has been through the list, market, sell (repeat) process a few times.

With experiences to draw from, who has kept pace with new ways to market creatively, efficiently. To reach a larger audience with greater frequency.

To cause online quality experiences for educating the new to the area buyer about the local Maine community.

To one by one trot out the Maine real estate listings in the area that are a match, good fit after that.

To understand the mechanics of financing, state laws on everything from Maine shore land zoning. To subdividing Maine land.

And the increasingly more technical "in between" topics, situations affecting a property sale. And avoiding legal hot water, laws suit exposure twists and turns.

So how can a seller help in the Maine real estate property listing sale process? 

Number one, above the rest is pricing. By listening, reading and thinking hard about the current market the sale is going to happen in. Or not. As the comparable Maine property sales, competing listings are talked about, considered. Factored in at the kitchen table during the listing, pricing process.

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Small Maine Town Events, Like The Soap Box Derby Race.

Racing downhill in a soap box derby car made from a kit, built from scratch with the help of a Dad, Mom, family fiend or big brother, sister type.

Maine Soap Box Derby PhotoTo experience the "thrill of the hill" and for a kid to not have to wait until they are sixteen to drive a car. The 18th running of the Northern Maine Soap Box Derby race was this past Saturday, June 22, 2013.

The weather cooperated, the field of thirty eight racers from around the state of Maine ran smoothly. Went off without a hitch.

Here is the 2013 race video link of the Maine state soap box derby downhill event. Competitors from around the state of Maine traveled to try their driving skills on a specially engineered hill. Derby Hill in Houlton Maine represents over $250,000 of donated goods, services.

From free gravel, donated D-8 and dump truck usage, aviation runway grade paving, stripping and guard rails.

 To sound,lighting, electronic timers and a garage built topside with a generous donation from the Houlton Maine Rotary Club. The big race in Houlton Maine represents the efforts year after year of sixty volunteers. Many without kids of their own still or ever in the spirited youth car racing program.

Learn more about what it takes, how to start a soap box derby local race. A lot of behind the scenes coordination leads up to the actual soap box derby race day in Maine. Donations for funding the family trip to the world series of racing, the All American Soap Box Derby in Akron Ohio. Here is more on the All American soap box derby schedule of events July 27th in the Midwest historic youth car race.

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Rent To Own Homes, Rental Options To Buy A Maine House.

The owner of the Maine home is out of state, wants to rent his property, the place until it sells.

So he can replace the home in Maine with another in an area outside Vacationland. Like a real life game of dominoes. Involving houses. Swapping one in Maine for another in some other state.


maine real estate office photoSo the idea of why not rent with option to buy comes up. Sound good, some of the monthly money going toward a purchase price. Rent to own a Maine home.

And the renter can fix up the deficiencies while waiting to get up to speed to obtain a house bank loan in time. Because there are some credit issues to home house keep. To pick up, address and straighten out.

Because the owner has a Maine house mortgage that needs to be kept current.

The lender frowns on anyone doing a wrap around of the terms and conditions spelled out as the rules to abide by, a new Maine home loan is needed.

And the old house mortgage on the Maine home is not assumable these days. In fact if a transfer of title is attempted without paying off the house mortgage, all the money becomes due, escalates. There is an on demand trigger clause the seller agreed to, signed on to honor.

Those pesky lawyers at the bank think of everything. In fine print. For a pay you stay, you don't you won't approach to lending.

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How Much To Offer Seller On Maine Real Estate Property?

The listing price for property on the market, for sale in Maine, how much lower will the seller go, drop?

Bridge To Get A Maine Real Estate Buyer, Seller To The Closing.Can I buy the Maine real estate for less and how much of a reduction? What's the bottom line, rock bottom figure?

Asked that question a lot. Have to remind the potential buyer of a property listing a couple things though.

First, you are in Maine where property prices are pretty attractive all the time.

Low cost nothing new and one of the major advantages of a purchase along with Maine unspoiled natural surroundings.

All this space, less people and more wildlife.

Nothing new or a temporary condition to see low priced Maine real estate prices. It is the way we roll. So did you consider the property price is a deal, fair trade going in? Do you recognize the value already?

Because we are parked a little further up the pike.

So if you want to sell something, the owner has to be realistic, in line with the market going in as a given anyway. The price is often what the property listing price tag says on all the marketing propaganda.To get buyer and seller across the bridge to the Maine real estate closing.

So have to prepare the buyer hot to trot and let's make a deal, out to try to buy the property for fifty cents or less on the dollar that hold up. Whoa Tiger. Watching too many Sunday morning real estate informational shows. Don't expect all sellers to roll over, play dead. To pretty please pass the property for way less than the listed price.

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Search The Maine MLS Listings Statewide.

Maine is the state you want to buy a home, invest in some property.

 bigmainemooseBut have you scoped out the sheer size of this place up in the right hand corner of the country?

Big, beautiful, wide open country this state of Maine is. But telling your friends you are searching for a home to move, relocate to in Maine leaves things still a little vague.

Loose as a goose, big as a Maine moose. Not nailed down to a specific area and pretty wide open as to what does that mean for a location  for the property?

Where in Maine, which of the sixteen counties do you want to invest in a real estate listing?

What type of property listing in Maine are we talking about kicking tires on? Targeting what specfic use or purpose for the real estate in Maine is helpful to know up front.

For an easy statewide Maine MLS search, click this link.

All prices, every property from border to border, contained in the state of Maine is available to look over, check out.

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Does The Maine House Color Help, Hurt The Real Estate Sale?

The color of the Maine home, house that a seller wants to move out of, relocate and replace it with another one smaller, bigger.

Vacation Housing Colors Bright In IslandsWith more or less Maine land. Or in another area of the country, out of state. Does the color of the Maine property listing matter all that much?

In parts of the World the more colorful, vibrant the shades, hues, colors the better.It means festive, fun, let go and be foot loose, fancy free right?

You see that vacation cruising into port on a Caribbean island. More variety of colors than you and I might be used to in our neighborhoods that we call our real home.

Have always thought if you are the proud owner of a house in a subdivision of three hundred pretty much just like it units, how do you find your way home without GPS?

 A trail of breadcrumbs? Or studying the house numbers alone? Possibly searching for some other memorable landmark. Like the next door neighbor has a basketball hoop, a front yard trampoline. Maybe an old Land Rover, Jaguar, something exotic parked in the yard as your beacon, reference point.

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Maine Real Estate Listings, What Features Add Greater Value?

Every real estate market is different and in Maine, what's important in a property sale is usually the practical features first.

jeepwayfunmaineA good construction, solid building with a garage for out of winter snow.

An efficient, dependable heating system trumps fancy smancy at day long. Maine is not a state where folks are out to impress others.

Not living beyond your means. Being showy, snobby is not how a typical Mainer rolls.

They don't need attention, they need money in the bank to sleep nights. Pay bills during the day. To stay current and not lose their home.

So when listing a Maine property, what features in order are important in Northern sections of the state?

Affordable, being able to heat the place and neat, clean are a good place to start for most home buyers. The house if the roof is fairly new, the windows the kind that go up and down easily. Fit tightly. Seal out breezes.

The number of bedrooms fit the typical family size. Which I read is 1.6 kids. Those are a good starting place for the Maine house buyer. More Maine land always a hit. Greater space, acreage around the Maine home in the location close to work, schools and that will save gas for the essentials never go out of style.

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