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The Lists Of Must Haves, Don't Wants In Maine Real Estate.

When a call, email, text or office visit happens, the buyer of Maine real estate has a story to tell.

 Houlton Maine, Aroostook County SeatAn order to put into the kitchen so to speak. Because what they want to see cooked up, served to them in housing, a Maine home has specific features.

The ones that accommodate their budget, But also provides the space for their families. Or if the kids have left the nest, the vacation retirement property could be a small house.

That's not too large a Maine house square footage to alligator wrestle.

A bunch of space to heat, clean and maintain. That is beaucoup expensive. Because they are on a fixed, limited income.

Maybe trying to handle another property in a place where snow shovel skills are not needed. More than one home property deed under their belt. And juggling other luxuries like groceries, gas, insurance, medical and auto bills too. Not just housing is the only financial ball tossed skyward in rotation daily.

So starting with a simple clipboard happens.

Taking very good notes. Being all ears. Has to, because if I thought as soon as the instant the connection is made with a real estate customer that I had a crystal clear solution to all their property, hello. I don't, can not because need some details to complete the puzzle.

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Junk, Cheap Maine Land For Sale. It's All Low Cost Property.

Junk land, cheap Maine property listings, acreages for sale could be a blog post heading you might think should be avoided. 

Maine Land For Sale, Some Acreages Lupine Covered.But Maine is not a state with grey poupon mustard the only flavor served up. Actually cheap yellow mustard, low cost Maine land is just fine and dandy. Because Maine is not a state where any one is out to impress.Not pretentious.

Or out to shock and awe with "my land in Maine is better than your property listing" crap. Maine is simple, down to Earth. We like to have our land, everything around us paid for. Avoid, not fond of mortgages. Pay them of early.

Owned free and clear. Debt free means kicking tires, doing the search for junk, low cost, cheap Maine land. That could serve the purpose just fine.

Junk land in Maine for sale, similar to when you think wrecked, worn out cars you picture parts.

Bent frames, rusted and corroded vehicles with a troubled past. Dented in, faded, peeling paint. And stink to high heaven smelly interiors. Like someone died in them bad. Breathe through your mouth foul. Buying the whole car to cannibalize, scoff parts off it. To cheaply keep the heap you drive rolling down the highway. So what if the fender colors don't match? The car is worth more to you than any one else. And you have a history, past with the car and get attached.

Where it is a game to stretch more miles out of the long ago paid for Maine car.

 That is just plain and simple cheap transportation. To get you from A to B. Not to impress. But junk land in Maine, means property that has ten foot pole marks all over it too. It is low cost Maine land that lacks features. Has drawbacks, issues. Like no power, no year round access. Or put on your boots. Prepare to lose one walking through the pretty much a bog, marsh land. Maybe one high and dry building spot that will perk. Pass a soil test for even a privvy, outhouse, septic system.

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Renting A Maine Home, Apartment, Do We Discriminate?

Renting Properties In Maine, Deserves Lots Of Questions, Interviewing.It happens as a Maine real estate broker, the occasion to rent out a Houlton home.

While the house is on the market flirting with buyers, before a Maine real estate sale closing can happen.

Or when an apartment house rental unit comes up that needs to be filled. So do we discriminate, ask pointed questions?

Maybe just let the first person who wanders into the real estate office, or calls, emails rent the place needing a tenant? Heck no.

Questions without a polygraph needle swinging wildly. Or get asked under one harsh bright swinging light overhead.

Without  sleep deprivation or bathroom breaks.

Trick questions like where were you renting, what were you caught doing on the night of the 32nd?

No water boarding. No finger nails pulled out. Have never shot a person in the knee to get them to talk. To spill the beans on their past rental history. To get to the truth. Answers to why are you moving, needing a place?

Where did you live last and the series of probing inquiries about what kind of renter have you been so far in life help avoid turn over. Or evictions when in a short time the unit or Maine home rented suddenly looks like the set of Chainsaw Massacre. Whatever number. And if you did not know what kind of renter you were getting, you do now after they are in. And not so easy to evict.

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Houlton Maine Houses, What Kind Of Homes You'll Find.

What kind of homes in Houlton Maine will you find, what about the neighborhood housing types?

victorianhoultonmaineFor the most part, the majority of Southern Aroostook homes are from the late 1800's and newer. Lots of country style rural Houlton Maine farm, New England type homes.

The classic main gable roof Maine home with an "L" that houses the kitchen, rear shed. And usually the section with the first floor bathroom when indoor plumbing was installed. Where the summer kitchen for canning used to be.

In town housing stock in Houlton Maine includes a variety of neighborhoods, home styles.

Classic Victorian Queen Anne with turrets. Lots of mansard roof classics. One English Tudor style home that looks like a modern day, scaled down Houlton Maine church at 100 Court Street.

A ton of Federal style homes like the one I own next to our Maine real estate office. That uses the carriage house for the list, market, sell (repeat) process. Colonials, bungalows, capes, Greek revival influenced homes in Houlton Maine are common too. And twelve churches in Houlton Maine show religious freedom to pick a wide selection of places to worship.

In the 1940's, after World War Two, many capes were built in neighborhoods around Hogan, Bowdoin, Pearce, Elm, Byrd, Sterritt, Johnson Streets.

Along with Pleasant Court, Salem, Wilson, Drew, Abraham, and upper Pleasant Street.These newer subdivisions were not suddenly populated with houses though. Built one at a time, not by the tens, hundreds, thousands like some built up areas of the country.

In the early 1960's a shift to ranch style homes in Houton Maine filled gaps in subdivisions that had empty lots of land. Neighborhoods like South, Alfred, Brook, Columbia, Sunnyside Extension, Madigan, Ridgeway, Mahar, Rogers, Fairview and Hillview were heavily ranch home dotted. Built with GI loans, Farmer's Home Administration dollar down programs backed by Uncle Sam to give the Houlton Maine home buyer a leg up to house ownership.

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Your Character Is Important, But Your Maine Home Buying Credit Score Is Everything.

Back when you had to scrimp, save, go without to pull together a twenty five percent down payment to buy a Maine home, the process was simpler.

Higher You Go With FICO Credit Score The BetterCut and dry. Only local Maine banks considered by the buyer. Limited flavors and  the fellow with the tie, suit sized you up by knowing who your parents were. Your reputation in a small Maine town which most population centers are in Vacationland was everything. Well known to all when fewer people in the local population.

Character assessment with your high points, weaknesses thrown together, sized up for a Maine home loan.

Helping the banker develop a gut feeling on would a Maine home loan made to you have a good chance of being paid back. No appraiser either to do the assessment of the Maine home being mortgaged either.

Same banker that decides you check out, have the quarter of the house price squirreled away in one of his savings accounts, takes a look see. At the four walls and roof. Walked the lot. And decides it's a go if the legal beagle clears the title examination. Deems it as squeaky clean. All ready to attach, bolt on a Maine home loan.

The Maine home loan mortgage with boilerplate legalese seasoning sprinkled all over the parchment in the blue wrapper. All the fine print about you pay you stay. And drop the other shoe. If you don't you won't. We are all adults in this room, Over eighteen and reminded if those monthly loan installment payments, insurance coverage and taxes are not kept current.  Well, you'll be out on the lawn. Escorted off the property hanging your head low, ashamed. Having to find another place to call home you are forced to rent, not own for awhile.

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Maine Real Estate Agents, Brokers Roles Have Changed Greatly.

In any profession, the Maine real estate list and sell no exception, there are situations that can cause discomfort.

 Our real joy is listing a property that is realistically priced and will sell. Marketing each and every listing aggressively. And having more maine farm barn buddyback up property listings like it to meet the demand. For when it does get a SOLD real estate sign rider panel screwed on the top. Helping property buyers of all ages get a place.

From the match up of new first time home purchaser and the elderly widow that owns the house that out grew her. To the group of recreational Maine land buyers who love the sporting, outdoor natural Vacationland setting.

Or the Maine hobby farmer land buyer that wants to grow, raise something local good to eat.

Maybe it's just Maine land purchaser, or a waterfront retirement lake home buyer who decides to leave the city living behind. Replacing it with rural, simple, less people hustle bustle that Maine offers much needed relief. After years living jammed in an urban, city area for way too long.

These folks appreciate Maine living even more than locals that know they have it good. But not just how lucky they really are to have missed out on much expensive urban living. Skipping all that crime, living in fear and wearing a taser, looking over their shoulder. Being vigilant for personal safety can get old, wear a person down. Change a person's life from getting pretty beat up, rag tag rope a doped.

The small mom and pop real estate business buyer is challenging, fun to help actually get financed too.

Because it is a whole different approach to help them into their own commercial property listing. Special financing help with bank and government programs weaved together. Sometimes owner terms and the seller taking back a mortgage because they believe in the business. And the new buyer to make it fly. Keep it going. Finding the path to get everyone one to arrive at the Maine real estate closing varies depending on the people, circumstances.

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What Maine Real Estate Agents, Brokers Don't Like To Hear.

Buyers and sellers of Maine real estate, there is one thing agents, brokers, REALTORS do not enjoy hearing whatsoever.

 dogsorryWhen an office visitor, caller, emailer starts the conversation slamming another in the same real estate profession. There is no joy in hearing snipes, pokes, punches directed at another Maine real estate professional.

We all want the list, market, sale process of matchmaking of buyer and seller to go smoothly. To help make the transfer of property easy, fun, educational. 

When another in the Maine real estate trenches is labeled a jerk, pinhead. Or something equally less than flattering in a campaign to discredit him or her, I cringe.

Pull back and listen to the accuser's list of offenses, grievances. Their version of events in the real estate exercise before I was invited into the fray, drama and bad mouthing.

But often the other office agent, broker is not a villain.

If I point out that the advice the buyer or seller of the Maine real estate was given was sound, solid, raised eyebrows can happen.

 With a glimpse of betrayal glared at me from activating a hair trigger when suggesting that I am not going to join in on the maligning, reputation bashing of the last real estate agent, broker. The last of sometimes many will be marched in and out. Where each are eventually placed one by one in the attack cross hairs of the not so happy camper soliciting our real estate services.

The expectations of the Maine real estate buyer or seller needs to be realistic. Often they are angry at the situation but have to realize others are just trying to help smooth out the wrinkles. To get to the real estate closing. Salvage something good from a bad set of circumstances. We work hard to be solution oriented and not take part in personal attacks that benefit no one. And to explain from experience, this is why we guide the process this way. To explain what is going on and why. What the next step is and an overview to establish what has to happen to move forward. 

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Pile Up, Log Jam Of Over Priced Maine Homes.

How's the real estate market in Maine for home sales, a question we get asked a lot.

maine tourism welcome signBecause if the average Maine home owner is watching the network news, reading the national newspapers and hearing online blurbs about not so hot spots in the country, they would think same applies to the local area.

Not so, real estate is so much cheaper in Maine.

What is happening in cities that are struggling is not the way it is in Vacationland. Just like one national weather forecast won't work, apply in every zip code.

When we tell a local Maine home buyer, seller that places, houses are moving, many seemed surprised.

Really? But then have to admit they have seen lots of our SOLD panels screwed on the top of Maine home listing real estate signs as they tool around the area.

The more messed up it gets in expensive city living, the more attractive home prices and the safe small town  lifestyle in Maine becomes. The lower home prices and fact Maine is 46th lowest in the country for FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession affected house sales) are two areas that make us shine brightly.

But we also get the question on what is happening locally when lots of Maine homes are for sale on the same in-town street or country road location. The reasoning is oh oh, bad market, or lousy neighborhood. Or ancient burial ground located underneath. Or environmental hazards or something causing the log jam, pile up of just not selling Maine homes. Often it has nothing to do with market conditions. Because our prices in Northern Maine on homes don't sky rocket, spike sharply up one day and then dive bomb south the next.

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The Best Time To List, Sell Maine Real Estate?

You're on a game show, in the final round and the question that comes up for all the marbles is "when is the best time to list and sell your Maine real estate property?".

Deer Timid, Nervous About Selling Your Maine Home, House?As a seller, property owner you might think, say during warmer summer weather and cross your fingers. Hope you were right.

The answer to the question to the best time to list your property for sale in Maine is when you don't have to sell.

Because no pressure, no stress, no gun put to your head, do or die situation to get to the real estate closing stat.

When you are up against a deadline, a relocation to a new job or running low on funds and a sale of your Maine real estate is needed like yesterday, you are forced to take less money.

Under the value for the Maine property listing than you would have been able to realize happens. As you sadly walk away from the home sale after the real estate closing.

Because you ran out of options, had no choice. Put yourself in a boxed, only one way out canyon to ride with that bone tired horse to get on with your life. 

The hurry to get out of the Maine home or house causes emotions to run boiling point high. And over.

 No fun. Mistakes and lack of decision pathways takes its toll. To the point where you as the seller just want the Maine home, house sale over. With high high motivation to make it happen.

No matter what it takes. The angst from a major clock ticking loudly in your head heard by everyone in the room. Time being short short short. Running down like the red hour glass sand similiar to the one Dorothy clutched. Held dearly while worrying about her friends. And her little dog too "my pretty". And with getting back to Kansas. Wondering if she ever will totally consumes her like the house, home sale that's gotta happen for you the seller. Butjust  isn't quick enough. 

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How Do I Make My Maine House, Home Worth More?

How Do I Make My Maine House, Home Worth More?

The question "how do I make my Maine house, home worth more" gets asked a lot while listing the property at the kitchen table.

houltonmaine03Real estate values in Maine, anywhere is local. Fixed position and the answer given to the question is not being flip, a wise guy response.

If I lean back and respond "you would have to move it to Boca Raton Florida, Scottsdale Arizona, Marblehead Massachusetts, Newport Rhode Island or downtown Manhattan", the eyebrows raise.

But other than a few repairs, updates and a good cleaning out of debris, junk and light bulb replacement, window washing, the value is the value. In small town rural Maine.

The "what's it worth now" not enhanced a lot with adding a garage. And not at all with a backyard in ground pool. You learn quickly as the agent or broker. There is a tipping point, a drop off where your spending makes it so you can not touch the bottom that falls out of the market. On the return of investment poured into country list and selling real estate properties.

The local items a place for sale has to have is a list hammered out by the local buyers in the market first.

Out of state home, house buyer have a different list they run by. As they nipple away at a greater share of the market their must haves, have nots on the list of features kicks in. But the local market value means pricing the Maine property listing, the house, home, whatever real estate in line with the current local market value. That someone working with a local wage could swing. And juggle the other monthly bills to keep their head above water. The check book balanced. Out of the red.

Putting in another $10,000 to try to double your money on a Maine home is not the rule in Vacationland. A low priced property listing New England state parked up on the Canadian border. Up here in the northeast corner, upper right hand area of the country. Where it is meat and potato easy, uncomplicated with our properties, with simpler day to day living.

The higher the price the thinner the buyers happens too when the local real estate pricing is tied to the lower pay scale. DFlush with cash and out to impress with palatial homes, swanking real estate with lots of glitter is not what you find with our Maine real estate buyers.

They are into natural settings, like the less people per square mile saturation of Maine's sixteen counties. Especially Northern Maine, Aroostook County where there are more animals, lakes, woodlots and only 11 people per square mile.

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Maine Birds, Give Them A Winter Snack.

mainebirdfeederMaine is blessed with lots of wildlife and birds are part of the magic of Vacationland.

Loons on a Maine lake are entertainers thru the warmer months. But during winter months take off. Not returning until the spring. To land again on local Maine water bodies.

The ones that are big enough to allow a take off when the Maine loons have to leave again. Maine migratory game birds, ducks of all kinds  populate the Pine Tree State.

Honking geese flying in V formation overhead the Maine countryside signal fall is waning and winter is approaching for another year.

So in the winter, the smaller birds that stick around Maine but have less to eat need a helping hand.

Feeders that you have to shoo chipmunks, squirrels and other predators away from are part of the fun to maintain the chirp cheep peep sounds in your side yard at a Maine home.

House cats are entertained and slightly frustrated as they watch from glass sun porches. As the buffet for birds, a diner round the clock is kept fuel of suet, seeds, feed for the winged patrons.

I enjoy watching Maine birds. But also capturing photos of the Maine birds feeding, interacting. Hummingbird feeders with sweet nectar are busy airports for refueling operations. Aas the whir, buzz of the hyper fast wings make the agile, colorful birds entertaining to watch eat. To observe darting, flit, diving and heading in every direction with much activity centered around the suet, seeds stocked in feeders. All because of the feeder filled with sunflower seeds, other goodies. For the birds set up in your yard to attract them, sustain them over the leaner, slim pickings for feed during the Maine winter months.

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Don't Pull The Maine Real Estate Listing Marketing Plug In Winter.

mainehomechristmas1The age old question about whether a property listing, a home or house in Maine should be marketed over the winter months?

Sure as shooting it should. Why would you stop the marketing beam? The ultimate goal of any Maine real estate house sale campaign is to hit the largest audience possible. All the time.

For more impressions. To reach more eyeballs, tickle more eardrums in the case of  video for real estate. Real estate is a numbers game.

And when you pull the plug, the momentum gets lost. Completely. Poof. Gone. After all that polishing up the place to get ready for a Maine home sale.

Maine real estate buying and selling happens year round.

Never stops. The frequency of the marketing to stay in the corner of the Maine home real estate buyer's eye is critical. To be on the tip of his or her tongue, front and center suddenly stops if you the seller "pull", suspend the listing until spring. Think also beyond the local market and the buyer who outside has more loose ends to tie down. But as the winter ticks by, those details get fine tuned for his sale in spring when you might rather sell anyway. But to not have your property listing being toured on line with video, the images studies, the information scanned is short sighted in the Maine home sale process. Don't stop the marketing!

Winter is one month of four and Mainers spend every season outdoors. Live here for a reason. Probably most pretty heat intolerant. We just dress different to match every season's outdoor recreational options. Maine home owners can add a contingency that we're not moving until say May 15th. But like any contingency of a Maine real estate sale, go easy on being too demanding when you want, need a Maine home property sale. The more that get added, the narrower, more shallow the group of potential house buyers.

The Maine home not available for purchase, closing until after the new tax year happens. Or until school gets out, etc. To tailor make the sale to shape the life twists and turns the Maine home seller is currently maneuvering. But also realize the timing of the outside Maine home real estate buyer's purchase is up in the air too. Regardless of the season.

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Maine Real Estate Blogs, Posts

Buying or selling Maine real estate is serious business. Emotional too because it involves good and bad, up and down periods of a person's life when change is needed.

maineorganicfarmsIt is easier to buy a property in Maine when you don't have a mortgaged one to sell too. So the fine art of listing, marketing, and the pitfalls, the twists and turns that can cause a property sale train wreck. Require careful study, guidance, direction.

Our Maine real estate blogs showcase the local area, put it on the hinterland map.

Help explain the process, define realistic expectations and show case how the dog and pony real estate process has evolved. Since the invention of a little device called the Internet. To spread the word on the local areas of Maine and the property listings to consider buying in Vacationland.

More than one horse in any race means better odds of finishing in the top third.

More than one ribbon. And in today's world of no time, drive through quick delivery any hour of the day expected please, chop chop right now is critical.

And dominating the front page of a search engine for Maine real estate related terms, local community information means working hard to own that index.

Because you and I know spending time on line, delays in getting what we are after means six seconds maximum hold time. Before we back out. Neck rain the mouse around, give 'er the boots. And keep looking down the Internet marketing trail. To find what we came after.

Information on more than property listings in Maine is what any real estate blog that is worth it's weight in salt should provide consistently, predicatably. Every visit to assure another happens. Building a relationship for life.

Not slam bam over and over boring market reports on the state as a whole. Market reports, trends are all great for the bean counter in the audience. Or for a quick copy and paste insertion that did not require much effort for a cheap hit of SEO Google juice. But giving the reader of the Maine real estate blog something more. Zeroing in on the target area of the state they are hungry, thirsty for more information on. To explain why there is a shortage of this type of real estate listing and how an investor could fill that void. Develop. Or why it will remain this way for peace of mind that change overnight is not going to happen here in Maine like it exploded, did in the last known address for the real estate buyer.

The Maine real estate blog posts also talk about people, human nature.

Why when eight of our ten of us is like it or not, jammed in an urban setting. In a city where folks are packed like sardines. And not so hand stand, jump up and down happy about it either. So dreaming about a place like Maine, where there is space. The 4th lowest state crime statistic to go with it. All this natural, unspoiled beauty. The lifestyle, the small Maine town where everyone pitches in and makes home made special, local events happen. Where family values still exist and money is not everything. Not the end all to making a good life in rural Maine. Used to do more good for others than just to impress and personal satisfaction to create envy or relay a sense of  hoity-toity status. Yuck.

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Fun Snow Sledding, Snowmobiling In Maine.

Fun Snow Sledding, Snowmobiling In Maine.

If you grew up in a state where a snow shovel is foreign, odd, seems out of place, then climbing on a high powered machine, snow sledding in Maine could strike you as odd.

snowsledmaineMaine is a four season state and all of them are spent outdoors as much as possible.

The exception in winter is bundle up, dress a tad layered, warmer.

Because on a snow sled zipping down a freshly groom ITS trail, the wind chill factors add to whatever the red in the thermometer registers on the temperature scale.

Ideal for snow sledding, Maine is a rural state and special because she is under populated, insulated up here in the right hand corner.

Less people means more wildlife and unspoiled territory to explore, discover in Vacationland. So to see the best sights means getting to places not accessed by car. Not available for every Tom, Dick and Harry to take in and enjoy without a little effort.

Hiking, cross country / down hill Maine snow skiing, biking is one way to get to the places few get to see except in images, photos of Maine. But climb on, turn the key or pull the cord to fire up a rumbling Maine snowmobile.

See how much fun steering it is going to feel on to any loop in the 14000 mile Maine ITS snow sled trail system.

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Maine Hunting Orange, Look Good Wearing It.

Maine hunting for wildlife game or for real estate listings.

mainedeertrioFall is a time when folks jammed in wall to wall city circles decide to break away. To spend some time in a hunting cabin in the middle of nowhere in the Maine woods.

Low cost Maine property listings for hunting and the follow up snow sledding are plentiful. Lots of selection and easy to buy with buddies who you hang out with all the time anyway. Like family, other hunters, old class mates and folks you can stand from work.

The question comes up a lot about hunting in Maine near residences, houses, homes.

What is the rule, skinny? Well for starters in Northern Maine with 11 people per square mile, no reason to be toting firepower, a gun, bow and arrow in a backyard of someone's house or home.

Out in the willy wags, in the unorganized townships of Maine is where you want to be tramping for Bambi, other game beside deer, moose, black bear.Some Maine hunters are really after the fellowship, the baked beans, chili, home made food and cribbage card games. Just to be in the front of a crackling, warm cabin all by itself in the Maine woods with peace and quiet. The occasional trip to the outhouse and pretty much cabin bound for the week's vacation.

Here is the official word from the Maine Inland And Wildlife people in Augusta on that subject of hunting, shooting a gun around a Maine residence, home. "Shooting within 100 yards of Maine home dwelling: It is unlawful to discharge any firearm, including muzzleloading firearms, or crossbow within 100 yards of a building without permission from the owner, or in the owners absence, an adult occupant who dwells in that location. Building means any Maine residential, commercial, retail, educational, religious or farm structure that is designed to be occupied by people or domesticated animals or is being used to shelter machines or harvested crops."

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Lower Priced, Yes Cheap Maine Real Estate Property Listings

Blue light special bargains, Mainers love and live for a value in everything from real estate property listings to day to day essential purchases.

moosemaineRunning a tight ship with getting your money's worth, a real honest to goodness value.

Or saying pass. Not making the wallet open wide and say "Ahhhh".

Spending impulse control is part of the simplistic beauty of being a Mainer.

Living here is frugal not cheap and low cost Maine property listings are the icing on the cake.

The cherry on top so to speak.

No matter if you want, need a home in Maine for part or full time use, a big selection and always low cost, easy to own happens. Our selection of property listings in Maine is wide, varied and always thrifty, attractive and so much less than most other places on the planet. How about something on the waterfront? Maybe the thought of being on the water, a lake, river is a pipe dream where you live now. Not in Maine. Make the call, do some homework!

Land for recreational uses in Maine's four season abundance of outside activities can be bought with owner financing too.

No bank, no long mortgage loan process and before you know it, BAM. Paid for, yours. To enjoy, pass on and to add to your personal wealth in many ways besides property value appreciation. Maine real estate property listings are the best hedge against inflation. And unlike stock values that can tank over night and be worthless, the Maine land is always here. Rumor has it they stopped making Maine land too. But there is still plenty to go around so everyone gets a piece of property.

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Simple Living In Maine, Lower Cost Property Listings Here.

Maine is frugal, live below your means with your fun and recreation always low or no cost.mcgillsband001                           

When you have everything with wall to wall overload, all kinds of stuff like a kid in a candy store abundance, it is easy to take for granted what life can be without all the fireworks, glitter, sparkle.And all that debt that usually goes with it.

The kind of debt that makes you stay wide eye awake. Laying tossing, turning with your mind racing. Churning for hours as you get  worried sick about debt, bills, deadlines.

And then the possibility of losing it all, banking the Maine farm so to speak on an all or nothing, burn your bridges approach to living.

When less becomes more and appreciation grows for a life not a blur of spending, with moderation you know you are in Maine.Have made the leap, transformation to a better, healthier way.

You know you are living frugal in Maine and appreciating what really matters most. Other people, relationships.

The great four season outdoors of natural, unspoiled Maine. Spending impulse control underway and getting value for goods, services or you don't open your wallet wide. Not so quick to let go of the dollar you worked so hard to earn with sweat and toil.

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Maine Real Estate Property Pre-Existing Conditions.

It happens a lot in listing, selling Maine real estate properties.

mainelittleleagueThe improvements, say the addition on a Maine home that has problems long after the real estate closing sale happens.

And the professionals that are brought in like too many cooks in the kitchen all have a different approach to the cure for the problem.

And anger builds, the Maine home owner is not a happy camper.

No one is giving, getting high fives.

Usually, something simple, basic can be tackled and fixed. Remedied quickly, easily. Without a lot of aggravation, cash outlay.

But then there are situations where the original Maine home owner put on an addition and tried to do lots of the work himself. Fancying himself as a jack of all trades, with a tad, a shade of Bob Vila. To whittle the total cash outlay for the project. And it looks good from the exterior, interior. Until some weather happens. And what was not installed properly becomes like a nagging headache that just won't go away.

In Northern Maine, weather happens.

All kinds. So you can not just nail an addition on and hope it seals out the elements. That it keeps everything high and dry. And venting, so air exchanges, and condensation does not happen when outdoor temperature is much different than the thermometer reading inside the living space. Roofing types and proper pitch, angle for drainage another key concern. Or use of room and if moisture is heavy from within, say from a vent-less gas heater that creates water, moisture. Especially if used a lot, cranked high from a cold bloodied home owner that is always cold. LL Bean thermal wrapped fleece clothing or not.

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Real Estate Property Listings In Maine Always Cheaper, Lower Cost.

Everything you think you know about Maine real estate property listing prices divide by three, four and more.

milkcartelliotJust like one weather forecast will not work for the entire country, real estate markets differ vastly too.

Maine is lower cost property listings.

With way way more Maine land wrapped around each and every home, house, camp or cottage too.

How come so much cheaper and why don't property listings in Maine has automatic nose bleed high price tags associated with them? Like most urban areas of the country.

Maine is a rural state, not flush with money but rich in natural resources. Blessed with friendly help you out people that are down to Earth. And very family oriented, hard working.

And Maine is kind of stuck up here out of the way in the right hand corner of the country. 

By rights, we should be in Canada when you think about it due to being surrounded by the red maple leaf provinces on three sides. A little of New Hampshire and a lot of ocean waterfront too.

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Maine Videos Show And Tell Easy

Find out information on Maine real estate property listings, the local community events with using your ears and eyes.

mainefarmsceneQuick and simple. Easy. More memorable because it is not just read read read copy and a few images sprinkled in.

Video is 30 frames, "pictures" per second and the natural audio from the property, extra information added to the sound tract help transfer a lot of details with no fuss, no muss.

One more beautiful aspect of Maine real estate video is it is available on the property listing buyer's time.

Late at night, in a different time zone, halfway around the spinning blue and green marble. Complete one stop shopping round the clock. Not just on a nine to five time frame office hours to wait on, work around. Instant, drive through quick and complete.

Saving time, not burning gas means more Maine property get toured after the area is settle on.

And no thirteen hour drive or longer for the buyer to consider the area in Maine the property listings are located. So areas that might not make the cut due to distance away consideration suddenly are on the list. Because of Maine blog posts, videos, multiple web sites combined with direct mail and social media linkage, more information can be put on line.

Our Maine real estate office is less fixed based 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730. Morev on line beaming signals to hit a much larger outside market instead of limited with just the local one to fish for Maine real estate buyers in. Maine, simpler living. Find your place in the space called Vacationland. Lower cost property, more land around the Maine real estate listings and way way friendly people. More beautiful four season natural surroundings.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker   

207.532.6573  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ';document.getElementById('cloak858b0dfad29d9c833b3c26794445b0ef').innerHTML += 'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">'+addy_text858b0dfad29d9c833b3c26794445b0ef+'<\/a>';

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