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Simple Living In Maine, Lower Cost Property Listings Here.

Maine is frugal, live below your means with your fun and recreation always low or no cost.mcgillsband001                           

When you have everything with wall to wall overload, all kinds of stuff like a kid in a candy store abundance, it is easy to take for granted what life can be without all the fireworks, glitter, sparkle.And all that debt that usually goes with it.

The kind of debt that makes you stay wide eye awake. Laying tossing, turning with your mind racing. Churning for hours as you get  worried sick about debt, bills, deadlines.

And then the possibility of losing it all, banking the Maine farm so to speak on an all or nothing, burn your bridges approach to living.

When less becomes more and appreciation grows for a life not a blur of spending, with moderation you know you are in Maine.Have made the leap, transformation to a better, healthier way.

You know you are living frugal in Maine and appreciating what really matters most. Other people, relationships.

The great four season outdoors of natural, unspoiled Maine. Spending impulse control underway and getting value for goods, services or you don't open your wallet wide. Not so quick to let go of the dollar you worked so hard to earn with sweat and toil.

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Maine Real Estate Property Pre-Existing Conditions.

It happens a lot in listing, selling Maine real estate properties.

mainelittleleagueThe improvements, say the addition on a Maine home that has problems long after the real estate closing sale happens.

And the professionals that are brought in like too many cooks in the kitchen all have a different approach to the cure for the problem.

And anger builds, the Maine home owner is not a happy camper.

No one is giving, getting high fives.

Usually, something simple, basic can be tackled and fixed. Remedied quickly, easily. Without a lot of aggravation, cash outlay.

But then there are situations where the original Maine home owner put on an addition and tried to do lots of the work himself. Fancying himself as a jack of all trades, with a tad, a shade of Bob Vila. To whittle the total cash outlay for the project. And it looks good from the exterior, interior. Until some weather happens. And what was not installed properly becomes like a nagging headache that just won't go away.

In Northern Maine, weather happens.

All kinds. So you can not just nail an addition on and hope it seals out the elements. That it keeps everything high and dry. And venting, so air exchanges, and condensation does not happen when outdoor temperature is much different than the thermometer reading inside the living space. Roofing types and proper pitch, angle for drainage another key concern. Or use of room and if moisture is heavy from within, say from a vent-less gas heater that creates water, moisture. Especially if used a lot, cranked high from a cold bloodied home owner that is always cold. LL Bean thermal wrapped fleece clothing or not.

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Real Estate Property Listings In Maine Always Cheaper, Lower Cost.

Everything you think you know about Maine real estate property listing prices divide by three, four and more.

milkcartelliotJust like one weather forecast will not work for the entire country, real estate markets differ vastly too.

Maine is lower cost property listings.

With way way more Maine land wrapped around each and every home, house, camp or cottage too.

How come so much cheaper and why don't property listings in Maine has automatic nose bleed high price tags associated with them? Like most urban areas of the country.

Maine is a rural state, not flush with money but rich in natural resources. Blessed with friendly help you out people that are down to Earth. And very family oriented, hard working.

And Maine is kind of stuck up here out of the way in the right hand corner of the country. 

By rights, we should be in Canada when you think about it due to being surrounded by the red maple leaf provinces on three sides. A little of New Hampshire and a lot of ocean waterfront too.

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Maine Videos Show And Tell Easy

Find out information on Maine real estate property listings, the local community events with using your ears and eyes.

mainefarmsceneQuick and simple. Easy. More memorable because it is not just read read read copy and a few images sprinkled in.

Video is 30 frames, "pictures" per second and the natural audio from the property, extra information added to the sound tract help transfer a lot of details with no fuss, no muss.

One more beautiful aspect of Maine real estate video is it is available on the property listing buyer's time.

Late at night, in a different time zone, halfway around the spinning blue and green marble. Complete one stop shopping round the clock. Not just on a nine to five time frame office hours to wait on, work around. Instant, drive through quick and complete.

Saving time, not burning gas means more Maine property get toured after the area is settle on.

And no thirteen hour drive or longer for the buyer to consider the area in Maine the property listings are located. So areas that might not make the cut due to distance away consideration suddenly are on the list. Because of Maine blog posts, videos, multiple web sites combined with direct mail and social media linkage, more information can be put on line.

Our Maine real estate office is less fixed based 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730. Morev on line beaming signals to hit a much larger outside market instead of limited with just the local one to fish for Maine real estate buyers in. Maine, simpler living. Find your place in the space called Vacationland. Lower cost property, more land around the Maine real estate listings and way way friendly people. More beautiful four season natural surroundings.

I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker   

207.532.6573  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730  |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ';document.getElementById('cloakb705136b6f484fa27bb1d5ab46f5a62a').innerHTML += 'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">'+addy_textb705136b6f484fa27bb1d5ab46f5a62a+'<\/a>';

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It's Not That Maine Real Estate Buyers Are Anti-Social.

houltonmaineshiretownNo no, not because Maine real estate buyers are anything but friendly... it's just space.

The need to not be in anyone else's. And the same courtesy extended in reverse.

And there is none of that waste of time crap about keeping up with the Jone's in Maine. No one is out to impress, make you envious or jealous.

One of the biggest motivators to move, for a relocation, retirement, or to raise a family, investment in Northern Maine property listings is often sheer lack of too many people. As the one key element front and foremost.

Had one fellow recently put it very bluntly. He ask me if I knew where "Hell" was. I told him I hope I don't find out, that I was working hard to avoid the place later on.

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Expectations | Establish Them Early In Maine Real Estate Deal.

What to expect that is lurking, around the next corner in a Maine real estate property sale. Expectations.

Maine Lighthouses Help Warn About Obstacles, Set Expectations About Hazards.Hoping everything goes smoothly, working toward the end. But the bad news goes down way way easier if talked about earlier.

Discussed before coming up in the real estate selling process.

Hopefully with the buyer and seller of real estate remembering being told this could happen so it was expected as a possibility.

And if it does happen then this is the option array for solutions. That are quickly run through to keep the sale on track maneuvering around any twist or setbacks. Setting up the game plan, going over the mental chalk board storyboard exercise to realistically set up how this Maine real estate movie has a happy ending. So the unfamliar real estate sale process is not so hairy scary.

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Run The Store, Be The Boss, Make What You Are Worth

Make what you are worth, being the boss of your own Maine commercial real estate listing. 

Like this Houlton Maine corner grocery in business since 1909.

Not just convenience items like milk, bread, chips, soda or the newspaper either. Part of the operation of Dows Market on the corner ofCorner Houlton Maine Store And Take Out Food Business Listing High Street, Franklin and Carr Avenues is take out food. Known by local shoppers, patrons who come through the door as "The Clay Pot". Mexican, specialty pizzas, fried food and an extensive menu of take out is part of this Houlton Maine convenience store with more. 

Run your own Maine business property listing. Ask lots of questions about the business with two overhead rental apartment units, a garage. Fire away with local area questions you have. It's why we are here to help! All inquiries held in strictest confidence. Asking $239,500.

More details on the Dows Market | The Clay Pot Take Out in Houlton Maine.  

Dow's Market | Clay Pot Take Out Food Video


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More Than Maine Homes, Houses, Residential Real Estate Listings

mooerskidsIn Maine, every day at the real estate office is new and different. Lots of real estate agents, brokers list and sell only homes, houses.

A rural state that is 91% wooded, Maine has over 2500 lakes, ponds. Mooers Realty lists, sells waterfront acreages.

Farm land, woodlots, vacation homes, mom and pop businesses. It's not just residential property sales that happen at 69 North Street, Houlton Maine. And I like that. A lot.

Makes every day rewarding, challenging. Maine, more open, wooded, waterfront land and less people.

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How Far To Houlton Maine, Mileage Calculator Please.

The distance to northern Maine, how many miles?

How far to Houlton Maine from your end is hard telling without knowing where you are now! How far from here to there, to get you to Maine is going to take how long? Well, Maine is a big state. Daily run into folks on line, over the phone and when away on vacation that ask the age old question about how far to Houlton Maine.

 maine coastal highwaysAnd for many we know here it comes. When they initially share that they have been to Maine and that we must be near that same place.

No, we are not right next door to the Kittery Maine shopping outlets.

The location that is barely into Maine that is only a few whiskers across the big green bridge that connects to New Hampshire on the south end of Vacationland.

 Next up, I've been to Bar Harbor, Portland Maine on a cruise ship is shared.

We getting warmer? So Houlton Maine is handy to that location right?

No, Maine is one big state. And the county I live in, Aroostook is the largest of the sixteen. And the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.

 So think Interstate 95 that starts in Houlton Maine, ends up in Key West Florida eh?

The Interstate 95 corridor joins the Atlantic Trans Canada highway that leads to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island to due east. I-95 has a raised, legal speed limit to 75 miles per hour north of Orono Maine. So zipping, clipping north means no traffic. Unless you count deer, moose as traffic to watch out for, avoid hitting on the trip up Interstate 95. Northern Maine is like being at an outdoor natural Disney Land. But no lines at Space Mountain, any of the rides. Cool.

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