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Low Ball Offers Made On Maine Real Estate Listings

mt-katahdin-me Low Ball Offers On Maine Real Estate! They Happen All The Time.

Low ball offers made on the Maine real estate listings.

 How to handle them best because they are out there. Low ball offers happen and are not a fluke. And letting property sellers know to expect and how to deal with them is best early on in the real estate discussion.

A little wisdom and education shared up front helps reduce the negative reaction when the low ball offers are made works best. Offers of any size need to be relayed from buyer to seller for their take good or bad by a Maine real estate agent or broker.


 This real estate blog post on low ball offers made on property in Maine.

 How low will the seller go? What's the bottom line for the property owner today? Has the seller had any offers and how much, what was their reaction? Sizing up the seller is like a buyer is going into battle to buy low, then maybe sell high.

Making an offer on a property listing. The buyer and seller of any real estate deal have to agree on all the presented offer terms.

Sometimes the low ball offer is made because the buyer can only afford so much.

Like blowing into the cupped hands, rolling the dice and thinking "come on snake eyes" gambling. Hoping for a big property price reduction to bring the real estate more in reach for the buyer's consideration to purchase it.

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