The out of state Maine real estate buyer said his local news providers don't put all the murders on the broadcast nightly.

Because there would be no room for the news if they did. So many drive by shootings, gang violence, school disturbances and car wrecks, property arsons, etc reported. maine fall colors photo

So the news that the locals in the urban area get to watch, listen to is filtered, sorted, controlled. Where he hangs his hat in areas that are numbed to the steady stream of bad news.

It is like there would be lots of good news if there was not the amount of tragic happening round the clock in the concrete jungle.

Maine is not like that.

In the 4th lowest crime state it is all about helping others, not hurting or stealing from them. Life a little more precious. Family is everything.

Less people makes for way way fewer problems too. No so many accidents, more time spent holding open doors. Letting others go in traffic. Rather than road rage.

The cost of real estate in Maine is lower too. You can purchase property here that would be impossible to own elsewhere. All due to the high cost of living. The layers and layers of piled on fees.

 The theme I don't feel safe living outside Maine is a common one. If you maine fall colors photofind yourself living in fear or just can not keep up with the high cost of living, consider Maine.

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And don't be afraid to fire away. To shoot those questions about the area that need answering. The ones that haunt and keep you wondering. It is why we are here.

You can live without a mortgage in Maine and sleep better nights.

We are more into bartering, no money exchanges. And low cost outdoor MooersRealtySearchliving all four seasons in Maine.

But if you need a mortgage calculator, happen to have one for figuring the numbers.

But be prepared to not always be reaching for your wallet, opening your purse to live here. Writing a check for this or that that nickels and dimes.

And people in Maine are more frank, candid. Get used to that too. Less game playing or political. They say what they mean.

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