Traveling Through Houlton Maine, Wireless Internet Connections.

Nothing makes a person feel all alone and out of the loop like traveling and you're off line.

Wifi for Internet if you are heading due north in Maine is critical to staying connected. So when you roll into Houlton Maine, taking that left or right off Interstate 95 exit 302, getting hooked up for strong consistent internet is key. All fueled, you and the vehicle you drive. Plus connected on the Internet is critical to staying on top of things and feeling connected.farmer market houlton maine photo

So for starters who is providing Internet broadband in Houlton Maine

And when you roll off the highway, either I-95 or US Rt 1, 2, 2A, what is there for options to park the car or SUV, camper. And to see lots of tall beautiful bars of a rich, constant wifi signal for Internet use?

To search online for whatever you google to tap into rich and helpful local community information wherever you travel in Maine.

To hone in, pick up and lock on a wireless Internet signal. To catch up on emails. To let folks you love, the family and friends know you made it safe and sound. Giving them the up to the minute play by play of where you are now and plan to be by nightfall in Maine. Maybe rolling into the oldest town, the County Seat of Aroostook County, Houlton Maine

Well for starters, the Tourist Information Center just off exit 302 in Houlton Maine is a good place to start.

Hit the bathroom, stretch those legs, and tap the keyboard to log on. Located at 28 Ludlow Road, Houlton Maine, the rest stop is loaded with four color glossy propaganda on fun stuff to do. Scan the racks, talk to the local tourist information staff for helpful, time and money saving tips.

If you can hang around and spend some time in this border town with Canada directly to the east. The province of New Brunswick and being the gateway to Atlantic Canada makes the Houlton Maine port of entry one busy place. Especially during school vacations, summer break for the kids. It's a definite perk being a border town in Maine

 Besides the tourist information in Houlton Maine for a big parking lot to park the rig, easily enjoy a wireless Internet signal to ride the information highway, other wifi broadband options exist.

Wifi Internet is not just found in the larger population centers half way, all the way down the state of Maine to the south. The greater Houlton Maine area is pretty impressively wired with Internet speeds and connectivity in general.cows mooers photo

In Houlton Maine, you would be hard pressed to find a better, faster connection than the free wireless Internet one provided at Tim Hortons.

The coffee is addictive, the fruit explosion muffins to die for too. I plead guilty as charged to sampling way way to many of those fresh baked muffins in the fancy wrappers. Tim Hortons in Houlton Maine is located at 290 North Street.

Plenty of comfortable leather chairs and love seats to slouch in at Tim Hortons. Get out from the 10 and 2 of driving whatever you have been stuffed into for too long. Wifi Internet signals come inside outside your ride. Time to stretch out in the back of the RV that is not moving for a spell. Just the hum of AC in the background as you update loved ones with a few captured images, check business emails, tidy up whatever daily online ritual you tap dance to can happen to stay organized.

And to then safe crack, snap the knuckle and fingers into shape for local information.

For the hunt and peck, tap tap to take care of whatever piled up online and do some local community information searches. While you were logging some serious mileage on the open highways of Maine. you got lots of emails, cell phone calls that need addressing right?

Watching lots of trees zip by and being eagle eyed looking out for wandering Maine moose was the distraction. Other wildlife that out number the people in Maine which makes it one special place to visit and enjoy on the open highways that twist and wind through neat areas of Vacationland.

cary libraryin houlton maine photo

Know of a local resident who telecommutes online and lives in Southern Aroostook County.

And when pushed for work to upload to his online remote employer, when a lot of files need a quick lift up into the sky, he decides to visit Timmy Ho Ho's. For the buzz, for the speed of free Internet wifi to go along with it.

Because what takes him a couple hours to upload is suddenly whisked away in ten minutes as he munches, slurps it up big time at Tim Horton's in Houlton Maine.

Cary Library in Houlton Maine also offers very very high speed public access Internet broadband service with an array of lap tops to utilize. Because they tap into the University College in Houlton Maine for blistering fast Internet upload, download speeds.

If you are not just passing through Houlton Maine, another wireless Internet provider is Riverfront Park by the Gateway Crossing arched walking bridge.

Wifi is in the air to enjoy the stay no matter how long or brief in Houlton Maine.

The one with the neat walking paths that are lighted nights. And any season, a beautiful experience with a series of picnic tables protected by canopies. Offering a pleasant river side setting for having a snack.

To stay awhile and hike across the bridge up into Market Square. Especially while the Community Farmers Market is underway.

Or to visit the many options for refreshment, quality food. To sample the wares at the many local businesses eager to serve you. You will be amazed with the brick structures surrounding Market Square in beautiful historic downtown Houlton Maine. 

Itching to connect, to utilize the wifi? Try it out at the County Co Op and Farm Store. A beautiful old Victorian building with tin ceilings, original woodwork and scrumptious locally sourced food and beverages. To sample as you tap into the free wifi Internet signal in Houlton Maine at the County Co Op and Farm Store.andy mooers photo

The park next to the Meduxnekeag River as you enter Houlton Maine's downtown from the north west or south east has free wifi to stay connected online. As you wander around and explore, discover the magic of Houlton Maine, the oldest town in Aroostook County.

The service for Internet in this location is right in the backyard of Pioneer Wireless's wifi/Internet broadband coverage area.

Listed too in the link above of Internet providers in Houlton Maine offering high speed access. Irving Big Stop Restaurant has the fastest free internet wifi if you care about speeds. Just saying, trying to give you some insider local community information. 

Always trying to help the road warriors that are passing through Houlton Maine.

And if you need a place to stay, lodging in Houlton Maine, there are lots of options. To lay the head in the bed. Wait for the sandman while counting sheep.

Here for any and all other questions about the Northern Maine area that you need answering.

Whether it is as simple as where to get free wifi Internet coverage in Houlton Maine. Or any other FAQ we field daily. I try to make believe I am out in the audience needing local community information about Houlton Maine, Aroostook County. The videos, local community blog posts all support the property listings for sale in this Southern Aroostook County location around greater Houlton Maine.

Houlton Maine.

Pretty special place to visit and plan on coming for a Maine vacation for starters. Ending up staying a lifetime after that. These Maine vacations are two nation ones being parked this close to Canada. We will add to this anything but complete list of Houlton Maine free wifi Internet service providers and locations to use it. Hope this blog post on Houlton Maine wireless Internet connections is helpful! 

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