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The Internet Is 30 Years Old | Real Estate Before, Now.

The Internet Is 30 Years Old | Real Estate Before, Now.

Happy Birthday to the Internet that many believe has always been around like air and water, death and taxes.

Remembering today a time before the Internet and the early years in real estate listing and selling twist and shout. As the net was born and developed into one giant spider web of hand spun connections. 

Providing information for our real estate customers.

In the early years in my small rural Maine town, the customer base was mostly local for buyers. Sure we could run a newspaper ad in a big city weekend edition real estate section bragging up a lake cottage listing for vacations, a piece of land acreage for an investment. vendingrealestatetruck

But like a flare it was shot up, glowed for a short time and then went dark, Expensive, hit or miss and not a constant ad message. Most of our home buyers were local because no net and you needed to be living here to use the house, to pay for the place. No telecommuting to work with an online job brought with you on the relocation move to Maine like happens today.

So our role in the early years of real estate list and sell was coming up with a value for the property. Then describe it in a few lines of copy. Next take a few images of it with black and white Poloroid self exposure film that came in a packages of eight. Unlike digital cameras, you were careful not to chew up too many wasted photos. You ran out of film and in winter development of what you snapped for a photo was a little different.

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Simplified Living In Maine Towns Under 4000 Population.

Simplified Living In Maine Towns Under 4000 Population.

Maine is rural and a collection of mostly small towns, just little communities.

That is a big part of the attraction when anyone is considering relocation to Maine. Smaller town living is better. It removes a lot of what you don't want in your day to day. It keeps it nimble David not big and slow to move Goliath.

The moving to Maine real estate buyer wants to be a part of a vibrant community and to find ways to contribute, to give back their energy and talents. The small Maine town is what it is because of all the people that inhabit it. Not just the empty buildings or fresh air and clean water natural setting alone. You need the mix of dynamic people of all walks of life, across the board age wise. mainecanoers2

So what size Maine small town to select? Because chances are it is going to be a small town and there are only a handful of cities in the pick a place location exercise.

Heading to Maine. Getting the space, the less red tape, the lower amount of layers of players and lots of low cost real estate listings is where a small town with under 4000 population really shines. There is less hired done and more home grown hands on that happens which makes the events, the lifestyle down to Earth.

Simple living means less hassles shuffling the paperwork forms and obtaining permits. Run away from the delays, the high cost of living foumd in an urban center. Trade it in for Maine where we paddle together down the streams, across a lake and work together running the small towns we are so proud up and personally invested. We do way way more that just pay property taxes and are not hands off in the local administration of everything that happens in the boundaries of the small Maine town.

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Best Location & State For Retirement Living? Hands Down, Pick Maine Small Town.

Best Location & State For Retirement Living? Hands Down, Pick Maine Small Town.

Retirement communities in Maine, where is the best place for elderly senior housing?

I don't like to use the terms "elderly" or "senior" because to many in society they carry negative meanings. Learn more on the term coined back in 1989 about ageism. In Maine we have close to twenty five percent of the population fifty five and older.That means lots of worthwhile programs in place to cater to the aged and for those retired to help others of all ages. Maine is all about volunteering and being useful, giving back and sharing. More on the Aroostook Agency on Aging as one perfect example.

Real estate buyers definitely have an advantage relocating to the state of Maine if purchasing a home. Are you are toying with the idea of a move to Maine? Looking for low cost property listings? What area is your best fit when you do retire from your career job? When you change it up the 5-6-7-8 dance steps to make the shift from work work work to lots more leisure time? small maine real estate 1

Why pick a small Maine town for a retirement home location?

And is retirement for you gravitate into a part time job? The plan to slowly ease back away from the forty plus hours a week you are used to spending the bulk of your time at up until now?

Lots of reasons make Vacationland attractive for senior citizens, older folks no matter what stage of retirement living they Planning to do in Maine.

This blog post will discuss the topic of retirement in Maine from a relocation stand point and for someone brand new to the northern most state in New England. If experts predict you need seventy to eighty percent of what you made at work for your shift to retirement years, congratulations. You can pull that off here.

Moving from an urban area, high priced real estate market to small town rural Maine is going to be a very pleasant surprise.

Lots of money left over and many of your highest cost day to day items to pay for are sharply reduced or disappear altogether. Maine is all over the topic of low cost real estate property listings. Your Maine home is going to be bought for a song compared to what you know for prices out of state. The numbers where you live in a high cost urban setting now are three, four or more times what a Maine home will set you back to own free and clear. That's the plan right? No mortgage and simpler living in Maine?

First off, before you can settle in on where to move for a retirement property investment housing pick or to consider rental apartment options, you need to research the subject. Ever heard the expression "I'm new as being old?" The transition from full time employment  and retired from work is a serious one. Up until now each year you have had some long weekends, a few vacation weeks to try your hand at what it is might be like to be away from your real job and that's been it. Just a taste and nothing final.

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Relocating, Moving To A Small Town In Maine.

Relocating, Moving To A Small Town In Maine.

You dream about relocating, moving to a small town in Maine.

Because living where you do now in a populated area is exhaustive. The pace is expensive and hectic. One of the biggest perks of rural areas of the country is the lower priced property in small Maine towns. When you have a low monthly housing payment on the mortgage you pay on your house, the need to work more than one job to pay for it goes away.maine farm cows 1

When you are relocating, moving to a small town in Maine the the cost to insure the house is less too.

The home mortgage gets retired earlier  for the "coast is clear" living debt free. No mortgage is a wonderful feeling that few get to experience who are living a nip and tuck existence in large populated areas. Where life is a blur and good luck catching your breath. To create quiet space to hear yourself think.

There is a buyer advantage obtaining affordable housing in small rural towns in Maine. Property buyers and apartment renters also enjoy a greater selection. You can own a second home or camp on the waterfront.

Here are some more benefits of living in a small Maine town.  

Low crime, less traffic means a safer and quieter place to raise a family. Retirement to stretch that monthly fixed income check is easier when the cost of living is low to the ground too. You can run home for lunch. See loved ones during the day. Getting across town to pick up a part and then return again to replace it for another that's the right size is easy with the small town life setting.

Folks are friendly, the pace is not so stressed or impersonal when you live in a small Maine community. You get involved, you are part of the local happenings when the population around you is smaller. Folks step up and pitch in and feel more a part of social fabric. You don't have to feel tense worried about personal safety when you feel surrounded by friendly folks you connect with and enjoy.

The locals are cross trained. They share their skill sets. One week working on your garage. The next helping the other cut, split, stack firewood or other chores to lighten their load. You know your neighbors in small Maine towns. Land around the next door neighbor is plentiful and space does not come at a premium. You support the local businesses and feel good about keeping whatever you buy for goods or pay for services circulating in the small hometown economy. The owner IS in the store or on the other end of the service phone line. You are not put on hold and kept on life support muzak waiting for help from a stranger at a far away call center.

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Real Estate Listings In Maine For Sale, Some New Properties.

Real Estate Listings In Maine For Sale, Some New Properties.

Real estate listings in Maine, a couple new properties.

The inventory of real estate listings in Maine always need to be added to because properties sell. And everyone is different, their needs and preferences vary greatly. So a healthy selection across the board works best to match up a buyer with a seller who has a property for sale.property me search
I am lucky to live in a small rural area of Maine. Where prices are low, the quantity of land that comes with it is large.
Space is the number one goal for someone from an area where it was an expensive premium. In urban areas where lots of room will cost you dearly in your living space and the lot of land that it sits on and surrounds it.

So new real estate listings in Maine, here are some of the offering that just came on the market.

Like to hunt, fish, hit the recreational trails? Have a boat that needs to float? Looking at the calendar with an itch to retire and relocate to Northern Maine in the future? Stretch those retirement dollars here! How about over 40 acres of land in Littleton ME? You get a cabin, storage shed, that's side road quiet and surveyed. Neat views plus open land that has been bush hogged to keep it that way. More information at the link for Lot 2D Foster Road Littleton Maine.
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