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Relocating, Moving To A Small Town In Maine.

Relocating, Moving To A Small Town In Maine.

You dream about relocating, moving to a small town in Maine.

Because living where you do now in a populated area is exhaustive. The pace is expensive and hectic. One of the biggest perks of rural areas of the country is the lower priced property in small Maine towns. When you have a low monthly housing payment on the mortgage you pay on your house, the need to work more than one job to pay for it goes away.maine farm cows 1

When you are relocating, moving to a small town in Maine the the cost to insure the house is less too.

The home mortgage gets retired earlier  for the "coast is clear" living debt free. No mortgage is a wonderful feeling that few get to experience who are living a nip and tuck existence in large populated areas. Where life is a blur and good luck catching your breath. To create quiet space to hear yourself think.

There is a buyer advantage obtaining affordable housing in small rural towns in Maine. Property buyers and apartment renters also enjoy a greater selection. You can own a second home or camp on the waterfront.

Here are some more benefits of living in a small Maine town.  

Low crime, less traffic means a safer and quieter place to raise a family. Retirement to stretch that monthly fixed income check is easier when the cost of living is low to the ground too. You can run home for lunch. See loved ones during the day. Getting across town to pick up a part and then return again to replace it for another that's the right size is easy with the small town life setting.

Folks are friendly, the pace is not so stressed or impersonal when you live in a small Maine community. You get involved, you are part of the local happenings when the population around you is smaller. Folks step up and pitch in and feel more a part of social fabric. You don't have to feel tense worried about personal safety when you feel surrounded by friendly folks you connect with and enjoy.

The locals are cross trained. They share their skill sets. One week working on your garage. The next helping the other cut, split, stack firewood or other chores to lighten their load. You know your neighbors in small Maine towns. Land around the next door neighbor is plentiful and space does not come at a premium. You support the local businesses and feel good about keeping whatever you buy for goods or pay for services circulating in the small hometown economy. The owner IS in the store or on the other end of the service phone line. You are not put on hold and kept on life support muzak waiting for help from a stranger at a far away call center.

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Real Estate Listings In Maine For Sale, Some New Properties.

Real Estate Listings In Maine For Sale, Some New Properties.

Real estate listings in Maine, a couple new properties.

The inventory of real estate listings in Maine always need to be added to because properties sell. And everyone is different, their needs and preferences vary greatly. So a healthy selection across the board works best to match up a buyer with a seller who has a property for sale.property me search
I am lucky to live in a small rural area of Maine. Where prices are low, the quantity of land that comes with it is large.
Space is the number one goal for someone from an area where it was an expensive premium. In urban areas where lots of room will cost you dearly in your living space and the lot of land that it sits on and surrounds it.

So new real estate listings in Maine, here are some of the offering that just came on the market.

Like to hunt, fish, hit the recreational trails? Have a boat that needs to float? Looking at the calendar with an itch to retire and relocate to Northern Maine in the future? Stretch those retirement dollars here! How about over 40 acres of land in Littleton ME? You get a cabin, storage shed, that's side road quiet and surveyed. Neat views plus open land that has been bush hogged to keep it that way. More information at the link for Lot 2D Foster Road Littleton Maine.
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Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Sales Don't Close.

Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Sales Don't Close.

Off to a good start or doomed from the beginning, the top ten reasons real estate sales don't happen.

In any transfer of property, people are involved. Their life events,  emotions, timing, current economic condition, personal health, marital relations, employment atmosphere, the local economy all can factor into the reasons a current listing becomes a sold comparable or not.propertydeliveryvan

The contingencies of a real estate sale can make or break the chances of a real estate sale ever getting to a sit down or through the mails closing.

It is way easier to buy a home when you are not selling your old one. That saddles you with another house obligation and heavy mortgage debt.

What is the number reason for a property listing sale not happening? Over pricing the place.

Seller's expectation of way way too much money needed to make them agree to a sale. If the agent or broker studies the property's positive and negatives, checks the supply of anything like it on the current market competing for the same buyer. And eye balls the list of what has sold and for how much like this place in the last six months to a year. Then the what the seller should expect today for a sale price either is agreed to or rejected upfront.

If the seller gets red faced, starts to holler and screams "I'm not going to give it away", the agent or broker should back away from the listing. It won't sell. The seller does not really want to sell unless he could get above what is market value.

Some sellers will say if I can get two, three times the real value, I will think about a property sale. Even at this inflated, you got to be dreaming stage of contemplating a sale, it is not realistic. Don't list the property giving this kind of seller that it will sell. You are giving him the wrong expectation, you are wasting time and valuable resources that should be spent on listings that have a snowball's change of selling in you know where.

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Maine Ranches For Sale, A Farm Property Real Estate Listing.

Maine Ranches For Sale, A Farm Property Real Estate Listing.

Maine ranches, the term used to find a home with land is farm properties.

Real estate that is used for farming purposes are very popular. Not everyone is thinking farming on the large scale either. But just like the outdoor lifestyle, the wide open space that country living provides. farmmorning

When you think ranches, I don't know about you but for me Bonanza, something with thousands of acres and herds of cattle comes to mind.

With Hoss, Little Joe, amazing mountain backdrops, wide fast moving rivers to get the cattle across on the way to market.

Because I grew up on a Maine farm, and own one that is in crop production, the term ranch was not used much growing up. Except to describe a one floor home that often comes in the basic 5-3-1 configuration of 5 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath layout. 

If local property buyers are all your have to work with, using the real estate terms your friends and neighbors weave into conversations are a smart idea.

You'll lose them if you don't pick familiar terms and native expressions. But when the Internet marketing is far reaching and out of state or out of the country, speaking the real estate language for terms your buyers, sellers use is critical. So the customer or client feels you are talking the same lingo and more importantly because real estate searches made online better include the terms being typed into the queries. 

So ranches for sale in Maine, not just the single level homes with a yard out back but the properties with acreage, with open fields and pastures. Maybe with fencing all established, with the barns, machine sheds, other farm buildings needed for housing critters, crops, agriculatural equipment that go along with the lifestyle pursuit.

I have found it better to get the word out on what each and every property is all about upfront and online.

And not to wait until the buyer actually makes it to Northern Maine to kick some tires and tour some farm property listings. 

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Personal Property In A Real Estate Sale | What Stays, What Goes?

Personal Property In A Real Estate Sale | What Stays, What Goes?

The personal property in a real estate sale, what can go, what has to stay?

The listing for a property should spell out if the appliances stay and which ones. Including the make and model so no swap switcharoo helps make it crystal clear. And to avoid an inferior or broken appliance geting added to the sale.dining rm 19 deerfield dr

If the listed price with added personal property items is not met, then none of the personal property has to stay.

What is the difference between personal property and a fixture? When you don't buy and sell real estate often, confusion can happen about what is expected but does not happen. No one should have to wonder what stays, what goes in a real estate sale. Don't leave it to a verbal list that not all the parties remember. And make sure besides spelling it all out on the purchase and sale agreement to warn family members, friends. To leave the property alone... for the seller to make sure nothing evaoporates after the ink is dry on the purchase and sale agreement spelling out the terms of the transfer.

Oil pro-ration is as important as the calculation for the real estate property taxes.

The money lost hurts whoevers pocket did not get the chunk of change. Whatever party gets left out of the reimbursement feels cheated. And when fuel oil in the tank costs are high per gallon, the need to pro-rate is a strong one when there is a considerable amount of oil left at the property for sale. Less hassle happens when there is under a quarter of a tank and the seller says close enough. Don't hassle them with the nickel and dime. But when there are two 275 or 330 gallon oil tanks and they are filled to the brim, the seller should feel the desire to get reimbursed for the fuel oil.

In our real estate list and sale experience it is better when there is not personal property that is wrestled over. When someone helps themselves to items. The appliance left behind often has issues too that adds to the tension. One electrical burner on the cook stove does not work. The freezer in the refrigerator does not do it's job to keep everything frozen. Unless new appliances, under warranty that transfers with the title to the property, broken appliances in need of repair are better to escort out of the building before they are included in a sale.

Often the focus moves far left or right of a real estate property sale and the personal property tug of war over the lawnmower, the swing set or trampoline, hot tub, whatever takes center stage. It can suck the fun out of the house sale when a buyer is excited but suddenly feets cheated because of how the personal property items are handled. Or if they are left behind because they don't work as they should.

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