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Welcome To Hodgdon, Maine!

The Story

The town of Hodgdon Maine is loaded with special history.

We've blogged about Hodgdon Maine before. My mom was a Benn from the hill of the same name. Her family was a part of the local history I undercovered doing research for posting on the town of Hodgdon. Fevruary 11, 1821 Hodgdon was incorporated. Named after John Hodgdon of Ware, New Hampshire who acquired a partial interest in the Westfield Academy Grant in 1802. Hodgdon also received a full interest in the Groton Academy Grant in 1805. The earliest recorded settler, Aaron Perly, appeared on the scene according to the local history books back in 1824.hodgdontournament1

Our MOOERS REALTY office was involved in a couple real estate sales out on the border in Hodgdon Maine. Back in 2014, ten Amish families settled in the east section of this Aroostook County township. New settlers continue to set up living operations in Hodgdon Maine where the town is progressive in its development.

When a land owner subdivides his or her Hodgdon Maine land, until the first house lot is sold, the entire subdivision is property taxed as one piece of farm land, wood land, whatever classification.

Hodgdon Maine is a neat location. Lots of land is protected in the natural habitat called the Lt. Gordon Manuel Wildlife Management Area, including the related dam and the Hodgdon Deadwater. That is visible by the Mill Pond Dairy Bar. The Deadwater is a natural flowage, the early farmers used to process ice by cutting squares to ship south for refrigeration purposes before power was on the scene.

The dam size increased in the 1800’s when John Hodgdon erected a Hodgdon Mills water power dam. Totalling nearly 6500 acres and including forest land (85 percent), fields (2 percent), and wetlands (13 percent) that lies within the Manuel Management area.

Westford Hills offers wonderful views and presents one heck of a picnic location. Farming for potatoes, grains, beef or dairy is big in Hodgdon Maine. Hodgdon Maine is home of the Hawks, MSAD 70 a school system that serves Hodgdon, Cary, Amity, Ludlow, New Limerick and a few students from Orient.

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How To Get Here

US RT 1 is the easiest way to access Hodgdon Maine. Straight shot for the most part north to south and you might come in using US RT 2A also called the Bangor Road. Because it was before the I-95 took over the bulk of th transportation chores. Years ago, paddling up the Mill Stream or on a horseback wood's trail might have been your only option to getting to this township located south of Houlton Maine. But years ago, it was over the river and through the woods like the trip to Grandmother's house. And the horse knew the way to ... well you know the song lyrics. Everything was wooded, a location to start a new settlement in Hodgdon was near water for domestic use and to harness for a mill. And the long hard task of removing trees, the stumps that remain under them to create farm land to grow crops, raise animals on a Hodgdon farmstead.

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Things To Do For Fun

hodgdonconcert6Get an ice cream at Mill Pond Dairy Bar. Enjoy some take out fresh grilled food before your ice cold dairy treat on the picnic tables overlooking the flowage. Where years ago, ice was harvested in the winter to ship by railroad cars to the sunny south for home made refrigeration.

Local grandfather E. Shirley Benn lost one of his best farm work horses that drowned during ice harvesting one season. Learn more about the interesting history of Hodgdon Maine with a visit and stop at the town office to speak with manager Jim Griffin or his assistant Cheryl Cameron.

Take in an exciting Hodgdon Hawks sports team game in the gym or sitting on outdoor bleaches at one of the ball fields. All the recreational trails lead in and out of Hodgdon Maine. Rickie Tidd and his family operate a sport vehicles business and can sell or repair whatever your ride for four wheel ATV or snow sled right here in Hodgdon Maine.

The scenery, the wildlife, the waterfront and being on the Canadian US border makes this Northern Maine town a natural beauty.

Unlike city living with the noise, smells, crime and just too much development combined with slow or not moving traffic, Hodgdon Maine offers peace and tranquility. Hodgdon Maine also has a policy of not taxing individual house building lots in a land subdivision until the first sub lot is sold. That is a very progressive attitude that promotes creation of smaller lots for house building in the town of Hodgdon Maine. Otherwise it is not worth the expense of surveying, soil tested and the trips to get the approval on the muncipal level for creating a Northern Maine subdivision. 

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I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers your host and here to gratefully serve you.

Looking forward to providing the best insider local information from a native passionate about living here. Let me share what living here as a native I can offer you! Thank you for visiting our Maine real estate website and we will work hard to show you the ropes, the lay of the land. To give you the small town community online tour perspective the best way possible to educate and not waste your time.

You get involved living in small Maine towns. I do. You will too. You will fit in just perfectly. Proud member of the state and national REALTOR associations. Past president of the Aroostook REALTOR Council, Rotary Club, Chamber Of Commerce, the Southern Aroostook Growth Council and Drews Lake Property Owners Association. Past chairman of the Houlton Zoning Board.

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