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Welcome To Historic, Friendly Hodgdon, Maine!

The Story

The Town In Aroostook County Just South Of Houlton Shares The Same Canadian Borderline.

Northern Maine is lucky to have many unique small communities. Hodgdon with Westford Hill for picnics and long exansive views is one of them to discover. Located like a six by six mile block due south of Houlton, Hodgdon Maine is the home of the US Border Patrol's Sector Headquarters on Route One (Calais Road).

Hodgdon is served for education by the MSAD 70 school system! Go Hawks!new hawks

There are small businesses like Stairs Welding that makes specialty log trailers for the big 18 or more wheelers used in wood operations. Benn's Auto Sales can find you that used part your vehicle is needing for a very reasonable price. Hop on a new snow sled from Tidd's Sport Center that recently moved up on the North Rd at Houlton Power Spots. Eyeball the new and pre-owned models of ATV's lined up outfront and in the showroom on US RT 1 in Houlton, Maine.

Grab a piece of pizza, other convenience items from T&S Market or an ice cream from Mill Pond Dairy Bar in Hodgdon Maine! 

We've blogged about Hodgdon Maine before. My mom was a Benn from the hill of the same name. Her family was a part of the local history I undercovered doing research for posting on the town of Hodgdon. Fevruary 11, 1821 Hodgdon was incorporated. Named after John Hodgdon of Ware, New Hampshire who acquired a partial interest in the Westfield Academy Grant in 1802. Hodgdon also received a full interest in the Groton Academy Grant in 1805. The earliest recorded settler, Aaron Perly, appeared on the scene according to the local history books back in 1824.

Our MOOERS REALTY office was involved in a couple real estate sales out on the border in Hodgdon Maine.

Back in 2014, ten Amish families settled in the east section of this Aroostook County township. Growing organic agricultural products, selling pre-built storage shed buildings and more happens at the Hodgdon maine Amish settlement on the Lincoln Road.

New settlers continue to set up living operations in Hodgdon Maine where the town is progressive in its development.

When a Hodgdon Maine land owner subdivides his or her property, this is how it goes. Until the first house lot is sold, the entire subdivision is property taxed as one piece of farm land, wood land, whatever classification. Until that first developed lot of building land is sold, the higher per unit small acreage parcel is taxed on the lower cost basis as before the development. That practice is smart and encourages development of the much needed small building lots in any Maine community.

Hodgdon Maine is a neat location.

hodgdonconcertLots of land is protected in the natural habitat called the Lt. Gordon Manuel Wildlife Management Area, including the related dam and the Hodgdon Deadwater. That is visible by the Mill Pond Dairy Bar. The Deadwater is a natural flowage, the early farmers used to process ice by cutting squares to ship south for refrigeration purposes before power was on the scene.

The dam size increased in the 1800’s when John Hodgdon erected a Hodgdon Mills water power dam.

Totalling nearly 6500 acres and including forest land (85 percent), fields (2 percent), and wetlands (13 percent) that lies within the Manuel Management area.

Westford Hills in Hodgon Maine offers wonderful views and presents one heck of a picnic location.

Farming for potatoes, grains, beef or dairy is big in Hodgdon Maine. Hodgdon Maine is home of the Hawks, MSAD 70 a school system that serves Hodgdon, Cary, Amity, Ludlow, New Limerick and a few students from Orient. More on Houlton area schools.


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