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Welcome to historic, friendly Littleton, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

Some Maine towns we can brag up hunting, fishing, all the variety of trees and some abandoned farm fields to explore. But they don't have lakes, there is nothing much more than a road or two and wildlife. Littleton Maine is different. For starters, there is the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum video to tour. The public suppers are too shabby either. Lots of food, little money, often there is music too!

And the Meduxnekeag Rambler Snow Sled Club video. This place feeds you, is a great social setting and you can rent the facility for weddings, parties, business meetings, family reunions. I learned how to swim in Cary Lake that has quite an undertow out in the middle. It lies north of the snow sled club Ward log home clubhouse on the Wiley Road. The local potato farms offer activity to watch and learn or to pitch in for a salary. My kids all worked the fall potato harvest and earned spending money, funds for clothes they wanted from local farmers Leslie and Greg Schools in Littleton and Amy and Danny Corey's operation in Monticello.

How about checking out Waston Settlement Covered Bridge that spans the Meduxnkeag River in Littleton Maine? It's off the Framingham Road that connects the Carson to the Foxcroft Road. Built in 1911, The Watson Settlement Bridge In Littleton is 170' Long. It's not as long as the World's top for covered bridge length like the one in Hardland New Brunswick, but what a setting surrounds it. Smoking Joe Silliboy hails from the Back Ridge Road and is one famous local sons who has won the Houlton Maine Demolition Derby lots of times with the big can of on top of his aggressively driven yellow station wagon. Watch a demolition derby video and come to the 4th of July State Of Maine fair celebration.

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