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The Marketing Maine Real Estate Puzzle.... Not done the same old way.

Because your Maine property listing buyer is not just local any more. If fifty percent of folks Mooers Realty Real Estate Marketing Puzzle Pieceslive within fifty miles of where they grew up is true.

Then a Maine real estate agent, broker needs to attract the attention of the other half of the buying audience.

Those out of town! Out of the loop but not to be neglected.

And with today's exciting, far reaching media options, with hard work and creativity, your Maine property real estate  inventory should be marketed around the globe.

The signal should be picked up loud and clear, on the buyer's favorite Internet real estate media channel. But there are things to remember for the seller of real estate, mistakes to avoid in today's fast paced property shuffle.

For over 40 years marketing Maine real estate property listings for sellers, for buyers all over creation.

Have a background in broadcasting, film, media dating back to holding an FCC license at the early age of fourteen. Working at Maine broadcast stations. Learning work ethic on a Maine farmstead. Growing up laboring long hours dealing with Maine farm land dirt did not hurt the production output level either.

Time is money for real estate buyers and sellers. No one likes to be put on hold or made to wait. And why should they?

Our Maine real estate marketing all starts with knowing who the target market is to match make each property. For each type of property listing to get the special treatment it deserves. To get noticed, draw attention and interest.

Saying loudly "pick me, pick me". To get the Maine real estate buyer into action. To buy something. To attend a Maine property closing. Make a seller happy. Allow them to move on with their life and to invest often times in more real estate that works better at the new season in their life.

To get the Maine real estate buyer to pick up the marketing signal means constant media production. Implementing new, changing technologies to do it better, louder, clearer, with more punch, oomph.

Plus also Mooers Realty Marketing ME Real Estateunderstanding the real estate buyer's individual needs. So a solid connection, strong engagement happens.

Creating a stand out signal the buyer receives, can relate in our Maine real estate property listing message.

But before that can take place, full background information, local community videos, images, maps, helpful time saving links have to be in place. 

"Broadcasting" 365 / 24 / 7 wherever the buyer is located, whenever they are available is crucial. Because they are some kind of busy. This is a big expense. The by far largest investment they ever make, buying or selling. So the goal is to reach them on whatever device they are holding.

Using the format they prefer to connect, communicate for a quality Maine real estate buyer user experience. The look, feel, the tools, most comfortable layout. Whatever delivery method needed for them to "look, listen," to learn more and retain, remember it all. 

Because before the Maine real estate listing is purchased, being "SOLD" on the local area the property is in has to happen.

Tips for real estate sellers to make the process smooth, professional, fun and profitable.

The attraction to come in from the curb means spruce up the exterior of the property listing. Mow grass, trim those cedar shrubs and hedges. Cut back the long limbs hanging down and crowding the buildings or making the back yard look smaller and over grown. Make sure the front door yard does not look like a police in pound area for seized cars. Park them somewhere else or clean out that garage so the primary vehicles can slide inside!

Paint the home, building exteriors and match that color so it is more scrape and touch up instead of painting the place an entirely new color a few shades brighter or lighter than the original saves time and money. Straighten or replace those cracked or hanging, missing window shutters too helps the appearance. Clean those windows to make them sparkle!

Heading inside, the leaking faucets, the missing light bulbs and clutter, dirt need to be addressed. Before the property showings and for the video walk through open house on demand loops. The inside images should be ready for show time and not showing loose ends that are addressed but after the photo shoot.

Make the inside navigation of the property free of obstacles. Hitting your hip on the table corner does not help the focus of your buyer as he or she wander through and hopefully ooh and aah from joy, not pain. The kitchen and bathroom need to be ship shape and not look like a bomb hit. Teenagers, pick up your mess please! Or someone tidy up the premises like the hotel maid. Nothing on the surfaces for piled high stuff leaning and sliding to the floor.

Do the laundry or hide it away. Send the barking dogs to your mother in laws. Vacuum, pick up the toys, open up the shades, make sure there is no odor. If I can smell it, I can't sell it applies. Smoke, pets, other not so sweet smells interfere with the pick me pick me in the property musical chairs. You the seller are competing with other homes on the market. Win the ribbon for the best of the rest. Make it pick of the pack, best of the bunch, cream of the crop.

The voyage into the unknown. Christopher Columbus had the same questions, concerns, unknowns Maine real estate buyers have exploring listings and local area. 

Coming to a brand new land. He heard lots of rumors about flat Earth, falling off the edge of some un-chartered ocean. Never to be heard from again many whispered.

I Love Maine ButtonSo I have to be a tour guide for real estate buyers. To bring brand new Maine real estate buyers up to speed on what it is like up here in the right hand corner of the country. What we do for fun, what are the local traditions, weather, climate, property costs,. And crime statistics, schools, and what the health care all about here.

Basically to convey the whole nine yards flavor, community atmosphere, the lay of the land. 

Anything and everything that goes on surrounding the property listings in small town rural Maine. And then all the realistically priced, low cost Maine real estate property prices get rolled in for the cherry on top. Kid in a candy store experience that the outside Maine buyers really get excited about, enjoy.  

MOOERS REALTY aggressively, passionately markets the state of Maine, the counties, home towns and cities in it. Our blog posts, image arrays, video production, direct mail and tourist information pieces, social media interaction and real estate websites all work toward one common goal.

To put Vacationland, the values and outdoor four season beauty of Maine on the map.

I am a personal fan of Maine, home town proud. Maine real estate marketing is not just a job either.

MOOERS REALTY is a long standing state of Maine tourist information association member.

Beating the constant tourist information drum because I love where I live, work, play. Where I raised four really Maine REALTOR Owner Broker Andrew Mooersneat kids. So that other relocating, retiring, investing Maine real estate buyer catch the spark, feel the difference.

Maine, it's not like this other places. It is the way life should be. That's what it takes to get a brand new Maine real estate buyer to adjust, fine tune his property buying listing cross hairs.

To draw a bead on a property listing target he or she can get some kind of excited about. Knowing there is no wait for the information needed to decide if this is "the one".

Buying, selling Maine real estate is an emotional experience. Connect, find us on social media. Like us on Facebook. Follow up on Twitter. Read all about it on our Google+ page.

We stock the shelves on social media, blog all about it, shoot videos that get edited, rendered, uploaded for all to see and hear too! If it is about Maine, the property listings for sale in Vacationland, we are all over those topics.

Let us be your tour guide, helping navigate local communities, the Maine listings for sale.

Get a first hand look at how we marketing Maine, the real estate property listings in it. Google Me, see our marketing in action. Let us show you, rather than just talk about it.  Call, click, come visit us for Maine real estate property listings!

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