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2001 Northfield Road
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2001 Northfield Road - Northfield, Maine
Beds: 2   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 1,432   Lot Acres: 275.00   County: Washington   
Get It All, Over 71 Acres Of Established, Maintained Blueberry Fields, 275+ Acres Total Northfield Maine Farm And Woodland. Three Ponds, Near Fulton, Bog Lakes And Other Waterfront. Fronts Bog (...)
378 Mcsheffery Road
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378 Mcsheffery Road - Houlton, Maine
Beds: 3   Baths: 2.00   FT2: 2,900   Lot Acres: 18.30   County: Aroostook   
MOOERS REALTY Listing In The Country! Contact Andrew Mooers ME REALTOR 207.532.6573 [email protected] HOLD IT, DON'T BUILD! Save Money, Time, Heart Ache By Buying A Quality 2 Bath, Nearly 3000' (...)
179 Dark Cove Road
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179 Dark Cove Road - Weston, Maine
Beds: 2   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 912   Lot Acres: 0.93   County: Aroostook   
179 Dark Cove East Grand Lake! MOOERS REALTY Listing Broker Andrew Mooers Has Details! 207.532.6573 [email protected] Get On The Edge Of Water, East Grand Lake Over 16,000 Acres Large! 24x16 X 4 (...)
96 Boulder Road
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96 Boulder Road - Danforth, Maine
Beds: 4   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 1,825   Lot Acres: 0.38   County: Washington   
Watch Video! Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers Takes You Down To The Water, Along The Sandy Beach, Through The Finished Two Story Lake Home in Maine! Be On The Lake Year Round. No Camp, No Cabin, Real (...)
Lot 40,40A Bell Field Road
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Lot 40,40A Bell Field Road - Haynesville, Maine
Lot Acres: 160.00   County: Aroostook   
73 Shore Road
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73 Shore Road - New Limerick, Maine
Beds: 3   Baths: 2.00   FT2: 1,904   Lot Acres: 2.50   County: Aroostook   
MOOERS REALTY! You Have To Watch, Listen To The Video, Worth Your While To See The Over 2.5 Acres Of Water Front Land On The Meduxnekeag River In New Limerick Maine, Just A Whisker Off Drews Lake, A (...)
Lot 7 Drews Lake Road
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Lot 7 Drews Lake Road - Houlton, Maine
Lot Acres: 110.18   County: Aroostook   
21 Woodland Ridge
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21 Woodland Ridge - Danforth, Maine
Beds: 1   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 1,402   Lot Acres: 2.50   County: Washington   
MOOERS REALTY Has Details On This Listing At 21 Woodland Ridge, Hot Brook Lake Property Listing. 207.532.6573 [email protected] Waterfront Property Listing Video To Watch, Listen, To Learn More (...)
LT 65 Drews Lake
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LT 65 Drews Lake - Linneus, Maine
Beds: 2   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 600   Lot Acres: 1.00   County: Aroostook   
The Island For Sale On Drews Lake. Consider How Neat Owning, Enjoying A Maine Island Surrounded By 1000' Of H20, The Fun Kind Vacationland Is Famous For World Wide. Maine REALTOR Andreww Mooers (...)
22 Woodland Drive
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22 Woodland Drive - Monticello, Maine
Beds: 2   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 2,000   Lot Acres: 3.25   County: Aroostook   
The Place On The Water, You On The Open Deck Grilling, Chilling! MOOERS REALTY Shot The Video, Take The Open House On Demand Tour Right Now! 207.532.6573 [email protected] To Ask Listing Broker (...)
44 Brook Lane
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44 Brook Lane - Danforth, Maine
Beds: 3   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 1,600   Lot Acres: 1.90   County: Washington   
MOOERS REALTY Andrew Mooers, The East Grand Lake Property Listing Details Are Only A Phone Call Again. 207.532.6573. [email protected] Watch Video Of The Waterfront Property Listing. We Have The (...)
119 Deering Lake Road
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119 Deering Lake Road - Orient, Maine
Beds: 2   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 650   Lot Acres: 0.52   County: Aroostook   
The Lake Place In Maine! Wise Investment! Rent Out, Use When You Can With An Eye For Full Time In The Golden Years! Lake Property On Deering Lake, Over 1000 Acres Big And In The East Grand Lake Chain (...)
1 Pearce Avenue
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1 Pearce Avenue - Houlton, Maine
Beds: 3   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 1,132   Lot Acres: 0.51   County: Aroostook   
MOOERS REALTY Listing Is New To Market! Watch Video Open House On Demand House Tour NOW! 207.532.6573 [email protected] Owned For Over 40 Years, This Solidly Built Home Constructed In 1947 Sits (...)
35 Sandy Beach Road
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35 Sandy Beach Road - Danforth, Maine
Beds: 2   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 580   Lot Acres: 1.62   County: Washington   
The East Grand Lake Camp Is New, Not Old Or Thrown Together. Modern Everything. Has the Open Front Porch, Drilled Well, Concrete Septic And One Deep Lot! MOOERS REALTY's Andrew Mooers Has The Nitty (...)
45 Landing
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45 Landing - Oakfield, Maine
Beds: 2   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 720   Lot Acres: 0.85   County: Aroostook   
The Price Is Right And Finally An Affordable, Attractive Maine Waterfront Property Listing To Seriously Consider. Vinyl Sided Ranch With Hard Pine Floors, 2 Bedrooms, Major View Of Maine Lake! (...)
Lot 7P Kellogg Road
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Lot 7P Kellogg Road - Patten, Maine
Beds: 2   FT2: 800   Lot Acres: 85.00   County: Penobscot   
The Land In Maine, You Are Heading Up To Patten, In Penobscot County! Like The Sounds Of Owning, Enjoying 85 Acres, A Small Great North Woods Camp? 207.532.6573 or [email protected] ME REALTOR (...)
1031 Shin Pond Road
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1031 Shin Pond Road - Mount Chase, Maine
Beds: 3   Baths: 2.00   FT2: 1,200   Lot Acres: 49.00   County: Penobscot   
Property Doe Sale At 1031 Shin Pond RD Mt Chase ME! MOOERS REALTY Listing Broker. 207.532.6573 [email protected] The Farm For Sale In Maine. Want To Own One For Your Homestead Or Vacation (...)
594 Little River Cove Road
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594 Little River Cove Road - Weston, Maine
Beds: 1   FT2: 675   Lot Acres: 0.76   County: Aroostook   
Watch Video! MOOERS REALTY Waterfront Listing! Contact ME REALTOR Andrew Mooers 207.532.6573 [email protected] You Dreamed Of Waterfront Property... Not A Palace, Just A Vacation Property For 2nd (...)
1713 Us Highway 1 Road
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1713 Us Highway 1 Road - Littleton, Maine
Beds: 3   Baths: 2.00   FT2: 2,100   Lot Acres: 4.50   County: Aroostook   
Country Calling, Looking For A Home Priced To Sell In Rural Surroundings? Like The Sounds Of A 2 Bath Home With 4.5 Acres, A Pond? MOOERS REALTY Can Get You In Quickly. Or Watch Easy Simple Video (...)
236 Back Ridge Road
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236 Back Ridge Road - Littleton, Maine
Beds: 3   Baths: 1.00   FT2: 1,200   Lot Acres: 4.77   County: Aroostook   
MOOERS REALTY Can Answer All Your Property Listing Questions On This Farmette! The Property in The Country Is Not Far Away Or In The Boonies. Yet Quiet Location And Renovated Farm House Is Set Back (...)

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209 Smyrna Center Road, Apt G
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209 Smyrna Center Road, Apt G Smyrna, Maine

Watch Video, Take The Tour NOW! MOOERS REALTY Listing REALTOR Andrew Mooers Can Help With Questions! 207.532.6573 [email protected] Just Want Room For 16 Friends & Loved Ones To Hang Out In (...)


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