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Welcome To Historic, Friendly Smyrna/Merrill, Maine!

The Story

The Story

The Two Small Communities Sharing The One Town Manager, The Same Town Office.

To conserve tax payer hard earned dollars, to avoid duplication in services, the two towns of Smyrna and Merrill share resources. Smart and a trend that is catching on as rural Maine economies get creative to stretch limited funds best. The newest settlers to Smyrna in 1996 are now numbering about 100 Amish settlers that started out on the Clifford McGary farm land purchase. March 7th, 1839 Smyrna organized. A half dozen men from Smyrna were recruited to wear blue and fight the gray as soldiers in the Civil War. Half the party did not return from the skirmish. huntley brook falls merrill

Local town fathers of Smyrna in the history books elevate Nehemiah Leavitt, a Methodist minister from Royalton Vermont to who arrived first on the scene in Smyrna in 1830. Levi Berry, William Irish also highlighted as among the first local movers and shakers for settlers.

Known first as Township 6 Range 3 before a town name stuck from an famous ancient town in Turkey. A saw mill capable of cranking out 1000 board feet a day started out in Smyrna and the fertile farm soil made potatoes a crop that did very well for local producers on their homesteads with land opened up slowly without the help of modern motorized machinery. It was 442 population in Smyrna, 273 in Merrill the last tally it up head count when everyone local was asked to please raise their

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